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Finally a week were pretty much all of the top teams went out and took care of business. There is a lot of shuffling around towards the bottom of the Top 25 as many teams have dropped out.

  1. [tag]Oklahoma[/tag]
    LW: 1

    Went out and took care of business and didn’t look ahead to playing Texas. I was actually somewhat surprised they only scored 49 points against Baylor.

  2. [tag]Missouri[/tag]
    LW: 3

    Missouri hadn’t won in Nebraska in 30 years. Apparently they were a little tired of losing there and put a whooping on the Cornhuskers. Pretty sure Bo Pelini is a little embarrassed after that one.

  3. [tag]Alabama[/tag]
    LW: 2

    Alabama actually showed some of their first signs of struggling, but they were still able to pull out the victory. Things will get a lot tougher for them as teams will be gunning to knock them off.

  4. [tag]LSU[/tag]
    LW: 4

    Bye week

  5. [tag]Texas[/tag]
    LW: 5

    I was actually a little nervous playing at Colorado, but thankfully Texas jumped out to the early lead and never looked back. Texas’ defense looked better than ever and might possibly be prepared for OU.

  6. [tag]BYU[/tag]
    LW: 8

    Still feels weird to have BYU up here so high, but they have been absolutely killing teams lately. Because of their week schedule though, they probably won’t move much past this spot.

  7. [tag]Penn State[/tag]
    Penn State
    LW: 9

    Penn State continues to dominate in the weak Big 12, and will face their first tough test playing at Camp Randall against Wisconsin.

  8. [tag]Texas Tech[/tag]
    Texas Tech
    LW: 10

    I actually thought Kansas State would give Tech a game, but Tech just scored at will. Graham Harrell threw for 450 yards and 6 touchdowns. Not a bad day.

  9. [tag]Georgia[/tag]
    LW: 12

  10. [tag]USC[/tag]
    LW: 11

    Starting off, USC looked like they might be losing another one to a team from the state of Oregon. But in the end they reeled off 40+ straight points and cruised to victory.

  11. [tag]Florida[/tag]
    LW: 13

    Florida was lucky to have a bye week, oh wait, they did play Arkansas, which is just like having a bye week. Now they have to play LSU in a showdown in the SEC.

  12. [tag]Kansas[/tag]
    LW: 14

    Kansas struggled a little bit at Iowa State but were able to squeak out of there with a win. Todd Reesing is a seriously talented QB.

  13. [tag]Utah[/tag]
    LW: 15

    Utah is quietly hanging around in the Top 15 and beating all the teams they should. I guess we will just have to wait until they play BYU.

  14. [tag]Vanderbilt[/tag]
    LW: 16

    Vanderbilt continues to be the surprise of the SEC. They are actually leading the SEC East! I doubt this will last much longer.

  15. [tag]Oklahoma State[/tag]
    Oklahoma State
    LW: 17

    Hard to tell if Oklahoma State is really that good or if A&M is just that bad. It’s probably a little bit of both and I am really scared of playing this team later this month.

  16. [tag]Boise State[/tag]
    Boise State
    LW: 18

    I can’t stand to watch this team playing on that bright blue field, but they continue to win impressively and dominate their opponent. They have a legitimate shot at going undefeated this season.

  17. [tag]Ohio State[/tag]
    Ohio State
    LW: 19

    Ohio State pulled off an impressive win at Wisconsin proving the whole Big 10 is just a joke. Everyone pretty much just sucks equally.

  18. [tag]Virginia Tech[/tag]
    Virginia Tech
    LW: 21

    They don’t win big and they don’t win pretty. They somehow just manage to play just good enough to get the win. They will have to play better if they want to make it through the ACC schedule.

  19. [tag]Michigan State[/tag]
    Michigan State
    LW: –

    The only thing they have going for them is their running back, but man is he awesome. Can we trade for him?

  20. [tag]South Florida[/tag]
    South Florida
    LW: 6

    South Florida of course had to ruin their dream season and go lose to a crappy Pittsburgh team. Does anyone want to step up in the Big East?

  21. [tag]North Carolina[/tag]
    North Carolina
    LW: –

    Not sure the last time North Carolina was ranked in football, but it has to be a while. They have a solid team and have a pretty favorable schedule the rest of the way.

  22. [tag]Wake Forest[/tag]
    Wake Forest
    LW: –

    Hmm…not really sure what to make of this team. Sometimes they look really good, and sometimes they look really awful. Week to week it is tough to tell which team will show up.

  23. [tag]Auburn[/tag]
    LW: 7

    Auburn losing to Vanderbilt? Who would have guessed that in the beginning of the season? Luckily for them they have a bye week next week, oh wait, they play Arkansas.

  24. [tag]California[/tag]
    LW: –

    Doesn’t seem right to have a Pac-10 team in the Top 25 that’s not USC, but California is quietly putting together a nice season.

  25. [tag]Tulsa[/tag]
    LW: –

    Tulsa seems to score 60 points every time they play, and that will usually get it done. They play SMU this week, which means they will probably score 80.


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