Posted December 20th, 2006 by Brian
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The match-up in the Holiday Bowl against California should be a tough one for the Horns. DeSean Jackson is a badass and the Texas secondary has been…

Wait… isn’t Texas playing in the Alamo Bowl versus Iowa? Texas A&M is in the Holiday Bowl, right? Well someone might want to inform Desmond Howard of that:

It actually sounds like Howard did his research on this mythical game between Texas and Cal. He even knew the (relatively) breaking news that Jevan Snead had decided to transfer to Ole Miss. He had all week to prepare for his 30-second segment and he botched it big time. Doh. Brad from the 12th Manchild said that Desmond actually made the same mistake both before the game and then again at halftime, though they might just have reaired the same segment.

Just another in the long list of colossal mistakes by ESPN/ABC in their coverage of sports and college football specifically. I never thought I’d be saying this, but I miss Trev Alberts.


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    That is painful to watch. It isn’t like he just mistaked the name either. He was reeling off matchups….haha.

  2. reply to  #2

    other matt

    It is even funny because no one corrects him…they just let him go on talking about the matchups. oops.

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    What a moron! Howard must be an Aggie.

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