Posted December 3rd, 2006 by Matt
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Texas (9-3) will be playing Iowa (6-6) in the Alamo Bowl in San Antonio on Decemeber 30. I had been hoping for a spot in the Gator Bowl, but I think Wake Forest winning along with West Virginia kind of put a damper on that scenario.

The Houston Chronicle said it best:

Less than a month ago, the Longhorns were in position for a third straight Bowl Championship Series appearance. Those hopes disappeared when consecutive losses to Kansas State and Texas A&M to end the regular-season cost the Longhorns a chance to play for the Big 12 title and the league’s automatic BCS bid.

As a fan, it will be tough to get excited for a match-up against Iowa, I just hope it won’t be that hard for the players. As bad as the season as ended, it would be tough to handle a loss to [tag]Iowa[/tag]. Hopefully because the game is in San Antonio there will be a lot of Longhorn support. I know I will probably be there.

More to come on the Texas/Iowa match-up later.


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    Joshua Holder

    Before I get all into this comment, I just want to laugh at that CT guy for being on UT website if he is a USC fan. What’s the matter big guy you just wanted to come check out what a real football team looks like. Now back to this whole BCS mess, I hope I am not the only one disappointed by a Florida/Ohio St. championship game. Once again the SEC is getting all this big hype about how great it is, in all honesty if they are such a good conference how come the stronger teams get upset by the bottom feeders every year and that is what costs them their shots for a national championship. I do not think Florida stands a chance against Ohio St. at all. It will be just as hard for me to watch that game as it is to except Texas playing in the Alamo bowl.

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    As much as I did not want to see a re-match of Mich. – Ohio St. for the national championship, I think it would make for a much better game than Florida. Its scenarios like this that makes me wonder if we will ever go to a playoff system.

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    Yeah Andy, I agree. Florida doesn’t seem like they have much of a chance to beat Ohio State. Plus Ohio State has been there before, while Florida is young and will just be excited to be there.

    It’s almost like the BCS picked Florida just so they didn’t have to move to a playoff system. If Florida was left out, I think there would be a much bigger push for a playoff.

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    Texas has the worst football program in the country. Who gives a damn about Mac Brown, he sucks too! Texas only won the rosebowl last year because of a bullshit call by the referee, Vince Young’s knee was down on that pitch for a td. If Texas can’t do any better then the alamo bowl without Vince Young, then they should just cancel the program and the bowl game.

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    Thanks for the post Andrew, you’re making it pretty easy for other fans to see why Texas fans despise USC so much.

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