Posted October 8th, 2008 by Brian
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Who do I send my check to to make sure [tag]Will Muschamp[/tag] stays in Austin for at least one more season? ESPN’s Pat Forde has an outstanding article on the Texas defensive coordinator that will make you want this guy around for a long time. Check out some of these choice quotes from Muschamp:

  • “Stats are for losers. I like winning games.”
  • “Jog off the field! Jog your ass off the field, goddammit!”
  • “I like what I do. It’s my job to get these guys to play well and play physical. I play through them. When they make plays, I make plays. When they make a mistake, I make a mistake.”
  • “Boom mother****er! Knock these mother****ers out!” (Okay that’s an old one.)

I just hope we’re as enamored about Coach Muschamp after this weekend and after this season as we are now. I was excited about the scheme and the energy he would bring before the season, so the fact that the defense has performed better than expected hasn’t changed anything. What do we (I’m looking at you DeLoss) have to do to keep him around and make sure he gets the chance to finish turning this team into a consistently dominant defense?


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    I <3 Will Muschamp! That guy is a complete badass! Thanks for the link.

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    I’d raise the guy’s pay just based on the philosophy. He’s put us in the best position possible to win this game. We may not win it this year, just based on the fact that OU has alot of talent (though I personally think we will win), but just based on the fire that he’s brought to the entire team, I’d not gripe about making him by far the highest paid college coordinator in the country. Then, keep raising it a little each year and see if he might stay around a few more years until Mack retires and give him the reigns. . . . . . . . . probably not possible, but I think he has the “stuff” to win National Titles galore as a head coach too!

    By the way, from the players quotes. . . . . . . I’m not sure they don’t think the guy might not be crazy – but they love him!

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