Posted December 11th, 2006 by Matt
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Brings back memories right?

Seriously, if you wrote a script of how everything went down with Vince and the Texans, and this was the ending, people would probably laugh at you saying it was unrealistic. Well not when you are dealing with Vince Young. He continues to amaze everyone, so much so that Merril Hoge might even have to say a positive comment about him.

One question I have, where was Mario Williams on that play? Ha.

Want to see complete highlights of the game, check this out.

Thanks to TexasOwnzYou for the video.


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    How much does it suck to be a Texans fan right now? I mean damn, that #1 pick wasn’t even clever by accident. Has anyone ever seen the movie Kingpin? I’d say the Texans “munsoned” their draft pick.

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    Kansas Sooner

    Wow TexasOwnzYou, I didn’t realize slavery was still legal in Texas. Oh, duh! I completely forgot about Mack Brown’s sex slaves.

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