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Freshman defensive tackle [tag]Andre Jones[/tag] has turned himself in after an arrest warrant was issued for a felony aggravated robbery charge. The charge stems from a July 27th robbery involving former teammate [tag]Robert Joseph[/tag], who was kicked off the team last month. According to the Austin PD, Joseph and Jones entered an apartment in east Austin last Friday. Joseph waved his gun at residents, including a 14 year old boy. Jones never flashed his gun, but made threats to indicate he was carrying a weapon.

Things are getting out of control this summer with 5 arrests in the last 2 months. I think it is clear that Mack Brown needs to take some serious action. Obviously Andre Jones should be kicked off the team, but Mack needs to find another way to prevent things like this from happening in the future. Recruiting efforts need to change. Discipline policies need to be more severe. Something needs to happen.

One thing I don’t understand about all of this is how some of these players can be so dumb. Do they not watch ESPN? Do they not see Pacman Jones losing millions of dollars because of his actions. Do they not see Michael Vick throwing away $100 million? I just can’t understand what makes you think you can pull a gun on people, steal their possessions, and then expect to still be able to play football. Frustrated just doesn’t express how I feel right now.


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    Hook'Em Horns

    What is with all these crimes? Your right about them seeing Vick, and Jones on the TV , and should be aware of all the punisments that their role models are having. I would sure hate to see our program listed as a crime lab because of stupid choices. They obviously need to grow up and realize that stealing stuff or threatening people isnt the way to the pros, or of life period.

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    Hook'Em Horns

    theres a story for a&m to talk about.

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    Mack Brown has consistently put togather teams that are freakishly deep. I think that removing these problem children wont hurt us much. Im a little concerned about Sergio Kindle, but more concerned about our teams image.

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    I agree. I don’t think talent depth is the issue. I just don’t want to be the new Miami Hurricanes.

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    Hook'Em Horns

    yea your right about depth, but Jones was a 5-star DT, i know ya’ll know that , but he could have really been something in the future, but look at derek lokey, he was a 3-star, so hopefully this foolish mistake wont come back to haunt us for the D-line. And im sure with him gone some other talented D-linemen would take his place. Even if we kept him , ony God knows if he would do something else like this hi sophmore , junior , or senior year. Hopefully we get rid of all the kinks in our team.

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    I agree: these rowdies should be disciplined, we don’t want to become the “next Miami,” etc., etc. Neither, however, should we overreact. Of course, A&M, OU,, will jump all over this, but we have to consider the source. Whatever his system, Coach Brown has done a great job over the long haul getting great talent with matching character. If the law of averages has caught up with us, so be it. I don’t know, nor have I heard of these boys’ social record prior to recruitment. My only problem would be if Coach knew these guys to be malcontents and chose to ignore it. So, barring proof to the contrary, I say let’s roll with these punches, get the team leadership on top of things, assume all will balance out, expect examples to be made to send a solid message, and be grateful we’ve had it so good so far. . .current year excepted.

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    Hook'Em Horns

    well I read about the punishments for Henry Melton and Sergio Kindle, I think they are fair, and think Mack Brown did a good job on the punishments and their community services.And it definitely sucks that Dre Jones got released as a football player, but as his personality, im glad they got rid of him.

  8. […] was kicked off the team before playing a down for the Horns after he was arrested along with Robert Joseph for an aggravated robbery […]

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