Posted April 23rd, 2008 by Brian
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Like his backcourt mate AJ Abrams, sophomore point guard [tag]DJ Augustin[/tag] will be leaving Texas early and entering the NBA Draft. Augustin will not hire an agent and has until June 16 to pull his name out and return for his junior season. Unlike Abrams I feel that now that Augustin has made this decision he won’t turn back. His draft positioning is pretty well decided at between about 12th and 25th overall and unless something happens to make him drop out of the first round during his workouts.

It looks like we’ll be seeing a very different team next year, let’s hope someone (Justin Mason, Dogus Balbay, and/or J’Covan Brown) can step up and take over the point guard position.


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    Hook'em Horns

    That sucks. I know everybody thinks D.J is all that, but he has had trouble shooting the ball. I just dont like the fact that once players turn to sophomores they cant just stay. You would make more money if you stayed and you could actually win your team a national championship.

    Well at least it will open up the door for recruiting. And we could even put J’covan Brown at point guard and get Wesley Witherspoon or Devin Ebanks.

    I really hope one of them pull out of the draft and come back to UT for one more year.

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    DJ shoots a pretty decent percentage for a guard. I really thought he would come back. The Abrams thing is just ridiculous. He’ll be back.

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    Hook'em Horns

    The only way abrams will play is if he stands out like Allen Iverson. Which at this point in his skills he is no where near.

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    AJ doesn’t have much of a shot at his height to be a shooting guard in the NBA. He needs to be a point guard, unfortunately he’s not very good at it. His dad thinks he should play the point next year for Texas to help his draft stock, but he won’t be the team’s best option there. Hopefully it works out because I like AJ, but its a tough situation.

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