Posted January 7th, 2007 by Matt
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Ramonce TaylorRamonce Taylor. Surprised to hear his name? Yeah, me too. But according to the ESPN Bottomline, [tag]Ramonce Taylor[/tag] has indeed decided to forgo his last two seasons of eligibility to enter the 2007 NFL Draft.

Is it just me, or does getting arrested for marijuana possession and then missing a whole year at Texas College due to academic eligibility not seem like what NFL scouts are looking for? Ramonce definitely has the athletic talent to play at the next level, I just hope that he can keep his head on his shoulders and forget about the past.


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  1. reply to  #1


    he needs to stop smoking the WEEEEEDDDD!!

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    I thought he could be the next “all-purpose” yard guy for us, hell, he already was, but what would have really been nice would be to see him return kicks instead of Ross.

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    I don’t know so much that it was the weed as it is the crew he runs around with. Recreational marijuana use is pretty common among college kids these days, fights and guns and 4 pound bags of weed not so much.

    Even at his best Ramonce scared me on punt returns. Would’ve loved him back there on kickoff returns though.

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    I agree with you Brian, but speculation about his college career is sadly a moot point now that he will be entering the draft. I guess the question now is who will take him. I’d like him to become a Cowboy, but he would be a better fit with the Bengals, haha.

  5. reply to  #5

    Kansas Sooner

    Who says the word moot? (exluding grandmas)

  6. reply to  #6


    Our boy romance will be the shit..won’t go until late in the draft but he’ll be a good one.

  7. reply to  #7

    The Moose

    Ram-Once will get picked up a la Marcus Vick. Only thing is….Taylor has more talent.

    Sad. Really sad.

  8. reply to  #8


    this kid is sick, i hope he does good in the pros. how bout tarrel brown when he got caught w/weed? go taylor!

  9. reply to  #9


    Ramonce needs a good mentor in his life instead of the negative people that he hung around. I hope this expericence he had steers him in the right path in the pros.

  10. reply to  #10

    joma tray

    Ramonce Taylor is a Super Guy with a big heart. If you really knew him you would know he would give you his last. Now this has come back to bite so many times. The great chance is for him to receive as he gives the NFL all he has. Now you know why so many of you or puzzled by his opportunities regardless the cirumstances because you all have never had anything good to happen to you and wish you were popular enough for someone to care when something bad happen to you. Sorry you all are not a Ramonce Taylor and will never understand a blessing. Best Wishes R T take your blessed opportunities and let them shine as you shine with that big smile!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Marcus Trejo

    Don’t worry, Ramonce will bounce back and then all of you wise-cracking defeatists will reboot your memory of how great he was at TX. Give the boy a chance. If you only knew….

  12. reply to  #12

    Lil Brenton

    Fuck what other people think ramonce we know you didnt have the gun and weed it was the weed heads you were with that night.But yeah you are ready for the next level because you got more speed any defensive back as to catch you i’ll put you on my team any day shid you are bigger then the NFL you bigger than that and thats all these people need to know.Prove to these mutha fuckas you are ready for anything I hate when people talk shit and dont know shit well get at me you know who i am…..

  13. reply to  #13

    hunter foght

    hey!remember me hunter from texas vs. the nation. you took my sharpie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

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  15. reply to  #15


    WTF, did you just compare Ramonce Taylor to Jesus?

  16. reply to  #16


    That is just ridiculous.

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    Man….. Romonce is craaaaaaaaazy!!!!! he’ll do good in the pros. Hopfully anywayz!!!

  19. reply to  #19

    Thomas R, Dye

    Its so funny to see Ramonce still climbing slowly back into the lime light but when its yours its yours and no one can take that away. What people don’t realize is that a blessed natural talent is furnished by God. God will provide the time and the opportuntiy for his blessing to be manifested. If the reader that was puzzled as why the comparison of Ramonce and Jesus was made, remember that Jesus too was spit on mocked and falsely accursed and died for you and rose with great power. Ramonce to has been spit on mock falsely accursed lifted by man and even right there at the University of Texas when he was scoring TD’s and making Texas look good man praised him and then let him down. But when God raise him as Jesus was raised by God man won’t understand you see you already confused. Be Blessed Ramonce

  20. reply to  #20


    I think he can handle it. I played basketball with him the other day and he was a humble down to earth guy. He has turned a complete 180 and grown from an ego driven young kid with a longhorn on his shirt, to a man with amazing physical talents.

  21. reply to  #21


    I hope that’s true Tyler, Ramonce has all world talent and I’ll be rooting for him to succeed on and off the field.

  22. reply to  #22


    That MY CUZ HELL yeah he going to the NFL

  23. reply to  #23

    Thomas R, Dye

    To all who are truly praying for Ramonce and his sucessful life in NFL Thanks.
    For all who are wish he fail please dig 2 holes because you will need company as you will fall in the same hole you dig… See you on Sunday’s Ramonce keep you head up let the past be the past press forward and reach for your star as you become the star you are suppose to be shing bright!!!!!!!!! God Bless you

  24. reply to  #24

    trill texas

    The titans need a running back bad and Vince Young would be the best mentor to Ramonce, I would pick him over any running back in the draft this year ,we all remember how he ran in 05 butt because of pac-man the titans probaly wont draft him even in later rounds. PUT GOD FIRST IN YOUR LIFE AND ANYTHING IS POSAIBLE look at VY. good luck Ramonce!!!!

  25. reply to  #25


    ramonce taylor just needs to give up on football yes he is good but he does not make the right choices and that is going to make it hard on him for the rest of not just on his life but for his career to.

  26. reply to  #26

    Deda Rollie

    For all of you who don’t know Ramonce, how is it that you can judge him? He is a super athlete who has the talent to excel in the NFL. There’s been plenty of people who made the wrong choices in life but now he’s trying to get his life on track. For all the negativity from the haters, he will prove you all wrong!!!!!!!!

  27. reply to  #27

    Rosie Blane Sweeting

    Ramonce, you hang in there and don’t give up. It takes someone special to go through things, it’s just a test, and hopefully you have passed the test and will continue on. Life has given you a second chance. I have faith in you and there are a lot of others whom have the faith also. Keep your head up high, and always, always listen to your mother, she is your #1 suporter and will always have your back. God is holding her up and holding you up as well. Keep the faith. LOL

  28. reply to  #28

    Rosie Blane Sweeting

    He could forget about the past even better if everyone in the media did not continously bring it up. No media, at leat in Austin, reported when he was invited to play in the Senior Bowl(something most Jr.’s don’t get invited to), no one said how he did when he came back to Texas to try out for scouts in the combine and MacBrown said” we will help him where he needs it, but he cannot be part of the team. Which is a good things and at least honest thing to say, at least he commented on the situation.(positively). Try reporting positive things and then see how good Ramonce will start looking. Only positive things should be going on for him now. Things have been decided in the courts, leave them there. Everyone deserves a chance, especially with his talent. LOL

  29. reply to  #29


    Rosie, Ramonce didn’t play in the Senior Bowl he played in the Texas vs. The Nation All-Star Classic.

  30. reply to  #30


    Did romance Taylor get drafted or is HE trying out for any NFL team?

  31. reply to  #31


    I think he got high and forgot to go to some tryouts

  32. reply to  #32

    Rosie Blane Sweeting

    My bad, I do know that it is a bowl that most jr.’s don’t get asked to play in. Apologies!!! Anywho, someone out there still thinks he has something to offer, to invite him at all.

  33. reply to  #33

    brandon flores

    romance grew up wit my uncle ryan davis they where both on the way to sucess but stuff like this happens so chill romance

  34. reply to  #34

    You Know It

    he is a thug and thats the bottom line, the boy is lucky he ever made it out of high school.

  35. reply to  #35


    We can only hope this young man can turn his life around,but we can’t judge anybody that’s in the hands of the Lord.

  36. reply to  #36

    Wake up

    Do you really think that was his first brush with the law? Oh please…….he gained to much fame to fast and did not know how to handle it. But, even before that, as a high school player..people put him on a pedestal and he ate it up. He knows what he has done…and you can bet this was not his first rodeo. Trust me.

  37. reply to  #37


    What’s the latest news on him and has any team gave him a tryout?

  38. reply to  #38

    Thomas R, Dye

    For all you people you has wished the best for Ramonce’please contiue to pray. For you negative people who is wishing he will fall even farther and the one who thinks that this isn’t his first brush with the law please give more details if the information is there for you to give. Otherwise start having dreams of your own stop living thru ramonce failures for your glory. God holds Ramonce in his hand and venges belongs to the Lord and if you are contuing trying to make him look bad give up already . Okay bottom line yes he was with wrong people that would not confess to the truth and they live with that as long as they could until that person decided to commit suicide its called guilt. Ramonce maybe guilty in you negative peoplel eyes but the truth always come out . He may have had to take abuse for the media from you so call know it all amd even the NFL has taken what the people say and media say and got him on hold but this battle belong to the Lord and he will come out on top. Please contiue to watch.

  39. reply to  #39


    Yes it was a invited bowl game for seniors only. This Bowl game usally held in Vegas but was switched to El Paso and scheduled after January 20 so that Jr.’s who had declared for the draft could be invited and yes Ramonce was the only Jr. invited this year. January 20 the was deadline for underclassmen to withdraw there draft entrees. Get your information right and Rose you were correct take from somone truly knows, Me lol

  40. reply to  #40

    John Jackson

    Ramonce has signed with the Kansas City Chiefs. I understand that he is suppose to replace Dante Hall as the kick returner. All I can say is TD, TD, TD, TD, TD. Expect lots of yards and TD’s when he gets ahold of the ball.

  41. reply to  #41

    ~ima bitch & proud~

    all this is bull shit first of all he didnt sign wit the cheifs look at the damn roster…he is phony he needs prayer and we all kno he does so jus let him breathe and put it in the lords hands for he knows wats best

  42. […] Now I do not have blinders on and pretend these are isolated incidents. When I was a student there, Heisman Trophy Winner Ricky Williams got picked up for something or other. A couple of years later, Cedric Benson also faced some legal troubles, as did star defensive back Cedric Griffin, and who could forget Ramonce Taylor’s fall from grace? (Though Taylor was kicked off the team, he is making himself eligible for next year’s draft.) […]

  43. reply to  #43

    Belton Tiger

    He was the bigest dope dealer in Belton,when he was in high school.A shame,as he was so good.He was not invited,to the party@Little River,and went there,to show off,got just what he deserved.
    Go Big RED

  44. reply to  #44


    To the Belton tiger you are a damn lie Ramonce was not a dope dealer in high school. If he was he was poor dealer because he never had money and still do not have any money so if that is being a big dope dealer you need to teach him the ropes on how to get money while selling the dope since it seems like you know so much. Remember he took some white boys to KKK party and one of the boys he took that was already on probation for the dope tell readers where is today …Not in jail but guilt forced him to take his own life so who really got what they deserve… You are rgiht GO BIG RED straight to Hell……. Did say your last name was Park as in Trailer Park Trash or is your sister really your wife…..Keep up with your own trash before you ever put someone else down

  45. reply to  #45


    what an idiot, he probably works at wal-mart now

  46. reply to  #46


    I see you people still reading about Ramonce Taylor you must have been waiting to hear something as we all were I guess we’ll never know what ever happen to that fallen star and I am sure some people have celebrated to his failure, if he is working at Wal Mart its honest money or would you rather he would be riding dirty would make you happy/. He’s not in NFL and he has no money or reason to survive so I guess your next wish would be that he just lay down and die. now that being a idiot With whatever his doing let’s finally give a break and leave him alone.

  47. reply to  #47


    is he really workin gat wally world???

  48. reply to  #48


    is he really workin gat wally world???

  49. reply to  #49


    No…he is in jail.
    He might get out to try out for a team soon…but they will be sorry because he’ll just bring his groupies with him and that is trouble.
    He had no money except what he could steal and I guess the dope they found on him belonged to someone else??? Believe what makes you happy.

  50. reply to  #50

    Thomas R Dye

    belton, maybe you all need to finally learn to forgive ramonce for whatever he has done to you all your comments are personal……. You will not make or break him wherever he ends up in jail, in the pros or at walmart you will still wanna be like him and just face you can’t be a ramonce taylor you are still in belton hating the life of ramonce taylor and how this grown man handles his life with whatever he does with it he has your life at stand still, so he’s still in control….. move around get a life, move on and find some happiness………. If you can’t be the road then be the trail if can’t be the star then be the moon but Ramonce you be the best at whatever you are!!!!!!!!!

  51. reply to  #51


    You’ve got to be kidding me…this is a blog..doesn’t that mean a person can express their feelings on it? This is not about whether I have a life or me being jealous. That would be the last thing I would be. Who would be jealous of a man in jail with no respect. The point is people thought he was so great in High School when he was really a thief and a doper.
    Unfortunately…that is the truth. I hope he does change..where ever he is would be a better place.

  52. reply to  #52


    well i think rt going to do very good caz i know the kid and hes a good guy he was juts in the wrong place at the wrong time that all it was the drug wasn’t his cuz he’s not into that shit well i hope this changes some people mind about him cuz he’s one dam good football player and any team to have him this would be a very good addition to there team

  53. reply to  #53


    Romance went to my high school….he had so much god given talent its crazy…he was a freak of nature…..he had everything going for him then he had to just BLOW it away literally…!!!!!

    Was weed really that important Romance…!!!!?????

  54. reply to  #54


    haha i called him romance too…. i loved that guy. he was clutch… too bad

  55. reply to  #55

    Coach Lyons

    Me personally, I know R.T. will make it in the NFL and will do well. I Coached this young man and I know him well. We have all made mistakes in our lives, his was just displayed for eveyone to see. Once you become an athlete your life is no longer yours. This is what as athletes fail to realize. There is a large price we have to pay in order to become part of the elite. We can not do what we use to do as athletes, a former brother from the hood or otherwise. I know he will do fine, I believe he has learned his lesson, he is also an individual. We as a part of society needs to recognize that and not be so quick to judge. You can not live in a glass house and throw stones!

  56. reply to  #56


    RT wasn’t a dealer in high school. 04 . All these dam haters acting like they know something. Romance. If u see this. Hold ya head …. you WILL succeed in life as you already have… minor setback homey

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