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NCAA Strength Of Schedule: Ranking Blindfolded. Nothing but numbers, Texas has 4th toughest schedule.


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    What about Arkansas in the Strength of schedule top 25? The next 4 weeks we play 4 teams ranked in the top 10 . . . Alabama, Texas, Auburn, and Florida! We also play another top 10 team in LSU at the end of the year. We had 2 cupcakes . . . I will give you that, but besides those games our weakest opponents are the Miss schools and Kentucky (not exactly pushovers). Throw a Tenn in there and I think you have one of the hardest if not THE HARDEST schedule in college football. Definitely diserving of a top 25 mention, but thats just my opinion.

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    UT has by far the easiest schedule in all of College Football. The first five games on UT’s schedule are the worst teams.
    First, Florida Atlantic is unheard of and a nobody.
    Second, Rice!!!! THAT IS THE #1 WORST TEAM.
    The only team UT plays is oklahoma who is also over rated because they are in the same lame conference.
    UT wouldn’t have a chance if they played in a different conference.

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    You’re pretty clearly not very bright but so I’ll talk very slowly.

    – Texas will have to play two top 5 teams back to back.
    – FAU was a bowl team last season and won their bowl game. Just because you don’t follow college football doesn’t mean they suck.
    – Rice is about to be 3-2 and looks headed towards a bowl game this season. They look like a C-USA contender.
    – Arkansas is an SEC rival
    – Colorado is a conference foe and knocked off top 25 West Virginia last week.

    Get a clue man.

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    Shaun are you a retard or you must be an sec fan, well I have never been able to tell the difference between either one. Let me give you a breakdown of Texas’ schedule for you.

    FAU, 8-5 team last year and won their bowl game. Returned I believe 20 starters from last years team.
    Not going to do UTEP because they have been on a downward spiral since Carson Palmer’s little brother graduated.
    Rice, could easily be a 4-1 team right now, and has the best quarterback Texas will face all year. You put him at a top 25 caliber BCS school he is in the Heisman talk.
    Arkansas, well definitely not the teams of old, I will leave it at that.
    Colorado, I think is overrated, should be 1-3 instead of 3-1, but have had some lucky bounces their way and not to mention crappy coaching by by West Virginia
    Oklahoma, undefeated
    Missouri, undefeated
    Ok State, Undefeated
    Texas Tech, Undefeated
    Kansas, lost to what looks like the Big East champion as of right now on the road, on a last second field goal.
    Baylor, much improved with most likely Big 12 freshman of the year at qb
    Texas AM, not real sure what is going on in College Station, but the Ags can be 0-11, but will always play Texas hard and somehow keep the games close or pull the damn upset.

    Your turn Shaun good luck with this one because you are going to need it. One trying to beat my comments and two obviously in life buddy. I see you are failing at both.

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    Sorry that is suppose to be Joshua. My ten month old son has found the joy of slapping the keyboard.

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    now that post was brilliant. he calls somebody a retard & can’t spell his own name. sounds like a texas fan.

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    what about Purdue,? according to, they have the number 1, theyve played like 6 ranked teams out of 8 and a tough central michigan team and a rebuilding, but still talented michigan squad!

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