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Top Stadiums: #5 Michigan

5. Michigan Stadium

With seating capacity just north of 107,000, Michigan Stadium, nicknamed The Big House, is one of the top 5 largest stadiums in the world. Built in 1927, the House that Yost Built has some serious history and tradition.

This is probably one of the most classic (maybe boring) and widely recognizable stadiums in college sports. It’s amazing to think with all of that tradition and fans screaming, you could lose to Div I-AA Appalachian State on your home turf. Still, one game I have always wanted to go attend is Michigan/Ohio State in Ann Arbor (who they haven’t beat since 2003 at home).

A couple of interesting facts about this stadium. It hasn’t had an attendance lower than 100,000 since 1975. And most of the stadium is actually built below grade (into the ground), leaving only about 20 upper rows visible from the outside.

Check back Monday for our number 4 favorite college football stadium.

College football’s best stadiums
  1. Notre Dame Stadium
  2. Ben Hill Griffin Stadium at Florida Field
  3. Tiger Stadium
  4. Darrell K Royal – Texas Memorial Stadium
  5. Michigan Stadium

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  1. reply to  #1

    GRegg HEnson

    Good stuff about the Big House.

  2. reply to  #2


    Hey Greg thanks for ruining 1300 the zone. It rocked when Chad and Kevin was on as well as when Bucky and Erin was on. But thanks to you that is no longer! Great Job!

  3. reply to  #3

    Hook'em Horns

    Are they judging this on uniqueness of the stadium or name or what, because there is nothing that great looking about Michigan’s stadium. It looks alright I guess….

  4. reply to  #4


    The criteria for the list is mainly atmosphere, tradition, history, fans, etc. The architecture only plays a small role.

  5. reply to  #5

    Hook'em Horns

    Ok, well then that explains alot.

  6. reply to  #6


    Michigan Stadium is a facility that should seat about 95,000 but they have wedged the seat numbers so close together that it holds 107,000. The “standing” joke is if you stand up for some reason, you may not have a seat to sit back down on. It is a flat, uninspiring stadium that resembles a bomb crater with seats. Worse yet, despite the huge numbers, it is not the least bit initimidating because of the stadium’s design and the lifeless fans. Were Michigan not as successful in football, no one would give it a second look.

  7. reply to  #7


    Really. There is no contest here. It is Memorial Stadium in Lincoln, Nebraska: Home of the NEBRASKA CORNHUSKERS!

  8. reply to  #8


    Atmosphere and fans in Lincoln are awesome. The stadium isn’t exactly state of the art or one of the top “historic” stadiums.

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