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ESPN’s brief postgame interview with Mack Brown’s stepson [tag]Chris Jessee[/tag] has been posted to their beta video site, you can watch it below:

What do you think, did Chris make contact with the football?

Did Chris Jessee touch the football?

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This play/incident has taken away the focus from a great win for the team. Unless something new comes up this will be the last time we talk about Chris Jessee for a while. (And I’m still not sure of the official spelling of his last name, ESPN Video used “Chris Jessie”.) We’ll be posting some postgame and postseason recaps and thoughts over the coming days and weeks.


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    Thanks for the link.

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    Hook'Em Horns

    If he did touch the ball you could have seen a big difference in the rotation of the ball.

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    Who cares? The moron was on the field of play during a live ball.

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    Nepotism almost bites Mack in the ass. Jessee is an idiot and basically rides the gravy train that is step-daddy. *Senior* Office Helper – bwahahaha! GET HIM OFF THE FIELD!

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    Im glad his error did not cost Texas the game (and my 32 confidence points) but that guy should be fired, stepson or not.

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    I thought I should get my myspace friend count up…so please visit

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    chris that is to damn hilarious man. i wish i was that creative!

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    So the guy messed up, atleast he isnt the aggie yell leader that told the crowd during a pep rally thursday night that Paterno was “on his death bed” and “someone needs to find him a casket.” Could the Aggies be more classless?

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    Hook em!!!

    I think everyone needs to let it go! If the refs didnt have absolute proof that he touched it then it cant be held against the team. The kid feel bad enough and anyone who said well if they lose now it’s Chris Jessee’s fault then they are just as stupid because had they lost it would have been because the other team played better! It didnt happen, we WON!!!! and Chris Jessee’s now knows to stand at the back of the crowd while on the sidelines.
    Go Horns!!!

    -Hook em!!!

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    What an idiot. What is an office assistant doing on the sideline three feet on playing field. He has probably never played football in his life and he is on the field telling the ref’s to call grounding? Where he was at, he should have been able to see that the ball was thrown backwards making it a lateral and a live ball. Get that jerk off the sideline as he has no business being there. They do not need copies or cofee while on the field.

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    Dude, calm down. The ref standing right there called grounding too. He thought the play was over because the ref called it.

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    Mack must shoulder much of the blame here. If he had heeded the official warning given by the refs in the first quarter, he would have told everyone to get the hell off the field and this miscue never would have happened.

    Mack was almost a victim of his own arrogance.

    Nothing permanent came of it, however; Jessee’s 15 minutes were up long ago, and
    the incident should be relegated to what it is, a non-event of decreasing interest.

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    Hook'Em Horns

    For one, he wasnt the only one on the field for the Texas staff/players. A whole bunch of them were on the field too. And another, he never touched the ball.

    And that was a dumb remark from the gaggie yell leader.

    Oh and I always wondered and have had numerous remarks, but what does a t-sip mean?

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    All I am saying is the guy has no business being down there. No way should you ever reach down for a ball when its still on the field of play and that goes for just about all sports. It completely took away from the beating we handed Arizona State and became the focus of the game. You will never hear a sportscaster discuss that game with out mentioning that a!# clown.

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    bobby jim

    There is NO excuse for someone to be on the field. PERIOD. It shows poor fathering to give a laugh over an eggregarious indefensible error in judgement. Stern discipline is what I would give my child. Does anyone doubt that a UT loss would have been a firing if not for being Mack’s relation?

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    ref al

    I am a retired college ref, and this unsportsmanlike call was more than justified. Despite what Texas fans say about a lopsided win, or that he did not touch it, and this not making a difference – it does. When non-players are on the field, it’s poor sportsmanship. When they are on the field in proximity to what even “might” be a live play, it’s tantamount to cheating. Any non-player on the sideline needs to be better schooled by the coach. This is a coaching failure. Lucky for Texas it did not matter in the end. But it sure could have.

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    [Comment removed. Show some class.]

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    Two things…

    I’m sure if we had video of the ASU sideline on the same play they probably had just as many people on the field. Stupid? Yes. But any time the ball is down that far on either end every team from HS to the pros has coaches etc. on the field. In my one year as a high school football coach I know I did it and saw just about every team do it as well. You guys need to watch more football.

    Also, Al. Yes it makes a difference if he touched it or not. He was flagged for interfering with a live ball, that’s what the ref said the penalty was for.

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    I’m a football coach too. And yes, during plays there are people on the field. But a point of emphasis on NCAA rules is for coaches to control the sidelines in the coaching box. When you look at the replay from the downfield angle, Jessee was the only sideline individual near the ball – and Mack pushed him back afterward, realizing he goofed. Even without replay, you can’t fault the officials for erring on the side of an infraction – despite the assertions by fans that the ball did not change direction and therefore was not touched. I coach everyone to stay the hell off the field near live plays.

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    1. That Mr. Jessee might think the ball was dead is no surprise, since the refs conflicted about whether it was a forward pass, or a lateral/fumble. In his situation, you or I might have done the same thing. Don’t suggest otherwise.

    2. The officials erred in assessing the penalty since it’s not the purpose of reviewing a play to look for additional infractions. The play IS a reviewable play, but the purpose of reviewing is to decide whether to reverse the on-field decision. The only part they can decide is whether it was a forward pass or a lateral.

    3. The official calling the game injects emotion / enthusiasm into his voice when announcing decisions. This is inappropriate and gives the appearance of bias.

    4. The Texas staff needs to do a better job of policing the sideline, clearly.

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    howard montgomery

    It was a GREAT game. Glad the season ended with a big win for Texas. Glad for everybody that the Chris incident did not have anything to do with the big win. Of course I’m not prejudiced since I’m 86 years old and hve rooted for Texas all mylife, especially during my time as a student, graduating SIXTY FIVE YEARS AGO!!!!!!!Go Horns!

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    howard montgomery

    From the angle I saw the play, Chris did NOT touch the ball. Go Horns!

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