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Not that anyone wants to relive yesterday’s game, but ESPN’s highlights of the loss to [tag]Kansas State[/tag] are posted below if you’ve got the stomach for it:

It makes it even worse to know how close we were to taking the thing back over at the end of the first half and again in the third quarter. The kick and punt returns for touchdowns just absolutely killed any momentum and fire the team was able to muster. Every time the team (and me at home on the couch) thought we were back in it KState would do something to rip out our hearts again.

Just to help me back away from the ledge a little, videos of Florida, West Virginia, and of course Oklahoma getting upset this weekend are posted after the jump.

Auburn upsets Florida:

West Virginia falls to South Florida:

OU sucks:


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    Makes the OU game REALLY important.

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    Hook'Em Horns

    Whats so funny? atm lost 34-17 to miami, at least k-state is better than miami.

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    not an ag

    Not an ag, but are u kidding me? k state better than miami??????? stop kidding urself!!!!

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    Caps lock key is over there to the left chief.

    And though I didn’t make the original comment I don’t think calling KSU better than Miami is a stretch. This isn’t your Daddy’s Miami Hurricanes, they barely beat Duke this weekend. Kansas State is a solid team that’s only loss came on the road to Auburn.

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    HEY FRAT BOY……………..EAT ****!


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    First off I’m 27 years old and couldn’t have been further from being a frat boy when I was in college.

    And no, using all capital letters actually makes things much more difficult to read.

    What is your affiliation exactly? Looks like you’ve claimed not to be an Aggie or a Sooner on this post. Feel free to stick around and have a lowercase and civil conversation.

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    “Rico” has always been a loose cannon on all the comments that get posted. I, too, have had several verbal battles with him and have given up on trying to make any sense of his rants.

    I am an Aggie. Class of 90 and was around for the glory days of Aggie football and the Southwest conference.

    So, who wins this week?

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    I’m 1st, and foremost, a Longhorn for life. 2nd to that, I’m a BIG 12 fan. Yeah, this saturday Sooners are my mortal enemy, but any other saturday, I’m pullin’ for all BIG 12 in the national spotlight to kill it. O.U. has surprized me this year and I can’t believe the buffs did it. A&M is pretty solid and determined. K. State is way underrated and has one loss to Auburn, at Auburn which is the team that knocked florida out in gatorville. All that said, this past friday and saturday saw the most shake-up, in the top 13, in years. College Football, you can’t beat it. Sorry such a long column, there’s more to come. ‘ VEZ ‘

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    I did not go to t.u. or Texas A&M because I decided to serve my country instead. I have been to several games for both teams. What I don’t understand is why is it that I can support the Longhorns, when they are not playing the Ags, but when I drive through Austin in my uniform, some long haired hippie with a Texas Longhorn sticker on his car pulls up beside me, flips me off, and calls me a murderer and killer. And when I go to College Station, I am applauded and people go out of their way to thank me, buy me a beer, or take care of my meal.

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    First off, no one other than Aggies calls Texas “t.u.” so you accidentally blew your cover there.

    As for your other comment, I have a hard time buying it. I wouldn’t be surprised if that did unfortunately happen in Austin but I doubt there was a UT sticker on their car. The type of people who do that crap might even go to UT, but they’re not the type to put Texas stickers on their vehicles. They’d more likely have an anti-Bush, a “Keep Austin Weird”, or a Freebirds sticker on there.

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    Getting to the Sooners. Does anyone think it’s gonna be a close game or are the Sooners gonna rape Texas in the mouth??

    With a weak quarterback and no real stars to step up and motivate a come from behind win, can Texas pull a “W” outta this one??

    I am a Texas fan to the fullest, but I live next to 2 sooner fans and if they win I gotta hear thier mouths all year long!!!!

    Any comments??

  13. reply to  #13


    For Mendez, and whomever else cares. I strongly believe, before every game, that our beloved horns will win. I feel the same this week, of course, and if any of you horns out there don’t, I don’t consider you “fareweather fans”.
    As for this years shootout, those types of fans are just being realistic. I mean look at the teams stats. That said, I believe we will win, BUT, it will take something we have yet to see, and that the team has yet to display…. HEART!
    It’s there, and once we find it… watch out. It’ll be exciting! Every year, I’m happy wih ten V’s. Anything else is an awesome bonus.

  14. reply to  #14


    Well I love the horns win or lose, but it’s like you wrote I am being realistic and just wondering if i’m the only fan out there that’s feeling that way. I mean it’s been about 18 months since we won the national championship and we’re not even showing signs of a team that won that title less than two years ago…..

    Thanx for the comment….GO HORNS!


  15. reply to  #15

    Hook'Em Horns

    “Bull”. I understand it is hard to have people do that kind of stuff, but dont hate on the school because of a person. Earlier on a soooner grabbed a Longhorn fans balls, and he had to get a whole bunch of stiches. Just forgive and forget. “Mendez” you have to look at the fact that OU lost as well as us,( we just lost to a better team, who is better than miami by the way) and yes I know we can beat them, mccoy just has to shake of ALL THOSE PICKS, and play the sooner team he beat( or we) last year.

  16. reply to  #16


    Anybody get arrested today?

  17. reply to  #17


    Wow Rico that’s so original considering you had the same comment just up the page a little. Don’t you have any new comebacks?

  18. reply to  #18

    Game Ball Award

    Anybody get deported today?

  19. reply to  #19


    HA-ha-ha! That’s funny Game Ball.

  20. reply to  #20


    I bleed orange and my opinion is this…..Colt is our problem I would love to see Mack put Chiles in I think it would shake up oklahoma and actually give us a fighting chance againist them if not we are screwed….Colt can not carry this team to a BCS championship game……..Get Chiles in there hell it couldn’t hurt us at this point…..

    and btw I agree with the above comment only ag’s call it T.U. ……..we are the University of Texas… with it…..

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    Colt is a smart QB. He will watch the game film and learn from his mistakes. I do understand andrea’s frustration 100%, but a QB change is not the answer. We need an offensive coordinator change. The only thing I don’t understand is why no one else can see that?! Does anyone here think that Greg Davis taught Vince Young how to lead a team, throw a pass or juke a defender? How many busted plays did Vince Young turn into gains or even touchdowns? Vince made Coach Davis look like a genius. Great…its the middle of the day and I got myself pissed off.

  22. reply to  #22


    I totally agree about Greg Davis. I have never been a fan of his play calling. What frustrates me most about this year is the lack of throwing the ball downfield. The one game we do is against Rice, which was basically pointless in the development of our offense. Also, when it is 4th and 8 and you throw a 1 yard wide receiver screen, I think you have issues with your playcalling.

  23. reply to  #23


    McCoy is a problem….4 interceptions last saturday. I thinks it’s time he began to learn from the sideline. I don’t want him watching game film to try and figure out why he had 4 interceptions and test his new found knowledge against OU. I don’t even like the idea of Chiles going in to start this weekend, but Chiles would bring a sense of hope for the fans. The guy can run and he can pass down the field…and right now we need everything we can get! The season is not getting any easier…the easy part was supposed to be the first 4 games. The rest of the season should be spent on trying to get another national title not helping McCoy’s passing game….The fact of the matter is we are fans that want a winning team and Mack Brown has been boasting about his recruiting all these years, for what?? A championship in 10 years of his tenure and frustration the rest?? He has a hard time with “BIG” games…..he doesn’t need McCoy being a speed bump right now…….

    thank you.

  24. reply to  #24


    We do not need another QB controversy…Davis need to get creative or get out (no more bubble screens)…McCoy had lots of trouble after getting knocked in the head…he should have been benched, but our trainers either did not notice the symptoms of a concussion, or the coaches did not care. Who ever is responsible is the next person on my list to go.

  25. reply to  #25


    Since I am in Iraq right now, I have not had the pleasure watching any Longhorns games. The biggest problem with the offense is Davis and the offense they run. Colt cannot or should I say nobody in this world can run like Vince, the offense they ran (you know the shotgun spread option/draw) that worked awesome for Vince because it spread the field out for him. What Texas needs to do is start lining up in the old I-formation and cram it down the other teams throat. If they are still running that shotgun spread option/draw thing, that is going to kill them forever because colt can run, but he is not a runner. he is like Major, he just needs to drop back and throw the ball, not do it on the run. I think Colt is a great leader and I know when he finishes at Texas he will have had a great career, if they put him in the right offense. Davis needs to go and take Akina with him because the defense is not getting it done anywhere, not on the line, the linebackers, or the secondary. You gotta have the D to win the championships. Just remember 4th and 2 in 2005.

  26. reply to  #26

    Hook'Em Horns

    Yea im tired of of Greg Davis too, I honestly know and think Colt will learn from the mistakes and get out there and have fun while beating OU this saturday. Its kind of funny I live next to 2 aggy’s and 2 sooners and the sooner said he hates atm, thats the only thing we agree on. On Chiles, I would love to see him get in there and show us how he can run ( not that he hasnt already) , just so we can really depend on him alot more. Colt will get back to normal, hopefully it starts this saturday, if he can beat ou last year as a freshman, he can do it again, especially now that he knows the team alot more and is more comfortable.


  27. reply to  #27

    Texas Fan

    Greg Davis is the Texas problem, we need
    Major Applewhite as the offensive coordinator

  28. reply to  #28


    Davis is the problem. I agree with the majority of you in that. Whomever said that Vince made Davis look like a God hit the nail on the head. He is the problem, has been the problem, and will continue to be the problem until either he’s gone or reads this post and changes his ways. Oh if that were so. I know I couldn’t do half as good a job as him, but, I do know enough about football to say this, you start the game with agressive play-calling to determine where the opponents weaknesses are. Some of those plays will work, and some won’t. You stick with the ones that do and modify the rest of your gameplan to those plays and put spins on them. If you find yourself down in the beginning after doing so, you don’t stop being agressive. You keep going with what has worked and force their “D” to push themselves to the breaking point, and every “D” has a breaking point. All teams can run a dive play, and all teams can throw the ball into the flats with accuracy over and over. Run those plays and, yeah, one WILL break open for a good gain, but, when an agressive play breaks open, you don’t just get a good gain, you get 7. Bottom line, you play to keep from loosing, you loose. You be aggresive and play ONLY to win, looky there, you WIN. See you all on Saturday. It’s going to be a sweed, I mean, sweet victory. Pun intended.

  29. reply to  #29

    Hook'Em Horns

    I believe you are , we should address that to Mack, ( like he would listen )seriosly Davis needs to be fired, Vince did everything not Davis, and Davis needs to let Colt do his thing.

  30. reply to  #30

    Hook'Em Horns

    OU SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!

  31. reply to  #31


    I bet Norv Turner will be available next year. (for off coord)

  32. reply to  #32


    10.6.2007 Texas 45 Oklahoma 21

  33. reply to  #33

    Hook'Em Horns

    that will be the day when we score 45 against a good team.

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