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Remember this summer when the Oregon Ducks announced that they were going to sport diamond plate on their uniforms? Well apparently they have decided that they hadn’t gone far enough. Now Oregon is toying with the idea of donning new helmets that change color depending on the angle you look at them. This is what they will look like:

Oregon Ducks Helmet

The hope is to have all of the helmets arrive before their Las Vegas Bowl match-up against BYU in a week. My hope is to not have to ever see these hideous things on TV. Players are going to have to start wearing tinted masks just to play Oregon. Seriously Oregon, what can you be thinking here?


Oregon Helmets Even Worse Than I Thought

Oregon is getting whipped right now by BYU in the Las Vegas Bowl and their helmets are actually even worse than I thought they were going to be. They don’t look like they change colors like they claimed, they’re just incredibly shiny and obnoxious.

Oregon helmet



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  1. reply to  #1

    Kansas Sooner

    I’m confused. Is that dog crap or a helmet?

  2. reply to  #2


    this is pathetic and a legitimate excuse to
    transfer to another Pac-10 patsy.

  3. reply to  #3


    I think they’re pretty sweet personally. To each his own!

  4. reply to  #4


    So will they have a Oregon logo on the side or are they just a solid color. They should just relent and put a big ol’ swoosh on the side like Phil Knight would want.

  5. reply to  #5


    Dude that helmet is awesome.. yes the color is not too cool, but damn.. changing colors???? sweeeeet

  6. reply to  #6


    This is getting ridiculous, the only headlines Oregon ever makes is when they try some new uniform combinations. Seems to me Oregon is more concerned about what they wear rather than winning football games.

  7. reply to  #7


    how else are they supposed to recruit?

    pretty tough to recruit in California if your only pitch is that you’re the meth capital of the world.

  8. reply to  #8


    Orange & White glowing w/ the horns on the side….hmmm maybe a nike swoosh in front. Hell, I think they are great!
    You also told me those brownies were just the “regular” kind too when I was a freshman.

  9. reply to  #9


    “Hell no! I’m not going to candy this thing up…These are work clothes.”
    — Darrell Royal

  10. reply to  #10


    Nice–very nice!

  11. reply to  #11


    Great quote Kevin, where’d you find that?

  12. reply to  #12


    Yeah, I didn’t see any change of color. I just saw some annoying green/yellow color. And some of the players even had some ugly matching shoes. Those helmets should be banned.

  13. reply to  #13


    Whatever happened to tradition like the horns or bama has. they have had the same freakin helmets forever. Instead of worrying about coming out with all these new uniforms, they should worry about a consistent football team.

  14. reply to  #14


    Those helmets are SWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEET

  15. reply to  #15


    those helmets are hella tight

  16. reply to  #16


    i like ur mom

  17. reply to  #17


    I think you should stop hatin on their uniforms becuse yours suck

  18. reply to  #18


    I think you should stop hatin on their uniforms becuse yours suck

  19. reply to  #19



  20. reply to  #20


    Traditional uniforms are what keep the alumni coming back and they’re the ones that pay the big bucks…to the best players. Auburn and Ohio State have the best looking uniforms in college football today. Alabama’s might be plain, but when you see them you see the ghost of the Bear looking down. That’s tradition not uniforms that change constantly. That’s another reason why the Ducks suck…no tradition. SEC rules again.

  21. reply to  #21


    Handcuffs on one side and a marijuana leave on the other

  22. reply to  #22


    Tradition is good but it’s also very boring. There isn’t much creativity when it comes to things like this with the exception of Maryland, Texas Tech, San Diego State, and now South Carolina with their new Under Armour deal. (I maybe leaving some out). But creativity never hurts and is great for marketing. I LOOOVE the vast majority of Oregon’s looks personally, and by the way…it’s not just the look that’s different, they are the most technologically advanced uniforms in the nation. (extremely lightweight, form-fitting though still breathable, and water resistant as well).

  23. reply to  #23


    College football is 2nd to only MLB in terms of history/tradition…and, imo, sometimes surpasses it. Programs such as Texas, OU, Notre Dame, USC, LSU, Michigan, Ohio St., Alabama, Penn St., have had their down times, but, for the most part have been successful over the long-haul. They don’t change too much up, including their unis. They may’ve tweaked something here or there (TEXAS on the front of the uni, for example), but they’ve remained the same for the most part. Alumni from 50 years ago — with deeeeep pockets — can easily identify their team.

    Change too much up, and you lose that connection. Teams that are constantly re-vamping their look seldom are successful. They use it as a gimmick.

    Technological changes in the unis are great — who wants to go back to wool? — but the color scheme/logo is what needs to stay consistent to help a program build a tradition which helps build an identity, which attracts top talent/coaches, which creates success which adds to the tradition.

  24. reply to  #24

    Texan at Cal

    I go to UC Berkeley, but I’m from Austin. I have got to say, after two years of being in the pac-10 that Oregon has accomplished the seemingly impossible. With 348 different uniform combinations to choose from, they have 348 completely beyond ridiculous choices. Ya think they’d manage to find one that looks good, but apparently, they and the rest of the pac 10 are colorblind. At Cal, they started messing with the uniforms again and i gotta say, the yellow jerseys at Cal look absolutely ridiculous. It looks cartoonish and childish. I’ve been a longhorn fan all my life, and am still a longhorn fan, and I absolutely love the UT combo, one at home, one on the road. No more, No Less. Sure they get slightly tweaked every now and then, but it is done very sensibly. I bought my UT jersey back in 2002 and today, it is still the exact same as the current UT Jersey. In 50 years, it will still be quite similar. If you went to Oregon, a jersey bought last year is already OUT OF DATE!

    Like Darrell Royal Said, Jerseys are Work Clothes, they identify who you are, they make you proud to wear that uniform, knowing that the greats of the past have worn the same uniforms.

    Do they help you win ballgames? No. Do they bring respect? Heck Yes! When you look at Oregon and you look at Texas, you’d think Oregon is this 10 year old child coming here to fool around. When you see Texas, you see a serious businessman coming here to do his work. As boring as UT’s jerseys can be, you CANT alter them! Put on orange pants? That’s NOT Texas anymore. BO on white at home and all white away. You don’t mess with it. It’s not just tradition, it’s who we are.

  25. reply to  #25


    “It’s who we are”….that’s every team. Oregon is just the team that stands out with their look the most. Texas and many other teams are sponsored by Nike but don’t forget where the birthplace of Nike is….

    The University of Oregon is the very place that Nike should have their most experimental and most eccentric uniforms just because that is the school where the founders were from. I dig the tradition arguments no doubt…but Oregon does doesn’t socially fit with every other school in the country being that Nike has it’s own tradition and sets its BIRTHPLACE school apart from all the other schools it sponsors. Some people hate those uniforms to death….others? Love just about every single one of the Ducks’ uniforms….esp. the technological aspect of them which out-shine the rest. It’s all a matter of individual opinion and what Nike sees fit.

  26. reply to  #26


    Oregon’s football uniforms are nasty looking,
    with the stupid looking number design and goofy looking all green uniforms. Go back to more traditional uniform with standard block numbers and toned down colors.
    Playing good football is more important than putting on a fashion show.

  27. reply to  #27


    Why not strive for BOTH??

    (most have either or)

  28. reply to  #28


    Those helmets are soooo sweet!!!!!!! i cant wait tell they wear the white ones.

  29. reply to  #29


    these helmets and jerseys are the coolest uniforms ever and all this talk about them in the news and papers is just gonna make oregon get rid of them because there are so many haters out there and im tryin to get my hands on one of them before that happens!!!

  30. reply to  #30


    gee…I miss the funyuns add on the sides of their old helmets

  31. reply to  #31


    The uniforms are sweet. The helment could have been if it was green and not baby poop yellow. All the others schools are just jealous that Phil Knight of Nike supplies oregon with custom uniforms designed by the players…for FREE!! Go Nike and Go DUCKS. Oh yeah, I would like to thanks every program out there that wears Nike. Every uniform worn is more money in the Oregon Program. Phil Knight just donated $100 million to the Oregon Athlectic Department, so thank you to all the teams that purchase nike, keep the money coming.

  32. reply to  #32


    yall just dnt get it do u???…….the helmets arent really for style………THEY ARE MORE FOR DESTRACTION TO THE OTHER TEAM THAN ANYTHING! i mean think about it……if u played a team wit helmets dat changed colors, u would be looking at it all da time and not focused!…….a lot of ppl think oregon is stupid for their uniforms…BUT THEY ARE REALLY SMART FOR IT! they kno wat they are doin…believe me! lol…..but i love their uniforms, they clean to me

  33. reply to  #33


    I live in Oregon and I’m also a duck fan. I personaly dont like these helmets, but I like the unis. All of you other people are just mad because like mike said, phil knight gives oregon everything and your stuck with the same old crap unis from 1960. make all the excusses you want but if phil knight gave you 100 different unis you would probably take them to so stop crying. and if you have anything else to say email me @

  34. reply to  #34

    Carls Jr.

    The Helmets Rock…Football could use a make over…the same crappy uniforms year after year. Those stupid ‘throwback stuff’ sucks, not creativity in the game when it comes to style. I think it would be great if they had that Batman look, what the hell, loosen up. Anyway, they are just gladiators, why not look the part.

  35. reply to  #35


    those are awesome. you are all ignorant, little whores

  36. reply to  #36


    agreed! you all are just jealous… of one, that they can be innovative, and two that we get amazing support from Phil Knight!

  37. reply to  #37


    IF your dog is crapping that color you should go see a vet.. ASAP!!

    We LOVE their new helmets.. and everything else about their uniforms.. So BOO!

  38. reply to  #38

    Jiggy Jay


  39. reply to  #39


    dude those things are tight. they should where them in the civil war game

  40. reply to  #40

    poop on a stick

    i think there uniforms are TIGHT when i go to college im goin to Oregon

  41. reply to  #41

    Presto The Forever Child

    I think the Uniforms are awesome its a change in the basic primary colors NFL has taken advantage of for years a little change never hurt anybody if anyone thinks that its a problem just get better at palying football then you’ll have room to talk I’m a Cincinnati Bengals fan from California look at the history of there uniforms and keep in mind your team will always be your team no matter what they do thats “Real Football”

  42. reply to  #42



  43. reply to  #43

    Harp Jones

    I think the helments are freaking awsome everyone of there jerseys are awsome sooo just get over it

  44. reply to  #44




  45. reply to  #45

    andrew john thompson

    I think oregons are really fancy and really awsome and texas needs to
    buy better uniforms theirs are geting old. they should get something better than oregons so that this “post a comment” thing shows up for them asking for comments about texas uniforms

    GO HOOK THEM!!!!!!

  46. reply to  #46



  47. reply to  #47



  48. reply to  #48



  49. reply to  #49


    The helmets are a little different….but SO WHAT!? I like that they’re trying some different things. It’s not like anybody else is trying anything new and different out there. If you don’t like it, so what. Go enjoy every other team with the same old crappy uniforms out there. And stop worrying what the Ducks are up to. Asses.

    PS- Bite me Beaves.

  50. reply to  #50


    man i dont care oregons uniforms are tight have u seen all for of them??? but this helmet should have a green o logo on the side

  51. reply to  #51

    DB...Go Ducks

    I’m from Oregon. i think everyone is jealous..get over it. just because you have a bunch of old ****!!

  52. reply to  #52

    Hook'em Horns

    The helmets look fine.

  53. reply to  #53


    I like em’ I like anything Oregon Ducks. I just want to see a pac team go far that isn’t USC. I think the helmets are just good clean recruiting fun. Keep it up ducks!

  54. reply to  #54


    Aight lets get things straighten out here. You guys can make fun all you want of oregons uniforms, helmets and thier there colors that fine because like nc state, usc, cal, flordia, texas, michigan, ohio state and all those school who keep using the same damn uniforms for like 40 years now are wack and for get bout alumni with deep pockets it winning that counts. Another thing though that all the other school are always made is that they get new stuff first before any other school evens see’s them. Think about it Nike is in Portland Oregon which means Oregon and Oregon State get thing befor all the other school even see but in my own … Stop hating just cuz your school cant think of new uniforms!!!
    GO DUCKS!!!

  55. reply to  #55


    we have the best unis in the US everyones hangin in the past you need to move forward and revolutionalize like Oregon. who gives a shit about the 1980 UCLA jerseys or wutever the hell
    look at the ducks they have there richest alum as phil knight and they are takinng advantage and guess what they have the most pimp unis in the NCAA. duck fans dont be embarrassed be proud you are going into uncharted waters and the diamond plates been a great success soon there will be feathers in there place (i heard) we will kick ass and look good. and if u think our unis are terrible look at the blinding baby blue of UCLA

  56. reply to  #56


    I had no idea there were so many 12 year old blind Oregon fans.

  57. reply to  #57


    just cause we were creative and ur unis suck watch in the next ten years every team in the NCAA will be copying bellottis spread formation (most people already have

  58. reply to  #58


    Heh. You do realize that the Oregon offense is based off what Rich Rodriguez and Urban Meyer have been doing for years? It’s called the spread option and that offense is actually based off the Spread which is based off the Run and Shoot which has been around since the 1960s. Go ask your dad.

  59. reply to  #59


    i dont need all ur eighty year old bs how long did it take u to look that up
    its not that we made it its that we no how to use it effectiviely and that we have an almost impenetratable offense even some of the best defences cant keep up with

  60. reply to  #60


    So impenetrable that you lose to Boise State at home? Looks like they kept up.

  61. reply to  #61


    thats not say8ing much for boise state though seeing as we are on our like 20 string quater back who is absolutely terrible. last year when we had a decent offence no one kept up until the shining star quarterback was injured. it shows the quarterback is the most important positions to play in the spread offence and most other offences

  62. reply to  #62


    you guys are all kinda mental except luke because the uo jerseys are pretty dam kick ass. so you all just shut up about all the crap because we are setting a new generation of football jerseys.

  63. reply to  #63


    @collin: Collin or Luke, or whatever your name is, we can see your information when you comment so we know you are the same person. You really are 12 years old huh?

  64. reply to  #64

    luke 12 years

    i no he was my friend on the site hes always butting in and yeah i really am 12 i go to OLL elementry in oregon. DUCKS RULE

  65. reply to  #65


    sometimes when u look good u play good…thats not the case w/ oregon though

  66. reply to  #66


    These helmets are SWEET!!!!!!!! Yall trippin!

  67. reply to  #67


    I have no idea what all of you other guys are smoken…those OREGON uniforms and that helmet they use are AWSOME!!!!!!!!

  68. reply to  #68

    hey all u dumass people

    who gives a fuck what anybodys uniforms look like how bout we jus watch our teams play the fuckin game and we already kno that all u little bitches on this website suck at football and dont kno the first thing about how to play it so until u get a D1 scholarship to one of these fuckin schools just SHUT THE FUCK UP AND WORRY BOUT UR OWN DAMN TEAM

  69. […] the UA has refrained from participating in the trend of randomly using colors like black, gray and whatever this is supposed to be. School colors only, […]

  70. reply to  #70


    I am a Penn State Alum, and we have the most traditional of traditions in uniforms. Blue & white, no stripes, no names, no logos. I LOVE the Nitt’s unis. Clean and simple.

    That being said, as a Graphic Artist, I find the Ducks unis bad-ass. I love that they never wear the same combo twice in a season. Every time I play NCAA on PS3, I pick them as my franchise team, so I can mix and match the 100 combos of uni and helmets they have!

    So, yes, I am a die hard Lions Alum who loves his school’s traditional look, and would not change it for the world. Because honestly, it would not fit Penn State. But crazy Oregonians? Yeah, it works for those quack jobs in the west.

    Oh yeah, the poster above mine from June 2009, chill out, and learn about PUNCTUATION!

    I did play high school football, was all-city twice, and until I tore two of my knee ligaments in a motorcycle crash, was recruited. That does not mean people cannot express their opinions about uniforms. Clearly, that was what this original post was all about.

  71. reply to  #71


    you guys suck. Oregon is a tight team and they are going to win it all this year… -u r a dick

  72. reply to  #72


    It seems like most people on here keep talking about the alumni and their deep pockets, so money it seems is the biggest deal in a sport where players arent allowd to get paid. If for some stupid reason changing the uniform makes ya pockets more shallow then so be it. The uniforms are nice and its good to see some changes. The old crap sucked, Hopefully more people will make changes and stop worrying about money.

  73. reply to  #73


    Don’t hate Oregon St because their main benefactor is the almighty swoosh founder.

  74. […] the UA has refrained from participating in the trend of randomly using colors like black, gray and whatever this is supposed to be. School colors only, […]

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