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Ryan PerrillouxOur good friend Ryan Perrilloux may be in big time trouble and I can’t say I’m surprised. The former Texas quarterback commit and current LSU benchwarmer is apparently under federal investigation about his involvement in a counterfeiting ring:

LSU quarterback Ryan Perrilloux is involved in a federal criminal investigation, and Baton Rouge lawyer Nathan Fisher has been hired to represent the reserve quarterback.

A New Orleans radio station is reporting that federal authorities in New Orleans are investigating Perrilloux. Fisher said he is Perrilloux’s attorney and that he could not comment about the nature of the investigation, but could only confirm that the investigation is taking place.

Perrilloux has not been booked on any charges, Fisher said. Fisher also said he is unaware of any pending hearings or other court actions scheduled to take place in connection with the investigation.

Rumors of this surfaced on LSU message boards earlier this week but more details and are coming out now and the mainstream press has gotten wind of it and is asking questions. The New Orleans Times-Picayune got quotes on the situation from Perrilloux’s mom and high school coach. Sounds like the kid could be in real trouble (whether he was directly involved or not) and the people close to him are doing everything they can to make sure the kid is never held accountable for his actions.


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    Are we going to be reading a story similar to this sometime in the future about Brantley? I guess the message here is, “Don’t Mess with Texas”.

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    HAHAHAHAA This is so typical.

  3. reply to  #3


    Karma is a powerful force

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    I can’t believe you Longhorns still get so worked up about this guy. Clearly you were probably better off without him – forget about the federal probe, he’s just not that good.

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    I just can’t believe this, the Couterfit $20 are a big problem in this area, you cant go in a store hardly without your bill being swiped, I can’t believe a kid with this much star power would risk it on a $20 bill, so many ways he could have come across it, by stores that are not checking and gave him change, then spend it at another store, could come up with some others also, but this is BS, but they have to investigate it.

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    Ralph I’m pretty sure this isn’t because he tried to use one fake $20 bill at a gas station. There’s a lot more to the investigation.

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    Kansas Sooner

    Duh Ralph. Freakin dumbass. lol

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    Confirmed by 2 sources one in Secret Service (someone’s old room mate in college), Perrilloux received undisclosed amount of money from an Alabama Booster in exchange for Sugar Bowl Tickets and signed LSU gear. This was a sting operation run in coorperation with NCAA concerning players receiving money. The only way to trace the money was using fake $20’s. The money started to show up all over the city. Who’s finger prints were on the money? The Secret Service doesn’t swope in for a couple of fake bills. Stay tuned announcement on Wednesday. Something to think about.. why an Alabama booster. Was there a coaching change there? Also guess what coach stayed at the same place the money exchange happened?

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    Dirk, I think your story has some holes in it because according to reports in the news and sources close to Perrilloux. All this has started over a $20 bill he used at a gas station in NOVEMBER. So this way before before the Sugar Bowl and even before LSU knew they were going to the Sugar Bowl.

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    When the feds run a sting they NEVER use counterfeit $. The $ would be real and secretly marked with the serials recorded. Furthermore, it would be rare for them to get involved on simply passing one counterfeit bill. If you pass or possess multiple bad bills or actually forge the bills, then I wouldn’t want to be you when they come a knockin.

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    Mike the Tiger

    All of you know that if Ryan Perrilloux would have went to Texas he would be a starter but because he went to a school with talent, he is 2nd String. But he was caught in the wrong place at the wrong time, GEAUX TIGERS. Go Alamo Bowl!!! You just went toe to toe with an unranked Iowa… and almost lost. Great Job!! You really “hooked ’em”

  12. reply to  #12


    Yeah if peri-loser went to UT at least he could have gotten a degree in something other than “Swamp Mgt”!!!

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    You just went toe to toe with an unranked Iowa… and almost lost. Great Job!! You really “hooked ‘em�

    Way to go Mike the Tiger. You really got us there. Ouch. That hurts.

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    Bill, granted tickets were a stumbling block, but it is common practice to print tickets ahead of time for major events to have them ready just in case. Found out from some very large printers. Small cost considering.
    Marcus, never say never, the feds in spite of what we’ve heard lately are getting smarter. They do not always use real money. That’s TV stuff. It is much easier to pick out a fake then go through numbers. They used both on each bill. And how in the world did he get caught at a gas station? Sounds like he was a person of interest being watched.

    Another question, why the blackout from other news organizations. If at all true it could ruin LSU. Are they(the writers and LSU) waiting till after signing day Feb 7 to say anything? How many recruits would sign with this cloud hanging over LSU?

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    LSU Tiger

    OMG!!! People have nothing better to do than to talk about the personal lives of athletes. Why are people from TEXAS still diappointed because Perrilloux chose LSU ( a much better school) over TEXAS. Things that occur in his life has nothing to do with his athletic ability. He is innocent until proven other wise.

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    LSU Tiger it isn’t like we’re talking about who he’s dating, it is a news story that very well could affect if he ever plays football again.

    And LSU is a better school than Texas? That’s hilarious. Texas is one of the country’s top public university (and #47 overall) while LSU is called a “third tier” university. Sorry to break it to you buddy, but if you went to LSU your education sucks.

  18. reply to  #18


    Are you the same Brian that wrote ” .. the mainstream press has gotten wind of it and is asking questions.” from above? Texas may want a different spokesperson in the discussion about education-

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    Oh no a typo!!

  20. reply to  #20

    Lester G.

    Third Tier! HA. Not quite a Public Ivy. Not to mention 4 football National Championships to LSU’s 2. And Texas is winning the All-Time series against LSU.

  21. reply to  #21

    John M.

    Does any of this matter in the big scheme of life? And, Dirk, where do you get the idea that the Secret Service investigates counterfeit or fraud? Educate yourself. The Secret Service has absolutely NOTHING to do with that area.

  22. reply to  #22


    John M.

    If you’ll do a little research, you’ll find out that the Secret Service is the agency of the federal government that is exclusively tasked to investigate counterfeiting. They have a special division that handles it.

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    How’s he gonna get those FOUR Heismans at Jacksonville State now?

    TIGERS BLEAUX! That’s what ya’ll get for cooing over the most over-hyped, stuck up piece of trash to ever play a collegiate sporting event.

    He had the audacity to say he didn’t go to Texas because they couldn’t assure him that he’d start over VINCE YOUNG. Wow. Talking about chickens (or in this case, nutria that people from Louisiana eat) coming home to roost…

    Hook ’em.

  24. reply to  #24

    Tiger bleaux | Azwomeninblue

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