Posted September 18th, 2007 by Matt
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James Henry

I can’t tell you how tired I am of reporting news like this. But yes, you guessed it, yet another Longhorn was arrested last night, charged with two felony counts of obstruction and tampering with evidence. Don’t have any details on what exactly this could be, but it sure doesn’t sound good.

This makes it the 6th Longhorn arrested since June, officially making Texas the new Miami. Seriously though, how hard can it be to stay out of trouble, especially when you know what has been going on in the program. The last thing I want to do is make a new category for this type of stuff, but I think that is exactly what I might have to do. We will have more details once they come in.

3RD DEGREE FELONY — Cause Number: D1DC07302254
Bond:$20,000.00 ANY TYPE OF BOND

3RD DEGREE FELONY — Cause Number: D1DC07302252
Bond:$10,000.00 ANY TYPE OF BOND



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    Awesome. 🙁

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    Hook'Em Horns

    oh my gosh what is wrong with these people. Does the name ” MICHAEL VICK” mean anything. grow up people!!!

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    As an Ag, I am really shocked how many horns have been arrested lately vs how many ags have been. I know A&M has its past w/arrests but I just think that is is extremely odd that SO many horns have gotten into trouble. Maybe Fran is actually doing something right down here in CS.

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    The Cincinatti Bengals of the Southwest….’hook ’em Horns”, or is it “Book them Horns”

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    Hook'Em Horns

    lets not confess the whole, ” we are the new miami ” thing over UT’s football players. I know that is what it seems, but it is a phase that we are going through ,and we all know that we will get through it.

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    Concerned UT Fan

    Check out this latest roster of UT Football Delinquents :

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    Hey look, remember the phrase innocent until proven guilty. I have known james henry and i know he is a great guy. Why don’t all of you wanna be football players that are jealous of his success grow up. Everybody makes mistakes. You know you have. Why don’t you guys wait and see what happens with the charges before you start turning your backs on him. And for the aggies person, its pretty sad that you are trying to justify your crappy program with this. Everybody back off and let time take its course. And UT is not the new Miami, because if it was, coach mack brown wouldn’t be as concerned and intune with his players. Pay attention.
    A true friend and fan!

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