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Garrett Gilbert runs against Hutto

Garrett Gilbert runs against Hutto

Wow. Future Longhorn [tag]Garrett Gilbert[/tag] led his number one ranked and defending state champion Lake Travis team to a huge win over the Hutto Hippos. Hutto was considered to be the biggest challenger for Lake Travis in district play. If Hutto truly is the best team not led by Gilbert in district 25-4A, then Lake Travis is on their way to another state title.

Gilbert did anything and everything, going 14 of 16 for 274 yards and six touchdowns. The five star recruit made every throw in the passing tree, using touch and zip to shred an overmatched group of defenders. The highlight of the night came when Gilbert was flushed from the pocket, rolled to his right, and hit a streaking receiver down the sideline on a perfect pass that flew at least 50 yards in the air. The pass couldn’t have been delivered better if Gilbert ran the ball down the field and handed it to the receiver himself.

[tag]Colt McCoy[/tag] is a great quarterback, but there is no doubt that the junior can not make every throw possible. McCoy will be a great college quarterback, but not much else because of his limitations on the passing tree, much like current coach [tag]Major Applewhite[/tag]. Gilbert has no such limitations. He can throw the 15 yard out, the 40 yard post, and the out route from the opposite hash mark. His timing was spot on, and his pocket presence appeared to be beyond his years.

Gilbert impressed even the opposing coach.

“Number 7 [Gilbert] is a freak,” said Hutto head coach Lee Penland after his Hippos lost 55-20. “I mean that in a good way. I’m an ex-Longhorn, and I’m so glad he is going to UT. I just wish he went last week. I would not be surprised to see him play on Sundays.”

Before Friday [tag]Cedric Benson[/tag] was the most dominant player I had seen in person at a high school football game (remember I’m only 23). But after the performance that only saw two balls hit the ground, one being a drop the other a throw away, “EL CED” could have been replaced. The guy is huge; he looks like a man playing against boys. And he is a winner. After only watching one game it is clear who the leader of the football team is as Gilbert involves himself in sideline talks with the special teams, the defense, as well as his offense.

I am also a Longhorn, and like coach Penland, I think Texas has found their quarterback of the future.

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    Great article!

  2. reply to  #2


    glad to hear dome firsthand impressions. How mobile is he? Sounds to me like he moves well in the pocket but will be more Applewhite than McCoy. I can’t wait to see this kid in burnt orange.

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    Bobby Pevehouse

    I tend to disagree about McCoy not being able to make all the throws, you will be seeing him play on Sundays for a long time.

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    There is a reason Texas hasn’t thrown deep, and it isn’t because of the wide receivers. McCoy is an excellent underneath and mid range thrower but lacks the arm power to throw a good deep ball or the deep out.

    Gilbert has unbelievable pocket mobility but I find it hard to imagine him running the zone read with effectiveness. He has Tom Brady, Peyton Manning type feet in the sense he can shuffle with his eyes down the field to keep a play alive rather than taking off to run.

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    It seemed he had sufficient arm strength throwing across his body to Shipley in the game last week for a TD, that throw was rough to make on the run, maybe there are some things that would make you think he doesn’t have the arm strength but there are some things that shows he does. He is a great decission maker and deadly acurate passer and he is getting bigger and stronger each year . can’t wait until saturday

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    I love McCoy. But that throw you talk about doesn’t work against NFL talent unless you are Brett Favre or have an arm like that. Ever since McCoy jammed his shoulder his deep balls have not been the same. I think he is a great college quarterback and if he proves me wrong I will be very happy for him. I just don’t think he has an elite level arm.

    Garrett Gilbert does.

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