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Kevin Durant drives against New Mexico StateGame just under way in Spokane, Washington and I think there’s more people in my living room watching the game than there in the stadium. Tough trip for fans from New Mexico or Texas but I’m surprised more locals wouldn’t come out to see Kevin Durant and some great basketball in person. [tag]New Mexico State[/tag] could be a tough opponent for the Horns despite being only a #13 seed, Texas will have to play well to win tonight.

I’ll post some random thoughts on the game throughout, hopefully Texas plays up to their ability and can advance to the second round.

First Half
  • HDTV has a sponsor but no actual HD here in Dallas. Is anyone else getting the game in high def?
  • Three minutes or so before [tag]Kevin Durant[/tag] gets his first real touch on offense. New Mexico State is pressing to get us out of our base offense and make it harder to get KD involved. We’ll see if Texas adjusts.
  • Good to see D.J. Augustin off to a good start. Because of the NMSU press he’s been able to find seams in the defense and go hard to the hoop.
  • Reggie Theus kind of looks like a guy from Hustle & Flow.
  • About seven chance at a bucket there and no points for Texas. Good job on the offensive glass but somebody’s got to put the ball in the basket.
New Mexico St. 17, Texas 15
  • DJ better be well rested. NMSU’s defense is really working him out there and he’s having to expend a lot of energy.
  • CBS really has a knack for making sure you don’t get to watch the game you want to. We’re watching other random games instead of going back to our game that’s back under way.
New Mexico St. 24, Texas 19
  • Bullcrap foul called on Augustin.
  • A lot of low scoring games in the first round, including this one.
  • Another terrible call on the charge on Kevin Durant. The NMSU guy was clearly moving. NCAA officials have fallen in love with calling the charge this season and have missed a ton of calls because of it.
  • Augustin and Durant only Horns who have shown up so far tonight. Damion James has been active but needs to finish.
New Mexico St. 27, Texas 24
  • Apparently the refs looked up and noticed they hadn’t called any fouls on Texas because they’ve called four completely awful fouls in the last few minutes now. Cheap.
  • And now a cheap BS call against the Aggies.
  • And after back to back crap calls against James the refs have called back to back bad fouls on NMSU big man.
  • Durant starting to feel it a little.
  • Texas on 12 to 3 run since I put on the lucky game day shirt. I take the blame for the slow start.
New Mexico St. 30, Texas 33
  • Aggies get a couple of looks at the basket but good defense by the Horns to end the half. After trailing for most of the half Texas goes into halftime with the lead.

Second Half

  • [tag]Damion James[/tag] picks up his third foul only 30 seconds into the half. Wish I could’ve seen a replay of that call.
  • Durant just went to the ground and grabbed either his hamstring or his groin. Look like he slipped on something.
  • Seven or eight guys come to cover Durant and [tag]Connor Atchley[/tag] gets an easy rebound and put bacl.
  • A couple of offensive foul calls against NMSU have allowed Texas to expand their lead here to start the half.
New Mexico St. 33, Texas 40
  • Anyone with half a clue about computers would laugh at how misleading the Apple commercials are. Just as many PC desktop/laptops come with built in web cams as Macs.
  • I knew I recognized Reggie Theus from somewhere (other than his NBA career), he was in Hang Time. It was a basketball-themed Saved by the Bell clone.
  • Craig Winder with a big steal and bucket. He should’ve gotten more time in the first half.
  • Dear AJ Abrams, if you’re driving and Kevin Durant is under the bucket, when his man comes to help please pass to the wide open superstar.
  • More fast break points in the last two minutes for the Horns than they had all of the Big 12 tourney. NMSU isn’t getting back on defense.
New Mexico St. 47, Texas 53
  • Damion James is in the game for 5 seconds and the refs find him to call another BS offensive foul.
  • Good job by Augustin to force the issue and get fouled. Gives the Horns a chance to get two points and take a quick breather to regroup during this NMSU run.
  • Why does the ref have to make some huge scene to run halfway across the court to point that it was off of Atchley? Just say it’s their ball.
  • Durant’s first bucket in the second half comes with 8 minutes left.
  • NMSU is a dang good team but man do they air ball a lot of shots.
New Mexico St. 56, Texas 57
  • And as expected CBS has freaking cut away from the game everyone in the area would rather watch. Can’t they at least show the Texas game in a little picture-in-picture action?
  • If they wouldn’t have Greg Gumbel spend a minute letting me know what I just saw every time they switched games I’d get to see more basketball.
  • James back in despite four fouls and already made a difference. Great defense, a rebound, and now two points.
  • If Durant can hit free throws Texas will win this game, NMSU is going to foul him everytime he gets the ball despite his ability to shoot free throws. Don’t think they’re doing it on purpose, just being over aggressive on defense.
New Mexico St. 62, Texas 67
  • Free cell phone with a Pizza Hut pizza? Not only is that odd but I’m sure I could get the phone free pretty easily anyways.
  • Augustin has been great tonight. Great to have him back after a tough Big 12 tournament.
  • Refs are doing their best to keep this close. Yet another bad offensive foul call away from the basketball.
  • Great job by Durant on defense. KD didn’t have position but NMSU’s Tyrone Nelson lowered his shoulder and ran him over. Tons of offensive fouls called in this game.
  • Getting to the point where the guys just have to make free throws.
  • Now a big rebound for Durant. Tough offensive second half for KD but he’s made a big difference in the half anyways.
Final: New Mexico St. 67, Texas 79

Horns win. The team didn’t start particularly well, didn’t shoot the ball well for most of the game, and couldn’t get Kevin Durant involved in the second half but the team still won by 12. New Mexico St. is a decent but not great team but the first round is always a little extra interesting so for the Horns to survive without playing great basketball. Texas will play the winner of tonight’s #5 USC versus #12 Arkansas game in a second round game on Sunday.


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    Man that was scary. Hopefully that is what we needed to wake-up for the second round.

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    Man you ***** it wasnt scary! it was funny

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