Posted March 1st, 2007 by Brian
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Saw this when it happened during last night’s game and thought it was hilarious. Just a couple seconds left in the second overtime and Damion James decides to give A.J. Abrams a hard slap on the ass while he’s bent over waiting for Acie Law to shoot his free throws. A.J. turns around looking to fight somebody before he realize it was teammate.

Still funny. (via)


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    man, the longhorns sure were rough on themselves last night. there was that Durant slap on the back of the head as well.

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    HAHAHA, I know exactly how he felt. A buddy of mine slapped the $H!T out of my rear when I wasnt looking. It hurt like hell, and I pretty sure it caused a “turtle head”. lol, gross, I know.

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    aj abrams is so fine i wish he was mine

  4. reply to  #4


    you are a real man to let another hit you on the ass i wish i could hit your ass

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    i play basketball to for my high school maybe we should play 2 getha one day when im in the pros

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    i am a big fan of aj abrams

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    i can’t wait to see aj play next year

  8. reply to  #8


    Yes we know Jennifer.

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    I think Damion James is just absolutely sexy. OMG I am a huge Damion James fan

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