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Darrell Scott

The recruitment of 5-star running back Darrell Scott has been a whirlwind to follow for Texas fans, but that all ends today on National Signing Day as Scott will announce his college choice at 11:50am Central. ESPNU and will carry his announcement live along with those of several of the nation’s other top undecided players.‘s top running back in the country, Scott has narrowed it down to Colorado and Texas but no one is sure (maybe even Darrell himself) which one it’s going to be. Texas threw their hat into the ring for Scott’s services relatively late in the game, really not beginning to recruit him until he show interest early last Fall. At the time the Horns were seen as a long shot against schools such as Colorado, Florida, and UCLA.

The Texas coaches including Bobby Kennedy and Ken Rucker were able to build up a relationship with the young man and bring him in to Austin for an official visit. As always, Darrell left town extremely impressed with the coaches, the facilities, and the city. Texas quickly went from underdog to one of the favorites.

Next came Scott’s trip to San Antonio for the US Army All-American Bowl in early January. While in town Scott was impressed by the love he was shown by Texas fans, tons of people wishing him luck and flashing him the Hook ’em. And the big news, Jamaal Charles was leaving Texas early for the NFL Draft. Suddenly the depth chart was wide open and the experts were calling the Longhorns the favorites.

In the last 48 hours things have gotten truly crazy. All the inside sources, Darrell’s coaches, and the experts believed that he was clearly leaning towards Texas and would sign with the Horns. Then things went quiet. Family pressure has been pushing him to Colorado all along to play with his uncle (Josh Smith) and it is believed that has intensified in the last two days. Things have gone from Texas being the clear leader Monday, to 50-50 yesterday morning, and now it appears that the family has decided he’ll be headed Colorado. No matter which school he chooses, I hope Darrell is able to make the decision that is best for him and his future.

We all find out where Darrell is headed later today, stay tuned…

Update: According to Geoff Ketchum over at Orangebloods, Texas has “zero shot” of receiving Scott’s commitment today. The poor kid’s recruitment has become a “circus.” (10:40 am)

Update: Here is the link to ESPN’s live feed. Scott is supposed to announce at 11:50. (11:26 am)

Update: It’s official: Darrell Scott is headed to Colorado. He sounds like a well spoken young man, it’s a shame things turned out the way they did because it sounds like there’s some questionable things going on around him. (11:54 am)


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    man i am beyond irritated right now. i got so into the hype about darrell scott that i could not leave well enough alone and just wand and see what happens. so i go and buy an account yesterday on just because i cannot take it anymore, and now it is probably completely wasted, according to everyone and there mom, it looks like his mom wants her little boy to play a CU. gee thanks mom, hmmmm difference between the possibility of playing for a national title or going 5-7 or if you are lucking going to like the las vegas bowl or something. all i know is that october 4th will be circled on anyone who wears orange. he will find out about playing against one of the best run defenses for years and do not say the passing game will work because with musschamp at ut now, i know that will be very much improved. so this kid and he is a kid because he could not make the decision for himself, will see that he is not in high school anymore and that everyone in a big time college football program was a high school all star. and do not think he will be adrian peterson, colorado is not oklahoma and does not have anything close to an offensive line that oklahoma has ever had. the best i see darrell scott doing is about 25 rushes for 63 yards. way to go kid, hope you like getting your face pounded and freezing in 10 degree weather on that boulder astro turf. college is not high school one man cannot do everything, guys are going to be faster, stronger, and bigger than you. even when you play the likes of baylor. you could of been a heisman trophy winner with the talent that mack would surround you with year in and year out, but have fun and i know you are probably already regretting your decision. curious is mommy moving out to boulder with you?

  2. reply to  #2


    Good analysis. There hasn’t been astro turf on Folsom Field for over 10 years and there is typically only one cold game a year in Boulder. I can tell you’re a real UT fan since you just recently signed up for Orangebloods.

  3. reply to  #3


    Would have been nice to see the kid play for the Longhorns, but if he feels this is better for him then more power to him. This does mean Charles’ exit leaves a nice hole in the RB corps that we can only hope is helped by an improved OL over last season.

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    My big concern here is whether people are acting in Darrell’s best interest or their own. It sounds like he wanted to go to Texas and others in his life wanted him to go to Colorado. I certainly don’t agree with them but if they did it because they think it’s the best place for him then I’ve got no problem with their actions.

  5. reply to  #5


    sorry chris i do not keep up with folsom field’s playing surface. you are obviously a cu if you know that. you a weather man now. you know how cold it gets up there and how much snow. oh sorry that i have not had an orangebloods acount forever. i did not know i needed one to be a true longhorns fan.

  6. reply to  #6


    Josh I know it’s been a rough 48 hours but I recommend keeping that Orangebloods account through spring practice and then next season. It’s definitely a worthwhile investment, even though the message boards have gone way downhill in the last two years.

  7. reply to  #7

    Hook'Em Horns

    No lie, but I teared up when I saw that he went to cu. That is the WORST decision he is ever going to make. I kid you not when he steps on that field to play us you better believe its ON!

  8. […] The big one got away today (under suspicious circumstances) but the 2008 Texas recruiting class is still a good one. Mack Brown and the Horns signed 20 young athletes to letters of intent, nine of which are already on campus for the spring semester. […]

  9. reply to  #9


    we have to make him pay for not coming to Texas. Everytime he touches the ball we will have to pound him. I was really looking forward to him coming to Texas! What a shame. I thought that he hated playing in the cold weather?

  10. reply to  #10

    Vic Rom

    Its sad to see so many Texas fans having to dry their eye’s!! I am sure Darrell’s uncle playing at CU had nothing to do with his decision either. And just FYI Josh, Boulders Average high temp in Nov. is 67; Dec is 53, not exactly Greenbay or Buffalo Temps, but then again a real man doesn’t concern himself with those things. Beware of Colorado, their coach Hawkins is going to make this team competitive with our Orangebloods as they have in the past!

  11. reply to  #11


    i do not know what site you were looking at rom, but the one i just looked at was low 40’s for december and low to mid 30’s for december, and that is the highs. october is pretty on par with november. have any of you guys ever been to coloardo? boulder is in the mountains, i have been up there in the summer time (my uncle lives in denver) and seen it snow in the middle of july in the mountains of colorado.

  12. reply to  #12


    Josh I currently live in boulder and just to let you know on February 7th the high temperature in boulder was 54 tomorrow it is suppose to be 57 Saturday 57 and Sunday 60 yes it might snow here quite often but within 3 days all the snow is melted

  13. reply to  #13


    i know how crazy the weather is in colorado. i am not arguing that it does not hit 65 there in the middle of winter. i have been in denver for christmas time it was 60 degrees the day before and the next day it was 10 below and a blizzard. i also helped my uncle out delivering weight equipment and we had a delivery outside of boulder. it was an all day job, we started at around noon when the temp was hovering around 80, by the time we finished the job at close to 10 that evening the temp was in the 20’s and there was 2 inches of snow on the ground. you can tell me what the temp was two days ago. what i put on the site was actual weather logs from a website. if you would like me to look it back up and get the site i would be more than happy. i do not doubt you the temp was 57 on the 7th. it will probably be 0 and have a foot of snow on the ground in a week. now if ds can deal with all the craziness of what is called colorado weather coming from southern california where the average low for the winter is in the mid to high 50’s that is the crap i was giving him about. is he going to be able to practice is 70 degree weather one day and then walk out into a game when it is 5 degrees and they are struggling to keep the snow off the field. there did i finally make my point? is there anyone on here would like to argue with me about this anymore?

  14. reply to  #14

    kevin devoto

    wow.. what a moronic choice… all indications are he’s a whinner that wants / demands ZERO competition… and requires to be the Big Man on Campus without having provin a thing… Texas’ gain and Buffs loss. kevin devoto

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