Posted June 7th, 2007 by Brian
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Kevin Durant dunkThe Seattle Times reports that at the NBA pre-draft camp Kevin Durant was the only player who could not bench 185 pounds at least once. And some morons strangely seem to think this is somehow important to where he might go in the NBA Draft.

How much does a basketball weigh? He seems to handle putting it in the basket pretty well. I can throw 185 up ten times pretty easy, maybe the Sonics will draft me. Oh wait, I suck at basketball. For a kid his age and with his height and wingspan, the bench press couldn’t be less important.

Kevin is still very much a kid who is growing into his body. Greg Oden is 35 or 40 years old and is probably near his ceiling physically (though not as a basketball player). The sky is the limit for Durant both from a physical and a basketball standpoint. If any team or scout (other than Portland) who even remotely considers passing on [tag]Kevin Durant[/tag] is an idiot.


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    I agree with you for once, kind of…you cant say that strength/power doesn’t play an important role in the NBA. It takes strength (or at least meat on your bones) to be able to drive to the paint, get knocked down by shaq, and then get back up again…still, he could put on the weight in a year or two.

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    Haha, the headline of this article is great…

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    I don’t think anyone is considering passing on KD. It’s just another piece of the puzzle…that’s all. KD had a phenomenal workout in Portland; Oden didn’t. Oden did better in the P.E. tests. Oden has a recurring wrist problem. How serious is it? Not very, he says. But, he still refrains from using it in some workouts and things. Who is better? Who knows. Both are potential superstars, and they will go 1 & 2 without a doubt.

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