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Kansas State

If you watched any of the game, no doubt the imagine above is something you saw often. Texas’ secondary continually got burned and ultimately just gave up too many points.

Texas fought hard to comeback and showed a lot of heart, but it was just too little too late and now Texas will miss out on their opportunity to repeat as National Champions.

This loss is tough to take, but now we have to focus and make sure to take care of business against A&M so that we can at least play in the Big 12 Championship game. Man this sucks…


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    this really sucks,but i’ll be the first to admitt it, I said it about other teams that I thought were overrated we were also overrated. I think we showed a lack of pride on top of the fact Mack Brown and his staff failed to keep the fight in the players, you are The Texas Longhorns play like it. I can only hope the young players that got to play in this game that it leaves an empty feeling. No one is going to roll over for you, you have to make them and with the talent we have theres no reason as fans we should have to accept these types of losses. sugarland,texas

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    We played like ass but I don’t think there was any lack of pride or lack of fight. The team came back from 21 points in the second half and never gave up.

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    We just need to show our pride against Texas A&M and win the Big 12 championship, and to be honest, we will be where we deserve to be. It took him a while to get going, but I think Snead was fairly decent. The team does have a lot of heart, they need to show it in the weeks to come and rebound from this big time.

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    *News Flash*
    A&M is BETTER than K-State!

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    Texas brought bevo to kansas and we turned him into a sofa…. someone tell the cat to quit scrathing the furniture!!

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    “*News Flash*
    A&M is BETTER than K-State!”

    1) not sure what leads you to believe A&M is better than any team in the Big XII right now.

    2) i would love to agree with you, but Texas got owned by a BAMF of a freshmen QB conspiring with the universe (absurd number of turnovers). The Texas secondary’s weakness is no secret, but it takes an aggressive coach and an excellent passing game to exploit that weakness and turn it into a victory. Neither of which A&M currently possess.

    it will be close, but only because we like soul-crushing heart break, that’s how we roll.

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    Holy crap.

    The coaching staff were at fault for “the fight” in our players? How bout hold on to the damn ball. Maybe you blame the coaching staff for failing to teach the secondary to read the difference between run blocking and pass blocking, but that may be too difficult to understand. How the heck do you automatically go to the Coaches. You won a championship last year. Show some class and admit you played poorly and turned the ball over too much. As far as fight, I do beleive the players were busting their butts to finish the game. You only lost by 3 when you were down by 21. FIGHT, what a moronic statement. Regarding A&M better than anyone? That is a laughable subject. They played the Airforce reserves and several other teams to get most of their wins and have had one respectable (somewhat) win over Missouri. Not what I call a powerhouse victory. Besides, A&M is not exactly a deep threat, so Texas should match up with them better. Alot depends on whether you can get your QB ready, whichever one that may be.

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    Matt – you are an idiot.

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    Which Matt are you referring to?

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    I just wanted to send my congratulations to the Kansas State Univ football team and fans. Ya’ll sure did looked pleased with yourselves after the game. Goodluck in the BCS National Championship this year, I mean the Big 12 Championship..hahaha, how ’bout neither. But the commentator (the black one) had you guys competing for the Super Bowl. Seeya 09/29/2007.

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    What about Greg Davis? Think he should hold any of the blame for this loss? Did we need to jeapordize our starting QB on the first drive of the game with two QB sneaks? Although, it came down to 4th and goal because Kstate was having a great goal line stance. We did not HAVE to run the QB sneak again! Why not try Melton? It is still in the first quarter I do not understand why we would risk injury to Colt when our chances for going to the BCS national championship are improving every week. I’ve been questioning the play calling all year, and I think this was yet again another mistake.

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    Thank you for your comment Andy. I am glad Im not the only one that has been questioning the play calling all year. That QB sneak was a baaaaad call, I mean we took for shots at the touchdown from the freakin 1 yard line, and we ran the same damn play 4 times in a row. The 4th one with our Heismen contending QB! But here is the good news and bad news; Good news: Greg Davis will likely be let go, that is obvious. Bad news: Iowa State is all over Gene Chizik’s nuts to be their head coach next year.

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    The 4th one with our Heismen contending QB!

    if you actually believe he was a contender for the Heisman, then why the hell wouldn’t you give him the ball on the goal line!?

    Greg Davis is not getting fired..sure yall brought back a few starters on offense, but the offense from last year is currently playing for the Titans. yall should be proud of what yall have been able to accomplish with a freshman QB.

    Chizik getting a promotion!? with that kind of defense (secondary)!? come on.

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    Good point Brad. I would think Chizik’s head coaching stock would be falling with the way our defense has been playing lately.

    We have the talent in the secondary, just not sure why they aren’t making plays…

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    You have to be a complete idiot to complain about a successful QB sneak call. Would you be complaining about it if McCoy hadn’t been hurt? Were you bitching after the OU game when McCoy ran the big sneak for 5 or 6 yards?

    Greg Davis has been great all year, he took a freshman QB and turned him into a legit Heisman candidate (wasn’t going to win it, but was definitely in the discussion). The offense has been productive and explosive.

    Brady and Andy you’re both completely clueless.

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    Your absolutely right I would not bitch about successful QB sneak. But given the circumstances of where we are in the game, who we are playing and where we are standing in the polls allows for me to question two QB sneak calls when we are playing a JV Kstate team. If Colt does not get injured and even if we do not score on the fourth down, I think it would be safe to say Texas does not loose the game. OU is a HUGE game, it is every year, in order to compete in big games, most of the time you have to call risky plays. Therefore, it is hard for me to argue against those kinds of calls V.S OU. KState is huge game in the since if we want to be national champs again we must win out. Without Colt, not only can we not get to the national championship but there is no way in hell we would win even if we did. But I do think Davis has helped form Colt into the QB he is today (his numbers dont lie) and thats why he is brought into Heismen discussions. My original comment was just to see if I was the only one who questioned the QB sneaks on the very first drive of the game. I also do not think you can put all the blame of the secondarys poor performance on Chizik. Based on his recent past he has been doing a tremendous job as defensive coordinator, who knows exactly whats wrong with our defensive backs, I just hope Akina can figure it out soon…

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    “why the hell wouldn’t you give him the ball on the goal line!?”-Brad. Well Brad, I will tell you why (again), try to stay with me. Nethier running back for Texas could make it in, so my thinking is that you dont give the ball to the smallest F@#$ing guy on the field (your QB) and run the same F@#$ing play for the 4th time in a row. “You have to be a complete idiot to complain about a successful QB sneak call.”- Brian. Hey Brian, you might be the only person in Texas that thinks that play was successful. In fact, I bet there are more people that wish Mccoy didnt score and stayed in the game uninjured, than vice versa. You are the “clueless” one my friend.

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    Brady did you watch the game? 4th time in a row? We ran a dive with Selvin Young on 1st and 3rd down and an option left on 3rd down… we only ran the QB sneak once.

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    Since I guess I am an idiot… JV KState? Explain to me how Colt McCoy getting hurt changes whether or not KState scores 45 points? Is his handoff that much better than Snead’s? I mean, obviously Snead’s handoff is why the RBs fumbled the ball. Maybe Snead was also responsible for the punt block against UT? Whatever the case, maybe Texas does win the game with McCoy, maybe they don’t, but blaming the coaches for everything is ridiculous. Let’s face it, Texas, while a good team, is not a great team this year. They have a lot to look forward to, but they are not great this year. Sorry for being such an idiot!

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    im sorry but i dont understand what the big deal is players get hurt in the sport and yes occasionaly it will happen to a great player but its all about having a 2 string guy step up for your team last i checked there is no I in team and i believe that the 2 string guy did a great job just look at the number of points he scored for you guys maybe we just need to accept the facts kansas state is a good team and came out and played with alot of heart also credit their coaching staff for the great play calling

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