Posted September 3rd, 2008 by Brian
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Basketball team logo 3

Basketball team logo 3

The team formerly known as the Seattle Supersonics officially debuted their new Oklahoma City team name and logo this evening. To no one’s surprise the team name is the Oklahoma City Thunder, but I’m not sure anyone expected the logo to be completely terrible. I’d love to support [tag]Kevin Durant[/tag], but I’m not wearing anything with that on it.

It honestly appears as if they spent $71 at TemplateMonster or They used so much money paying off the city of Seattle that they were forced to get on the Internet and search for “basketball logo templates” and after 10 minutes decided on “Basketball team logo 3” you see now on their merchandise. Wow.

The logo says nothing about the team, the city, or the mascot. All it says is swooshy colors and “basketball.” I just hope the state of Oklahoma never gets a pro football team, I shudder to think what their logo would look like.

Good luck up there Kevin, you’re going to need it.


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    Sounds like a WNBA team name.

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    It’s been than Energy or Marshalls spelled wrong.

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    Hook'em Horns

    Yea, i dont like it at all. It doesnt look like an NBA team. It looks like it could be the official NBA logo instead. And the name is terrible. Is that the best they could come up with. They should have named them the Longhorns, Just

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    I love the University of Oklahoma

    I am obviously an OU fan and I am a fan of the Thunder because I have to support teams from my home city even though I live overseas, but I am quite disappointed with the choice of Oklahoma City’s new NBA team logo. Out of the 6 names the team had patents for, the Bison or Barons by far sounded the best. However, this name will become normal sooner or later. Just imagine what fans of the Clippers, Jazz, Spurs, Nuggets, and Heat thought. It will become normal. Now, its 22 hours until OU destroys Cincinatti. I hope you all watch this game because that same OU team is going do the same against Texas. BOOMER!

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    @I love the University of Oklahoma: The name is a little blah but not too bad. I don’t think the logo will ever not suck.

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