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Talk about a crazy weekend in college football. Three of the top four teams go down in upsets, with unbeatable #1 of all-time USC losing to an unranked Oregon State team.

  1. [tag]Oklahoma[/tag]

    The clear #1 in the nation after other teams in the Top 5 seemed scared to win. The Texas game in two weeks looks bigger than ever.

  2. [tag]Alabama[/tag]

    Maybe even more of a butt-kicking than the USC/Ohio State, Alabama got out to a 31-0 lead at Georgia. I think this was a combination of Alabama having a solid team and Georgia being ridiculously over-hyped.

  3. [tag]Missouri[/tag]

    Good time to have a bye week. Their schedule gets tough now as they open Big 12 play.

  4. [tag]LSU[/tag]

    LSU didn’t look all that impressive in their win against Mississippi State. They will need to improve their quarterback play if they want to continue to win in the SEC.

  5. [tag]Texas[/tag]

    Talk about slaughtering the pig against Arkansas. The Texas defense finally showed up and held them to only 3 points for most of the game.

  6. [tag]South Florida[/tag]
    South Florida

    The class of the Big East continues to look good. Now they start conference play, so we will see if they can keep it up.

  7. [tag]Auburn[/tag]

    They don’t win pretty, but their defense can keep them in any game. If they actually had a good quarterback they would probably be #2 in the nation.

  8. [tag]BYU[/tag]

    BYU in the Top 10? Just doesn’t seem right somehow but they are playing great football right now. Two shutouts in a row will usually give a team some confidence.

  9. [tag]Penn State[/tag]
    Penn State

    I hesitate to put a Big 10 team so far up in the rankings because they will soon get smashed by some other crappy Big 10 team. Will this happen to Penn State? No doubt.

  10. [tag]Texas Tech[/tag]
    Texas Tech

    Not sure what to say about Tech except that they probably won’t last much longer with no losses. In fact, they will probably lose to Kansas State.

  11. [tag]USC[/tag]

    On cue, USC has their one “bare-minimum” game of the season and somehow loses to Oregon State. Now they can cruise for the rest of the season with their easy Pac-10 schedule.

  12. [tag]Georgia[/tag]

    Not really surprised that they lost to Alabama, more surprised about how they lost. Down 31-0 at the half at home? I knew they were over-rated, just didn’t know it was that bad.

  13. [tag]Florida[/tag]

    Rounding out the upsets this weekend is Florida. If Tim Tebow was an actual quarterback and could throw the ball, maybe they wouldn’t lose to a mediocre Ole Miss.

  14. [tag]Kansas[/tag]

    Bye week

  15. [tag]Utah[/tag]

    Utah continues to sneak up the polls relatively quietly. Now they have to play the vaunted Oregon State Beavers.

  16. [tag]Vanderbilt[/tag]

    With Georgia and Florida losing, Vanderbilt now leads the SEC East. If they beat Auburn this weekend is it time for them to start thinking national championship? Ha.

  17. [tag]Oklahoma State[/tag]
    Oklahoma State

    The Big 12 is absolutely stacked this year. Oklahoma State’s offense can hang with anyone. Too bad they play @Missouri, @Texas, and @Texas Tech.

  18. [tag]Boise State[/tag]
    Boise State

    Bye week

  19. [tag]Ohio State[/tag]
    Ohio State

    Not sure that a 13 point win over Minnesota is very impressive, but a win is a win. Terrelle Pryor looks like a legit college quarterback. I bet they are wishing he played more against USC.

  20. [tag]Oregon[/tag]

    Hard to get a read on just how good or bad the Pac-10 is. My guess is that Oregon will be dropping soon as they play USC this weekend.

  21. [tag]Virginia Tech[/tag]
    Virginia Tech

    Man, Virginia Tech has an incredibly weak schedule this season. If they didn’t lose to East Carolina they would easily be in the Top 10.

  22. [tag]Wisconsin[/tag]

    The Big 10 is just awful and I think Wisconsin proves that. Not sure how a Top 10 team loses to a horrible Michigan team. Oh yeah, it’s the crappy Big 10.

  23. [tag]Maryland[/tag]

    Maryland actually looks like they have a good team this year. The ACC is wide open right now and Maryland should be near the top at the end.

  24. [tag]Fresno State[/tag]
    Fresno State

    Pretty impressive win at UCLA.

  25. [tag]Connecticut[/tag]

    Impresive win at Louisville. They will be tested in next two games of three straight road games. If they can make it through that, they will be looking good.


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