Posted November 18th, 2007 by Brian
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Oklahoma 27, Texas Tech 34.

Because of the Oklahoma loss the Horns are still in the hunt for the Big 12 crown and the Sooners are knocked out of the national title discussion. Not that the team needed it, but now the team has a little something extra to play for next Friday against the Aggies.

Go Raiders!!! (Your quarterback is still a punk and your coach is still whiny and wrong. And your fans suck too.)


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    Hook'Em Horns

    woooooo hooooooooo. So this means that we are in first place in the big 12 south right?

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    hey just wanna set the record straight the refs screwed us out of two texas tech games texas tech wouldn’t even have a chance without them! YOUR GUY WAS DOWN BEFORE HE REACHED THE BALL ACROSS THE GOAL LINE! AND MANUAL JOHNSON CAUGHT THAT PASS FOR A TD THIS YEAR AND YOUR GUY TOOK THE BALL AWAY ON THE GROUND AFTER THE DAMN PLAY! so quit being cheaters cause you’ll never be as good as OU or have as many Championships!!!!

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    And better luck next time texas OU won the big twelve south this year! what was that final score against texas? i’m sorry correct me if i’m wrong but i think it was 28 to 21 OU! BOOMER SOONER BABY!

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    Raider Red

    Good luck beating is this year in Lubbock. I have bevo burger ready for the grill. Horns down and Guns Up. Wreck-em Tech and GOOOOOOOO……..RAIDERSSSSSSSSS…!!!!

    P.S. Wasn’t Pat Knights win against the ut in Lubbock Great. I LOVED IT !!!

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    Seriously? Basketball trash talk from a Red Raider? We beat you by 26 at home and you didn’t even make the NIT tournament. Meanwhile the Longhorns made it into the Elite 8.

  6. […] airs from the campus of the biggest match-up of the week. Tune in at 10 a.m. Saturday to see Red Raiders fans in action. The last time the Gameday crew took in a Texas/Texas Tech game the Horns rolled the […]

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