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They really need to space these doubleheader games out better, it seems no channel does it well with either basketball or football. I guess they’d rather have games overlap and piss off fans than have to fill time between games. Either way, we’re once again missing the start of the Texas game and if it goes to overtime it could mean we miss most of the first half. We’ll have live opinions on the game as soon as CBS switches to the Texas versus [tag]Texas Tech[/tag] game in Lubbock.

First Half
  • Texas is up 4 to 3 early. Five minutes gone by but not much scoring so far.
  • Watching ESPN’s game tracker [tag]Alexis Wangmene[/tag] already has two rebounds. Getting more early playing time for the youngster.
  • I really hope this Georgetown player chokes on this third free throw. I don’t care about his trauma, I just want to watch the Texas game. Crap… maybe at least CBS will be smart enough to switch the Texas region to the game.
Texas 18, Texas Tech 16
  • Good. With 11 minutes left in the first half CBS has switched over to our game.
  • Texas Tech presses and it worked pretty well but after [tag]Damion James[/tag] breaks the press and Tech forgets to cover [tag]AJ Abrams[/tag] in the corner. After struggling a little at the beginning of Big 12 play Abrams has found his groove and will kill you if left alone.
  • Nice to see freshman [tag]Clint Chapman[/tag] handle a pass and take it to the hole. Not sure about his form from the free throw line but he is nice and smooth just made two easy ones.
Texas 23, Texas Tech 20
  • Looks the Red Raiders are hanging around at least in part due to some lucky shots. They’ve had at least two or three shots go in on some crazy bounces just since I started watching.
  • Great pass from Chapman to James. Threaded in there right under the basket giving James an easy hoop.
  • Wow! What a block by Tech’s Martin Zeno. James was going in for a big dunk and Zeno does a great job swatting it away.
  • I like the attitude of [tag]Justin Mason[/tag] but he just picked up a technical foul with his mouth. Not sure what he had to say or who he was talking to.
  • I haven’t seen [tag]Connor Atchley[/tag] at all today, must have picked up early fouls again.
Texas 30, Texas Tech 26
  • [tag]JD Lewis[/tag] swishes a three and then I think runs down the court giving Tech’s Voskuhl grief. If Lewis had gone to Tech he’d have started/played as much as Voskuhl the last 3 years.
  • Pretty bad officiating again as usual. Zeno just flattened [tag]DJ Augustin[/tag] who was standing with his hands straight up but they called it on Augustin. That call is missed pretty bad both ways though.
  • Big [tag]Dexter Pittman[/tag] still leaves his feet too much after the pump fake. He has to better job being under control on defense.
  • Not sure what the announcer is watching. Abrams took the ball to the top of the key, pump faked, and calmly shot a wide open three. I’m not sure how that makes Texas rattled on offense to have the conference’s best shooter take an open shot.
  • One of Tech’s many ugly white gguys apparently didn’t like the fact that he undercut a Texas player and then fell down. He had to be held back but no Texas players even noticed him.
  • Rebounding on both ends killed the Horns the last few minutes of the half. Gave Tech too many second chances and didn’t help themselves out at all on the other end.
Halftime: Texas 37, Texas Tech 41

Second Half
  • Have we already turned the ball over 4 times in this half? Yikes.
  • About five fouls in a 5 second timeframe by Tech and they finally called the last one. They do a good job calling the charge one play and then miss an easy one 30 seconds later. I don’t get it.
  • Team just needs to calm down a bit and let the game come to them.
Texas 41, Texas Tech 48
  • Rattled? Is that the only word that guy knows? We’re playing about like we have during the eight game streak. We’ve been down in pretty much all those games and shot poorly in a lot of them as well. I doubt the announcers watched any of those games.
  • One of the reasons we can’t buy a shot is that we’re getting hit on every single shot. What in the heck are there fans booing about?
Texas 43, Texas Tech 51
  • Seriously they’re making contact every time we shoot. Am I missing something? How do you not at least call a few of those when they clearly hit the shooter’s wrist?
  • Not surprised to see Mason running the point to change things up with us in a funk on offense.
  • They called that on Atchley? Ha. He’s just standing there and the Tech player just runs right into him.
  • Finally Abrams nailed one. Nice deep shot. He’s left several short this half and finally got his legs into that one.
Texas 50, Texas Tech 58
  • That Abrams missed three is an indicator of how the day has gone for the Horns. That shot hit every nook and cranny of the rim and rolls out, while Tech seems to be getting the shooter’s roll on every shot.
  • Augustin got absolutely hammered with the body and then raked across the arm. But of course the announcers think seem unaware that you’re not allowed to do that.
  • I’ve never seen announcers treat an 8-point lead with fifteen minutes to go as some unsurmountable obstacle before. Of course ten minutes later it’s still an 8-point lead. I’m also not sure why they’re so shocked that Texas is losing. It’s college basketball guys not football, it’s pretty damn common for teams to lose to lesser teams.
Texas 56, Texas Tech 66
  • Pretty telling stat that Texas, despite driving to the basket a lot in this half and being hit on the arm on nearly every shot hasn’t shot a single free throw in the second half. Meanwhile Tech has attempted at least 25.
  • Finally a foul called. Of course the refs still screwed it up because that was a pretty clear intentional foul. James goes up for the shot and the Tech player makes no play on the ball and just grabs him and pulls him down. We really need Damion to hit these two free throws.
  • Tech keeps missing free throws this might get very interesting.
  • Four point game ladies!! Nice play by Abrams after his own miss to find Augustin wide open.
  • Too busy yelling at TV to post. Go HORNS!
  • Three point game with 8 seconds left and no AJ Abrams. Who takes the shot for the Horns?
  • Augustin missed the front end of a 1-and-1 again. Damnit. Horns got a good look at a tying three though and JD Lewis can’t hit it. If Abrams doesn’t foul out that’s him taking that wide open shot.
  • And as usual Texas Tech acts like the third rate program they are. Rushing the court after a win over a conference opponent when you’re supposed to be a solid team? Don’t be Sand Aggies, act like you’ve been here before.
Final: Texas 80, Texas Tech 83

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