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Vince Young has an injured MCL

Vince Young has an injured MCL

According to the headlines on both and, Tennessee Titans’ head coach Jeff Fisher announced today that [tag]Vince Young[/tag] would not get his starting job when he was back healthy and able to play. The ESPN headline is “Unbeaten Titans to go with Collins over injured, troubled Young” as if Young has been benched, but is that what Fisher actually said?

Here’s the actual quote from Fisher in the AP article:

“We’re going to get Vince back, get his knee back, work with him, get him back involved in the offense, but Kerry’s going to go ahead and play for us until either he struggles or whatever else happens.”


“He’s got to get back. He’s eventually going to be under center for us. When that happens, I don’t know. For right now, Kerry’s our quarterback”

That’s not exactly the statement the headlines or the article are making it out to be. Fisher essentially said that Collins would be starting for him since Young was injured and that they’d take the time for his knee to heal and not rush him back.

This isn’t some huge vote of confidence in Collins. Fisher stated that Collins would play until “either he struggles or whatever else happens.” For anyone who watched Collins play back in 2006 and in limited time in 2007, it would be pretty surprising if he does anything more than put up the average day he did Sunday against mediocre competition. That “for right now” is also pretty damn noncommittal.

Collins will likely start the next three games, put up two clunkers against Minnesota and Baltimore, and then Vince is back in as the starter after the bye week. For the next few weeks Vince needs to get both his knee and his head healthy. He’ll get his chance again soon, he just needs to get back out there on the field and just play his game when it comes.


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  1. reply to  #1


    Yeah, okay, whatever. And Merril Hoge is still an idiot, right?

    Look, VY is a great athlete. A great athlete who will likely never be a great NFL QB. That’s just the way it is. He was not worthy of the high draft pick by the Titans. When they win it’s usually in spite of him, not because of him.

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