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I won’t mention his name and give him what he wants, but how can you call Vince Young overrated? (via)


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    Matt Jones

    What has he done? Yes you can count his good individual efforts on one hand. The stats speak for themselves. As a Texas homer I am sure it boils your butt. But there were about 17 other guys with better QB ratings than him and they weren’t alternates to the pro bowl. Want to explain that?

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    He was a rookie on a terrible football team who only started 12 games, so saying he’s only had 5 good games isn’t exactly a huge cut down. Passing stats aren’t the only way to determine a quality quarterback. Apparently you’ve never seen him play and the difference he makes for his team.

    Using your logic, the Texas Tech quarterback should win the Heisman every year.

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    Dang it Matt Jones!! Vince Young was my all time favorite player, but after reading your post I have decided to stop liking him. I mean it wasnt all the people saying he couldnt throw accurately in college that influenced me. And it had nothing to do with the fact that he was going to get killed in the rose bowl. It didnt bother me that he was not going to be drafted in the top 10. Not as a quaterback anyway. You see what I am getting at here Matt? Like Merril Hoge and other idiots, you don’t think before you type or say something. “The Titans do an excellent job at hiding their quarterback”-Merril Hoge. They sure had a hard time hiding him when he was the only Titan on the field during the Pro Bowl, or when he was receiving the NFL Rookie of the Year. As for “17 other guys with better QB ratings…” I have two words for you Matt, Dual Threat. Im sure someone like Brad Johnson had a better passer rating, but he runs like my grandma. Vince earned the right to play in that game, and there is nothing you can do about it.

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    Vince Young is overrated as a NFL player. His QB rating is 66.7 and he threw more interceptions than touchdowns. The only reason he won offensive rookie of the year is because the Titans were winning games. But based on his stats in NFL play he is overrated. His QB rating is horrible.

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    Bill can’t read. Did you look at the comments above you?

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    “The only reason he won offensive rookie of the year is because the Titans were winning games.”

    Isn’t that the point? To win games? Isn’t that what he did?

    MHoge has had it in for VYoung from Day One. The more VYoung proves he is a Winner, the more MHoge digs in his heels. I wish I knew why.

    No, VYoung is not a classic QB. He doesn’t have the perfect throwing motion. But if that’s what you want, call Jeff George. How many playoff games did he win?

    And what’s more, he’s always trying to improve himself. Always. He’s never satisfied. Will he make mistakes? Of course! But he will learn from them.

    VYoung proved his ability in high school. He proved it in college. And he’s already started to prove it in the pros. He’s only played one season and he is THE leader of the team. Veterans and rookies alike defer to him. They were one game from the playoffs after starting 0-5 and being 2-7 after nine games. If he can stay healthy — always a concern in the NFL — and the TTitans build around him, they will be playoff fixtures for many years.

    VYoung has proven the doubters wrong time and time again and he will continue to do so.

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    Couldnt of said it better myself RoyalStreet. Maybe it’s just me, but I get sort of a racist vibe from Hoge. Anyone else?

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    Alex Kao

    well you could pass more than 200 yards in 3 games so far in career 13 touchdown passes in 18 games 25 total touchdowns in 18 games more interceptions than touchdowns qb rating in the 60’s average got over the 70 mark 4 times!comp only 50 percent of passes rookie or ot matt lienart will be so much better just watch

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    Vince Young is underrated if you ask me. He knows how to win games period. He doesnt have to throw for 300 yards to win. He gets done what needs to be done to win. Face it vince young haters, hes a winner and how the titans look now (nice and young) they will be a good team for a while. (just look at that defense too). Tennessee will get a WR in the draft or a free agent and you better look out for them in 2008. Young looks more determined then ever and has the trust of his team and coaching staff to lead them every sunday. Playoffs this year. Super Bowl on its way. (o yea and im only 15)

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    At the end of last season, Mr. Young had a 66.7 QB Rating, in a league where anything under about 72 is considered “pathetic.”

    Now, after four games in the 2007 season, he has improved – to 66.8.

    Vince Young will not be an NFL QB for more than a couple of years. When his legs give out, he’s through.

    Remember Kordell Stewart?

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    To those who say “he wins games,” consider this.

    Rex Grossman has a better winning percentage than Mr. Young. Rex Grossman has “taken” his team to the Super Bowl, and he has “won” playoff games.

    Rex Grossman has a career passer rating of about 69. But he “just wins,” right?

    Rex Grossman is now sitting on the bench.

    To those who love to pull out the “race card,” I say “if anything, this is an instance of REVERSE discrimination.”

    The NFL “needs” black quarterbacks. Ergo, “The Emperor Has New Clothes.”

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    Oooh racism and a moron. “Fool” you are very appropriately named.

    The Bears last year and this year are about 10x the team the Titans are. Plus the Bears play in the awful NFC. Yet Vince took a team that everyone thought would be at the bottom of the league to within a few minutes of the playoffs last year and a 3 – 1 record this year. He’s 9 – 2 in his last 11 starts, that’s pretty damn impressive.

    Grossman is 3 years older and has spent 3 more years in an NFL locker room than Vince, doesn’t have any leadership abilities, and obviously doesn’t possess the run threat Young does. There’s no comparison here at all.

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    Game Ball Award

    Dont forget that one of those 11 starts included a victory of the current superbowl champs. I cant remember, how did rex fair against the colts?

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    there is a lot of misinformation on here. of the 31 qualified QBs last year, this princess was 30th. think about that. 30th out of 31. only one QB was WORSE than her.

    this season? well, this little darling has ‘improved’ to 31 out of 31. yup. she is the ABSOLUTE WORST QB in the league, bar none. halfway through the season, my dog’s red raisin has only two fewer TDs than she does, and at least my dog’s anus hasn’t thrown six pickoffs.

    go ahead and look at the numbers. they are TERRIBLE. if that team had any other QB, they would win more games and by a larger margin of victory. morons who speak of ‘team’ success as if it represents an ‘individual’ are rediculous. this little fairy threw 6-14 for 42 yards…and her *team* won. to these dolts, this leads them to believe that she has something to do with it, when the opposite is true.

    but then again, we know how miss vinny hates numbers. especially SIX.

    31 out of 31. deal with it and open your eyes. you are seeing possibly the worst QB in history.

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    Bush, family sued by sports marketer for nearly $300,000 in cash, gifts. If Reggie Bush is found to have broken NCAA rules during his Heisman-winning season, the award could be revoked.

    Copyright 2007 by The Associated Press

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    i can’t stop laughing. oh, my. well, as hard as it is to do, she actually got WORSE. yup. two more interceptions (no TDs, of course).
    the last time she threw a TD was september 24. that was already six weeks ago. since then, she has thrown six more interceptions and has a *total* of 429 yards (107.2 per game AVG). he he he.
    “but yajeflow – she knows how to RUN the ball!”
    o rly?
    69 yards in 26 attempts since september 24? 2.65 per carry. terrible. plus, she has lost 34 yards in that span due to sacks, too.
    this can’t get any worse, can it? i HOPE so, but it is so difficult to continually be so bad.
    with her SIX on the wonderlic, i not only wouldn’t allow her to QB my football team, but i would not letter handle cash at 7-11, either. maybe she could use a mop or broom. but there better be mops on both ends or she might get confused.

  17. reply to  #17


    Wow yajizflow, does referring to Vince Young in the female gender help drive your sexual fantasies about him?


    Jay Wolfe is a homo, I mean yajeflow.

  18. reply to  #18


    I not as obsessed as yajizflow with Vince Young’s statistics, but here is a good one: With Vince Young as the starter, the Titans win 70% of the time.

  19. reply to  #19


    ha ha ha vince young is so overrated this year it isn’t funny. cover of madden? wtf he sucks he is one of the worst qb’s in the nfl. heres a question for all yall vince young butt budies when was the last time a scrableing qb ever won a superbowl???

  20. reply to  #20

    Game Ball Award

    Super Bowl XL February 5, 2006. Ben Roethlisberger rushed for 2 touchdowns in the postseason including 1 in his Superbowl victory. He currently averages 7.5 yards a carry. Dont argue you with your superiors brent.

  21. reply to  #21


    when youre better than vince young, then and only then should you talk s**t about him. whens the last time you won 2 consecutive rose bowls, had more total yards than heisman winner reggie bush? has anyone ever thought to retire your jersey number? when were you drafted in the first round of an nfl draft? when did you win offensive rookie of the year in the nfl and when did you make the pro bowl as a rookie, when did you win 6 straight games as an nfl quarterback. when did you sign a multi million dollar football contract. what endorsement deals do you have? when did you make the madden cover. think about this. do you really think you have the right to talk about a national icon such as vince young like that? really, just shut up

  22. reply to  #22


    damn alot of people considered john elway a scrambler but he sucked right brent.

  23. reply to  #23


    well said gjk no one should even try to argue with ur statement

  24. reply to  #24


    He is way over-hyped. It’s not his fault, but:

    Pro-bowl QB? Yeah, he was better than Tom Brady who didn’t make it.

    Rookie of the Year? Colston got robbed badly.

    The media has hyped him and that’s bound to bring about the haters. Give him a couple more years to prove himself.

    Is he the best quarterback in his draft class? Yes. But he has a long way to go before becoming a “national icon.”

  25. reply to  #25


    is this 2 games straight he has done wat it takes to win. his team is going through a stretch of injuries and after this loss look for a big run by vince young and the titans.

  26. reply to  #26


    6-5, 3rd in the division, 3 straight losses.

    Every team deals with injuries. You can’t argue that ‘he just wins’ and ‘they are going through a stretch of injuries’ at the same time. Which is it? They win because of him or despite him?

    They probably need to go 4-1 to finish the season to make the playoffs. Time for the ‘winner’ to win again and Houston is just what he needs.

  27. reply to  #27


    Wow- Do you ever wish that you had a national icon/ World Sensation like Vince Young to follow?

  28. reply to  #28


    Yup, and maybe one day VY will live up to it.

  29. reply to  #29


    ha just like i said vince young and the titans are in the playoffs. but no not because vince young right i mean come on its not like hes the starting qb and the go to man in time of need no all you retards think he sucks and shouldnt be in the nfl. or since his numbers are down that he is horribel even if they are winning. vince is that double threat that makes defenses quiver when they need to set up a game plan. tennessee will beat the chargers on sunday with that steller and healthy D!!! and the great running attack they have. they will control both sides of the line end shut down LT(all respect to THEE LT) TEN-23 SD-16

  30. reply to  #30


    yeah it was really easy to talk bad about the titans and vince young as they went through that struggle but where are all the haters now.

  31. reply to  #31


    Too easy nolan. We’ll see how he does next year with a new offensive coordinator and healed wheels.

  32. reply to  #32


    Vince young is overrated. He is not worth the #1 draft pick. Seems like the offense is dumbed down so he would understand it. Vince Young = Tavaris Jackson.

  33. reply to  #33


    Except Vince Young made the Pro Bowl as a rookie and led an average team to the playoffs in the NFL’s toughest division in his second. Hmmm…

  34. reply to  #34


    WOW! Are we talking about the same Vince Young? I’m not saying that a QB must have great numbers but, he should have a capable arm. Sure he’s got a strong one but, let’s be honest, not a very accurate one. By the way, I seem to recall that the titans have a great defense, a pretty solid host of running backs, oh yeah and a pretty decent kicker which might also have a little to do with their success. It’s even difficult to say he’s game manager what with 17 INT’s and only 9 TD’s. That’s awesome that he was a winner in college…guess what? He’s not in college anymore. There are plenty of quarterbacks that come out of the college ranks with accolades that never amount to anything. I think it’s time to face it, he’s one of them! You guys keep making excuses for him though and I’ll keep watching him show his true colors in the playoffs because the last time I checked, there has NEVER been a running only QB in the super bowl. It’s too funny that were even having a discussion about a guy who last year finished 26th overall.

  35. reply to  #35


    Wow, looks like all of those people who said that Miss Young was overrated got it right. Not only is she overrated, she is also a mouth-breathing, drooling, mental midget and a total nutjob.

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