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Texas versus TCULast week’s keys didn’t work out so well. We barely won, Brian Orakpo got hurt, and John Chiles could barely even see the field from where he was sitting on the bench. Let’s hope the Horns come out firing against [tag]TCU[/tag] and turn things around for the rest of the season.

1. Get Jamaal Charles running north/south.

There was some minor controversy this week over a [tag]Jamaal Charles[/tag] quote on Scout that the Longhorns’ sideways running style had made him more hesitant. I’m not sure he should have said it, but I agree with him. I don’t know if it’s Charles or the system (or both) but if your running back is spending half his time running lateraly you’re not going to be successful consistently. If we’re not running the zone read with an athletic QB then we should take a cue from teams like the Indianapolis Colts, which Greg Davis spent time with this offseason. If we can’t run more consistently from the shotgun then we have to put Colt McCoy under center more.

2. Don’t give receivers a ten-yard cushion.

It doesn’t matter who our cornerbacks are if we continue to give wide receivers a 10+ yard cushion. Playing that far off you’re not going to get burned deep but you’re also going to let the opposing QB eat you alive ten yards at a time. If you let a quarterback get comfortable he’s making the easy passes. This week [tag]Duane Akina[/tag] has give Brandon Foster, Ryan Palmer, and/or Deon Beasley a better chance to succeed (or fail).

3. Convert short yardage opportunities.

Not being able to get one yard costs us two games last season and almost costs us against Arkansas State. If it’s first and goal from the two or third and one, the linemen have to be willing and able to whoop somebody’s a**. The offensive line didn’t have a terrible game against ASU but couldn’t get it done when it mattered. Texas should be a team that can maul and get 2 – 3 yards even if everyone in the stadium knows it’s coming, but we haven’t been able to do that since Cedric Benson left.


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    This is a VERY old article apparently, says posted in 2007, but that is me on the cover of that TCU program with Daryl Patterson, TCU All American. Anyway, I am still a TCU fan, but have much respect for Texas. GO Frogs!!

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