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We’ll be posting live thoughts on tonight’s Big Monday game versus [tag]Kansas[/tag] on ESPN. The Villanova-Georgetown game is running long. No idea if the Texas game’s start will be delayed or if we’ll just miss some of the game, maybe both.

  • Vince Young at the game. Hopefully he was around this weekend to say hello to a few recruits. Should be perfectly legal since he’s in classes this semester.
  • They’ve delayed the start of the game. As long as Nova-Georgetown doesn’t go to overtime it looks like we’ll see our game in it’s entirety.
  • I like that they showed us Rutgers versus Tennessee women’s highlights as if anyone watching either of these two games cared.
  • Villanova’s Scottie Reynolds is a former Sooner commit. They’d be pretty tough with him [tag]Damion James[/tag]. Kelvin Sampson really screwed OU over, but I guess they deserved it.
  • That’s a BS call with less than a second on the clock. Awful. I don’t think any of the players or refs knew how much time was left. I like it though because it means Texas-Kansas can get started.
First Half
  • Well they obviously didn’t delay the start of the game too much. ESPN just switched over and we missed three and a half minutes of the game. First three shots they show are two made threes by the Horns and one by Kansas. Based on the score there wasn’t much defense before we were watching either.
Kansas 12, Texas 15
  • Erwin Center sounds nice and loud. Some of my best sports-related college experiences were Monday nights at the Drum.
  • If [tag]Gary Johnson[/tag]’s offensive game can keep developing he’ll be huge for us down the stretch and in March.
  • After a play that looked like offensive goaltending by KU on the other end, rough call against Johnson for the offensive foul.
  • If [tag]Justin Mason[/tag] can continue to play great defense and now handle the ball handing on offense he’s suddenly a big asset for the Horns.
  • Ugh. How do you call that foul on Mason? If anything the Kansas guard initiated the contact and Mason kept his hands to himself.
  • Better ball movement on offense for the Horns. With [tag]DJ Augustin[/tag] playing off the ball, he and [tag]AJ Abrams[/tag] are all over the place trying to create offensive chances. Everybody looks more active.
Kansas 18, Texas 20
  • Mason out, let’s see how much standing around there is on offense. No reason we can’t keep up the good off the ball movement.
  • That’s the second time tonight Abrams has had a great steal. Kid has quick hands to go with his quick shot.
  • Looks like the refs are allowing tons of contact against Augustin when he initiates it. Now that he’s back at the point he seems to be more out of control than earlier.
Kansas 28, Texas 29
  • Kansas scores but ESPN still hasn’t given them the points. Or maybe they had 26 and not 28, I’m old and blind.
  • Aaron Ross at the game as well sitting with Mack Brown. I think Ross is in school this semester as well.
Kansas 35, Texas 33
  • [tag]Connor Atchley[/tag] is nails from three again. He’s four of four on the night. After he and Abrams were nailing everything we suddenly went away from both of them in our offense.
  • Damion James picked up two quick fouls. I was wondering why he hadn’t played at all since we picked up the game.
  • Kansas seems to have five guys on the court at all times that can score and create for themselves.
  • Ouch. Johnson looks like he’s in serious pain. Is he bleeding? I don’t care how uncomfortable those masks are the kid needs to wear one to protect the nose.
Kansas 41, Texas 38
  • I don’t know how [tag]Rick Barnes[/tag] doesn’t give himself a heart attack and a hernia every nigh yelling at the officials. I know it’s a tough job but hell it’s one of the most frustrating things to watch when refs are seemingly making things up as they go along.
  • Sigh. [tag]Clint Chapman[/tag] looks like he has my hands. Kid doesn’t look like he could catch a cold sometimes. He has to expect the ball at anytime.
Halftime: Kansas 42, Texas 38

Second Half
  • Gary Johnson will be able to come back in the game. That’s big as he’s been an important piece of our offense the last 6 quarters.
  • Back to back ticky tack calls away from the ball. One on KU and one on Texas. Announcers think it’s a good thing, but I’d rather see them call actual fouls then BS stuff to make players think they’ll actually call fouls.
  • Five points already for Mason in the half on two nice plays. With the shot clock running out he got his own miss and threw up a tough shot that fell in.
  • Atchley is having the game of his life tonight. After four threes in the first half he’s had two monster dunks here in the second.
Kansas 48, Texas 50
  • Another offensive rebound for Mason.
  • KU’s Sasha Kaun would look a lot tougher without the curly hair.
  • Odd late foul call. Looked like it was probably a reach but the ref didn’t blow the whistle till a second or two after the ball rolled away.
Kansas 53, Texas 54
  • Johnson already knows how to get position down low as well as anyone on this team. He’s able to use his body and create an opening for the guards to feed him the ball.
  • Late whistle on the charge against KU’s Robinson. He bowled over Abrams but on the same thing happened a minute or two ago without a call. Abrams has played good defense tonight.
Kansas 57, Texas 57
  • Whoa. Should have been an intentional foul call. Darnell Jackson for Kansas made no attempt on the ball and just grabbed Mason and yanked him to the ground. It doesn’t matter if there was “malice” intended, if you don’t make a play on the ball that’s a flagrant.
  • DJ Augustin finally gets his first basket of the game. Tough layup (with contact) that he is able to get to fall to push the Texas lead to 5.
  • Terrible shot (and shot selection) by Augustin again. He just throws up some random crap sometimes. James saves the ball and then Mason comes flying in to put his miss in for two. Another great play by Mason.
  • Despite being highly recruited, I think [tag]Harrison Smith[/tag] has played maybe 10 minutes in his two seasons on the team but he is fired up on the sideline. Good to see the young man enjoying his time on the 40. Hopefully he’s able to get his chance some day.
Kansas 63, Texas 66
  • How many offensive rebounds for Mason is that just in this half?
  • Augustin has the mismatch against the bigger, slower KU defender but doesn’t attempt to drive and throws up the air ball. I know I’m being tough on the kid and I know he’s going to have his ups and downs, but he’s got to make better decisions on what to do with the basketball.
  • Come on Damion, big free throws.
Kansas 64, Texas 67
  • Two big free throws by James makes is a two possession game.
  • Three pointer by Kansas and it’s a two point game again. Great shot by Kansas.
  • Holy crap! What was that? Augustin almost lost it then barely got it back. Somehow Atchley ends up with the ball and then finds Abrams. Abrams calmly hits two free throws.
  • Refs claimed the air ball three attempt by Kansas was tipped, but it looks like a clean air ball to me.
  • Augustin misses the second free throw and Kansas has a great chance to tie it with a three pointer. Whew. Very close to going in and very close to being a foul. Texas wins!
Final: Kansas 69, Texas 72

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  1. reply to  #1

    Hook'Em Horns

    What a game. KU sucks. Go Horns!

  2. reply to  #2


    Great Game! Just think if we had Durant.

  3. reply to  #3


    Yes, always a great game when KU comes to play. I would not say KU sucks though, best team in the nation in my opinion. Wait… I mean they are the best tied for first with Texas!!!

  4. reply to  #4

    Hook'Em Horns

    I know they dont suck its just trash talking them. I believe they are in the top 3 for best teams this year, behind UT of course.

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