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Jevan SneadHonestly, I am not all that surprised at this move, it is just unfortunate that it comes at a time where we have some uncertainty with the health of our quarterback.

Nothing is official yet, but Coach Mack Brown has confirmed that they are aware of [tag]Jevan Snead[/tag]’s plans, and will not make an official announcement until after the bowl game. What does this mean for his availability in the bowl game? No one knows, and Texas still hasn’t been picked for a bowl game.

Snead currently has yet to decide where he will continue his college career, though it is said he is looking at TCU, Houston, and Louisville. People I have talked to say TCU is currently at the top of the list.

If [tag]Colt McCoy[/tag] cannot go for the bowl game, it gets pretty dicey on who will replace him. Do you throw away the red-shirt of [tag]Sherrod Harris[/tag]? Do you put 3rd stringer Matt McCoy into the mix? Or do you just play a full option offense and put receiver [tag]Quan Cosby[/tag] at the helm? I don’t know the answer, but they all sure sound like scary choices.

Maybe we need to just make a quick phone call down to Florida and see if Brantley wants to get his career started early. Ha.



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    boomer sooner! hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

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    That is a little unnecessary, don’t you think?

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    Atha reminds me of a retard at the chuckie cheese… Can you blame Snead though? At some point hes gotta look out for himself.

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    yeah, i totally agree with Snead’s decision. he is a big-time quarterback and doesn’t want to sit on the bench his whole college career. i would do the same thing.

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    I wish they’d been able to keep it a secret till after the bowl game though, it’s going to be tough to let him stay on the team when they know he’s going to be gone. Now if McCoy’s not healthy we’re in deep crap.

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    although this was going to happen whether yall lost or not, i just had to make this visual depiction of the current state of yall’s program:

    “mayday, mayday..”

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    Kansas Sooner

    Isn’t it ironic that when OU loses Bomar the Texas fans give us crap, but now that Texas doesn’t have a QB the tables have turned.

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    Texas doesn’t have a QB? What the heck are you talking about?

    Colt McCoy will be healthy again and lead the Longhorns to some great seasons. Snead was not the answer.

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    Brad we won a national title 11 months ago and if we win our bowl game we’ll have our 6th straight 10 win season. Hardly a tailspin.

    And Sooner, we gave you crap about Bomar because he (and half your program) was cheating not just because you were without your quarterback.

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    He won’t be around for the bowl game. Most schools (but not all) finals week is this week, so semester is done for most schools. He’ll be enrolled somewhere else sometime over semester break. Plus, Texas probably wouldn’t want him to go through practices with them anyway.

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    Kansas Sooner

    Half of our program? J.D. Quinn and Rhetard Bomar were the only ones. Anyway I’m glad Bomar was kicked off. The moron was drinking while he was underage at a Hornets game. So where does the retard go??? The “great” state of Texas. If Colt McCoy had done somethin like that all he’d get was a slap on the wrist.

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    12th Man

    Good decision Snead…I dont see why all the longhorns have to bash this dude! hes a awesome quarterback and he is better than McCoy in my thoughts…just because they haven’t started him doesnt mean hes not better…mccoy is just too much of a cry baby and he aint leadin texas to anything at all!!! its a big loss for texas uh HAAAA!

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