Posted June 28th, 2007 by Matt
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Kevin Durant

Seattle definitely had the easiest job in the NBA draft, just pick either Kevin Durant or Greg Oden, whoever is available. But then they go off and do some craziness and trade Ray Allen to the Boston Celtics for Jeff Green (#5 pick), Delonte West, and Wally “My Foot Hurts” Szczerbiak.

So now they have 3 players who play almost exactly the same position, Kevin Durant, Rashard Lewis, and Jeff Green. I know this seems like the big trend in the NBA, having a bunch of 6’9ish swing-men, but trading one of the best pure shooters in the league for players you have no need for just doesn’t make sense to me.

And is just me or should you be able to get a little more for someone like Ray Allen? I would think some other team in the league could have offered up a better deal.


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    your right about it being stupid ,in your own opinion , but the NBA likes to call this sort of thing , “Building a FRANCHISE.” Ray allen is soon going to be done with his career probably within the next 4 to 5 years ,so why not go out and get a younger, more mobile guard/forward that has lots of potential to help out our friend in need (Durant). But it may be stupid in the future maybe not we will find out . Hook’em Horns

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    I don’t follow Seattle closely–but as a C’s fan I am not happy either. Pairing Allen with Paul Pierce will create a tremendous leather shortage in Boston. Pierce can score, but that is all, and Allen is the same kind of player. The building of the program was coming along–Delonte West is a player, and this is reminiscent of the move by Pitino to trade David Wesley just before he became an all-star. I would have rather seen them trade Pierce, keep West, and continue the youth movement, which was finally starting to pay off (e.g. Al Jefferson).

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    I can understand the desire to go young and set yourself up for the future, but I just don’t like the idea of having a bunch of players who all play the same position. I don’t want to be another Golden State. Plus, like you said, Ray Allen probably has another good 4 years in the league, which would have been enough to help Durant get better.

    With all that said, I am definitely a Sonics fan now. Might even have to by NBA League Pass so I can watch all of the games.

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    Gig ‘Em Hawks!!!

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    I love the University of Oklahoma

    I had to drop in on this website after the draft. For all the Oklahoma haters, didn’t you know that Kevin Durant will be a future resident of the great state of Oklahoma and will be playing for the Oklahoma City Supesonics? I can’t wait! BOOMER SOONER!!

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    I don’t think OKC is quite ready for anything more than an ABA basketball or AA baseball franchise. They seem to be satisfied to root for what used to be on the Sooners football field. Why don’t we leave it at that?

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    I love the University of Oklahoma

    botetourt, OKC is not ready for an NBA franchise huh?? Why don’t you send an e-mail to NBA commissioner David Stern and see what his thoughts are about OKC not being ready for an NBA franchise. Also, why don’t you send another e-mail to the owner, coaches, and players of the Hornets and ask them there thoughts about playing in OKC. Also, why don’t you send another e-mail to OKC businessman and Sonics owner Clay Bennett and see what he thinks. If anything, the only thing OKC lacks is hotel space downtown. Thats it, but that can be fixed. That did not seem to matter these past 2 seasons did it?? You made a stupid comment. GO SOONERS!!

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    I love the University of Oklahoma

    Correction to my post 7 there(their.) GO SOONERS! How bout them OKC Supersonics!!

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    Sooners,faggies, and tech are all done for. Hook’Em Horns

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