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A group of guys from the Orangebloods message boards are starting up a “Basketball Attendance Committee” in an attempt to improve the fan showing at UT basketball games. If you are interested in participating, show up at the Starbucks on 24th and San Antonio at 3PM on Saturday. Definitely a worthy cause if you’ve got the time.

Check out the details below:

This Saturday [a group of] students will be meeting at the Starbucks on 24th and San Antonio at 3PM.

If there are any other students (or non-students for that matter) that would like to help contribute to improving the basketball attendance to the level that is reflective of a top program, we would love for you to attend and share your thoughts.

We as fans expect quite a great deal from our basketball team, as we should, We’re Texas, but in order for this program to become a legitimate national power, it needs the support of our fanbase, one of the biggest and most supportive in all of college sports.

Fan support in influential in many ways. To begin with, it is a focal part in ensuring that our basketball program has the level of facilities needed to keep up with rival schools. If there aren’t people attending games, the revenue from ticket sales, concessions, merchandise, and advertising are all adversely affected. This in turn reduces the funding available for upgrades for the basketball program. Also, what top level recruit is going to want to play in front of an arena that is only 1/2 or 3/5 full? When recruits are visiting Texas and contemplating where to attend college, the fan support and gameday atmosphere undoubtedly play into the decision. The same is true for coaches, as Barnes has on numerous occasions expressed his disappointment in some of the turnouts for games. If we want to keep top caliber coaches around we must give them the support the deserve and desire.

Bottom line: If we want to have a great basketball program, we need to support it better. There is a great opportunity to take this issue in our own hands and be the change we desire to see take place. Even if you are unable to meet with us this Saturday, you can still help make a difference by just attending games and encouraging those you know to do the same. I know that this is a little anachronistic as the season has just ended and it is several months until next season, but now is the time to start shaping the culture of the fanbase so that when the 07-08 season does roll around, the response from Longhorn fans will be overwhelming.

Hook ‘Em


If you have any questions or want more info contact Chris at A new web site is under development now for the group and they’re setting up a Facebook group as well. Continue to check back here for updates.


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