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Today’s matchup for the Longhorns against [tag]Iowa State[/tag] should be a rout, but there’s been lots of games like that this season and Texas only took care of business against Rice. The Horns need to continue the solid play from last week against Oklahoma and if they can they should be able to come home with a comfortable win.

Follow with me and my random thoughts during the game below:

First Quarter
  • I wonder when FSN Southwest will be in high definition on DirecTV? It looks like the game is being shot in HD and if I had FSNMW I could be watching it in HD. Oh well.
  • Ryan Bailey kicking off, is Hunter Lawrence hurt?
  • Same starting lineup on defense that we’ve seen all year.
  • Texas is only 7th in the Big 12 in punt returns? [tag]Quan Cosby[/tag] is solid back there so I don’t really blame him for that number. With Limas Sweed out for the year it might be time to protect Cosby and put one of the young WR/DB’s back there.
  • Long bomb from [tag]Colt McCoy[/tag] to [tag]Jordan Shipley[/tag] on Texas’ first offensive play. McCoy does nice job buying time in a collapsing pocket and finds Shipley wide open. 58-yard touchdown for the Horns.
Texas 7, Iowa State 0
  • FSN’s wonderful coverage continues. They take a TV timeout and miss both the kickoff and the first ISU play after it. Sad.
  • FSN announcers are apparently using an OU roster instead of Texas.
  • On third down play it looks like defensive line slants to the field and [tag]Robert Killebrew[/tag] lets the ISU runner get wide for the first down. Might have been Lamarr Houston’s fault. Terrible defensive fundamentals.
  • I was just going to complain about the lack of pressure from the Texas defense then [tag]Lamarr Houston[/tag] comes untouched off the end for the sack.
  • Face raped? Yikes. Not sure you should say that on TV. That was a definite face mask but the reason the helmet comes off is that it’s not fitted correctly. Your helmet should never come off that easy. He said face rape again.
  • Is our defense really this poorly coached? We’ve got guys flying inside to avoid blockers on every play. If you’re a defensive end and have a linebacker blitzing to your inside you can’t try to get in the same gap. Ugh.
  • [tag]Derek Lokey[/tag] playing defensive end on that play. He got whipped man on man and gave up a big run.
  • Texas holds on third down and forces a field goal. Field goal is wide right. Break for Texas as Iowa State had put together a very solid drive.
  • Mental mistake by wide receiver covered up Jermichael Finley. FSN announcers are morons.
  • Looks like [tag]Chris Ogbonnaya[/tag] is seeing increased playing time already over Jamaal Charles. If we’re going with the wide open offense that’s a good idea since he’s a better blocker and pass catcher than Charles.
  • Looks like McCoy is growing a sweet mustache. Couple more weeks and that might be thick enough to show up on camera.
  • Ogbonnaya and [tag]Vondrell McGee[/tag] get the two Texas redzone rushing attempts. Hope Charles can keep his head up, figure out the issue, and earn these attempts back.
  • Not sure that was a well advised throw by McCoy but man did Cosby get up and get that one. No good camera angle but I think that might have come out a little when he hit the ground. Another good scramble to buy time and find a receiver by Colt.
Texas 14, Iowa State 0
  • Hunter Lawrence kicking off on this one. Wonder why it wasn’t him in there on the first one?
  • Young linebackers in there for this series.

Second Quarter

  • Big hit by [tag]Sergio Kindle[/tag] on the first play of the second quarter. Looks like the Texas defense has adjusted to that 3-back offensive set.
  • Gene Chizik saves the reverse pass for when the 3 young linebackers are in there. Kindle got sucked in and the left the QB open for the reception.
  • Another misdirection play for big yards. Don’t think Chizik knows who is in on defense? Houston had a chance to squash both plays but had trouble on the wet field keeping his feet.
  • Great job by [tag]Brandon Foster[/tag] defending the fade against a much taller wide receiver. Good defense on the option by [tag]Brian Orakpo[/tag] on the next play forces ISU into a field goal try. Great job slow playing the QB and then still able to make big hit on running back.
Texas 14, Iowa State 3
  • Looks like we’re going with a full squad of backups. [tag]John Chiles[/tag] and McGee out there along with several young linemen.
  • FSN’s wonderful presentation continues as they show a picture of Deon Beasley instead of Chiles.
  • I like the idea of getting the young guys time, but should they all be out there at once in what is still a close game? The offense now has to burn a timeout as play clock was close to zero.
  • OG – BUH – NIGH – UH!!!! Not Obunny or any other variation. Idiots.
  • Sigh. Should I stop commenting on the FSN announcers? They’re so clueless.
  • Chiles needs to tuck the ball away a little better when he scrambles. A little careless with the ball there.
  • It only took about 8 plays for the announcers to notice that Texas was playing all 2nd and 3rd teamers on that series.
  • Watching Killebrew’s hand on that play it looked like his hand was stuck on the ISU player’s face mask. He only had like two fingers delicately holding onto it. I was about to rip him a new one for committing another personal foul but I’m not sure that was his fault. Could have had .
  • Jim Knox calls [tag]Roddrick Muckelroy[/tag] “Roddrick McElroy” and “McLemore” a second later in the same sideline report. Muckelroy is out for the game with a hamstring issue. Hope it’s not too serious.
  • First three and out for the Texas defense of the day. I think having Kindle and [tag]Jared Norton[/tag] out there flying around and banging heads gives the whole defense energy.
  • Maybe it’s just me but Charles looks like his heart isn’t in it right now. He’s running hard but you can tell he’s disappointed with the way things have gone this season for him.
  • Great run by Charles for the TD. Took the ball up the middle, hit a wall, waited a sec and bounced it back for the score. Good run but I held my breath the entire time.
Texas 21, Iowa State 3
  • ISU back on their own 9 after a penalty. If Texas has it in them, now is the time for a kill shot. Let’s get some pressure on the QB and create a turnover.
  • [tag]Eddie Jones[/tag] getting a lot of reps today at defensive end with Aaron Lewis out.
  • Ha. Lokey in man/zone coverage on the running back makes a beautiful play out in space.
  • Another dead ball personal foul on Killebrew. Let’s see if FSN will show a replay. I doubt it, that would mean they didn’t suck.
  • The little wide receiver hitch looking much better today because the other WR is actually doing a good job blocking on the play.
  • FSN announcer lying to try to prove his point. The ball was in his LEFT hand not his right on that 3rd and one.
  • [tag]Mack Brown[/tag] had incredibly sweet hair when he was an Iowa State assistant coach in early 80’s. I think he should get some Just for Men and try that look out again.
  • Man I hope Shipley can stay healthy. He’s fast, he finds ways to get open, and he catches the football if you get it to him. He can definitely be the deep threat in Sweed’s absence.
Texas 28, Iowa State 3
  • Important touchdown for Texas going into the half. Let’s hope Horns cover the kickoff and then keep it rolling in the second half.
Third Quarter
  • Good to see Jamaal make a nice easy catch on the hitch route. Anything that boosts his confidence is a good thing right now.
  • Oh my gosh what a play by Colt McCoy!! Almost goes down but puts his hand down to keep himself up, spins, and finds [tag]Nate Jones[/tag] wide open in the end zone. What a play. Colt McCoy is back ladies and gentlemen.
Texas 35, Iowa State 3
  • Kindle in there on defense’s first series of second half instead of Killebrew. Any chance Killebrew’s play and penalties mean this is a permanent change?
  • Brandon Foster jumps on the short hitch route and picks off the Brett Meyer’s pass for the easy defensive touchdown. Great play and much needed defensive big play for the Horns. Foster and fellow midget Ryan Palmer took a lot of heat last year and early this season but I’ve actually been impressed by their play. They’re definitely at a disadvantage against big wideouts but they’ve been doing a hell of a job.
Texas 42, Iowa State 3
  • Pick 6 by Foster might mean McCoy and the first team Texas offense is done for the day.
  • Parity would not be a good thing for the Big 12. Ask the Big 10 if they’d rather have the league wide parity they have now or a dominant Ohio State, Michigan, or Penn State.
  • McCoy back out there but Chiles and Sherrod Harris are warming up on the sidelines.
  • There’s [tag]Thomas Marshall[/tag] in at defensive tackle. [tag]Ben Alexander[/tag] had been seeing increased playing time last week and this week and I thought maybe Marshall was hurt. Marshall had played well early in the season but Alexander has more long term upside (if he can keep his weight down.)
  • A little surprised to see another series for the first team offense. I know we’re being pretty cautious with it but I’m not sure now is the time to be running the option with McCoy.
  • There goes Vince Young!! I mean Colt McCoy!! 44-yard “scamper” for a touchdown by Colt to put a nice exclamation point on his game. I was yelling “get down!” the whole time but nice run by Colt for the TD.
Texas 49, Iowa State 3
  • First team offense is done for the day. John Chiles and his freshmen buddies are in there to finish the 3rd quarter.
Fourth Quarter
  • Cedric Dockery in there still with the rooks. Which freshman lineman isn’t in there then?
  • Chiles needs to work on his throwing because he’s not the unstoppable force on the ground that Vince was as a freshman. Of course he’s playing with other youngsters including the o-line, but he looks more like a future Pat White than a future Vince Young (not like that’s too bad of course.) He’s also a true freshman while Vince had a full year to wait and learn.
  • Where’d all the Iowa State fans go? That sucks for the players, you’ve got to support your players till the end.
  • Just like Vince Young, John Chiles is a cameraman’s worst nightmare. Every time he keeps on the zone read the camera follows the running back while Chiles scurries off in the other direction.
  • Chiles runs in for the easy touchdown on the quarterback draw. Nice run but you have to wonder why a QB draw worked so well when John hasn’t hardly attempted a pass yet today.
Texas 56, Iowa State 3
  • “An unceremonious dump.” What a great choice of words. Almost as good as face rape.
  • [tag]Henry Melton[/tag] has been pretty solid on defense in his limited time since coming back from the DWI. The depth chart in front of him isn’t too inviting but he could definitely be a player for us as the season continues and next year.
  • [tag]Antwan Cobb[/tag] is the team’s starting fullback but he’s getting some good yards as a tailback here late with the third group. Maybe we should find him some more time and get him a touch or two when he’s in at fullback.
  • As soon as I say that Cobb goes down with an injury. Hopefully not too serious.
  • [tag]Nic Redwine[/tag] is a fullback now? He looks like a linebacker running the football. Not sure he has a chance to make an impact there while he might have been able to see the field next year as a backup linebacker.
  • God bless her for still being there when most ISU fans exited long ago, but please darling don’t yell “Iowa State number one!!” when you’re down by 53.
Final Score: Texas 56, Iowa State 3

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    Hook'Em Horns

    That was a great game. If anyone watched the LSU-UK game, UK has no crowd,like they dont even barely cheer, that sucks. atm once again got their butt kicked, lol, embaressing. Hopefully sooners lose.

  2. […] I mentioned FSN’s “wonderful” announcing and overall presentation repeatedly during Saturday’s live blog of the Iowa State game. They missed plays, butchered names, and were just generally awful, but the most awkward moment of the day came courtesy of color man Dave Lapham. He was confused most of the game but he found some clarity when he went nuts and repeatedly says that Texas safety Erick Jackson “face rapes” ISU receiver Todd Blythe. […]

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