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Texas sophomore offensive lineman [tag]Buck Burnette[/tag] has been kicked off the team by head coach [tag]Mack Brown[/tag] for an unspecified “violation of team rules.” Rumors are swirling about what Burnette did, but it appears it is related to comments he made about last night’s election results on his Facebook page. He has reportedly apologized and is aware of his mistake, hopefully he will grow and learn from it but that won’t happen as a member of the Texas football team.

Burnette played in seven games this year as Chris Hall’s backup at center. Burnette’s departure leaves true freshman [tag]David Snow[/tag] as the primary backup at both guard and center.

Update: Burnette has sent out a formal apology to the AP. Read it. (9:49 pm)


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    Haha, Texas has class. It has class out its a*%!

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    this would never happen at Penn State, That’s why they are playing in the National Championship

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    because they keep racist people on their team? hahahahha

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    Jack Frost

    Buck Burnette, putting the “offensive” in Offensive Lineman.

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    @Law: No, other then their players (allegedly) raping women and trying to stab each other Paterno has a team full of choir boys.

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    I would like to know what he wrote. It seems odd that players in all of the sports at Texas have been protected and even left on the team after being convicted of crimes. Most have been punished suspended (Henry Melton) and remained on the team. Without knowing…it seems harsh. More to it than just posting?

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    Tom Stevens

    He wrote “”all the hunters gather up, we have a @%#@ in the whitehouse”

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    that comment is far worse than smoking a little pot; f*#k that guy, I’m glad they kicked him off the team

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    @Charlietexas: The difference between a mistake like a DUI and this type of mistake is that this one can divide the locker room and sink a team from within. It’s kind of like the difference between getting in a fight and punching a frat boy and punching a teammate in the locker room.

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    Hook'em Horns

    If this is the case they need to ask every african american on UT’s football who they voted for and why. And see what racist comments we get out of that. Because at UTSA every african american can not tell me two things why they voted for obama, except they like him and he is black. If that is not considered Racism then I dont know what is.

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    What has this country come to. We have just elected a fascist and schools across the nation are already attacking free speech so what if he makes a racist statement deep down we are all racist but it is his right under the constitution to say what he wants. i would like the Mack Browns E-mail address if anyone knows it

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    Hook'em Horns

    You cant blame a country boy for acting like that, that is how they are usually raised.

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    Hook'em Horns

    I agree with comment number 11.

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    @bodyarmor: He has absolutely no constitutional right to be on the football team at Texas. You can say whatever you want to your boss, that doesn’t mean he can’t fire you for it. You also can’t yell “fire” in a crowded theater or threaten the President.

    Deep down we’re all racist? Really? That’s how you justify your problems?

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    What he said was stupid and inexcusable. That being said he is still just a 20 year old kid. He deserves a second chance as much as anyone. Who among us didn’t say or do something you later regretted when you were 20? By the way, to the Penn State guy: Your players get in trouble, too. Everyone get over themselves. We are all human and fallable.

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    Hook'em Horns

    He has every right to be on the team. People can express themselves as freely as they want, but that doesnt mean that they will be protected for it. Noone is perfect.

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    Hook'em Horns

    That was a bad move for Mack to do because that could affect his recruiting in Texas. Since most of the boys he gets are from Texas, and as we all know we voted Republic as a state once again.

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    I am glad he was kicked off. He supposedly is a “Christian” and spoke to youth groups at his home town as a role model. What a terrible example of christianity he is. I am embarrassed to say he is from Wimberley. Those comments don’t just accidentally get posted. Buck’s true colors are showing.

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    So Mr. Brian have you ever worked a real job or are you still in school because i am afraid you might be somewhat naive. This is not about racism it is about taking away your rights. Would you like to live in a world where children have to pledge alliegence to Dear Leader Barack.

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    I wonder if he would have been kicked off the team for a similar comment about George Bush? I hear people criticize George Bush all the time and it’s cheered. BUT, criticize Obama and your in trouble.

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    You can sing Rap about killing cops, post hard-core porn, etc. and be protected because of “freedom of speech”, BUT say something about Obama and you’re in big trouble?? Consistent??

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    If you people remember Obama did attend a racist church. Enjoy the freedom that we can have these little discussions because in the near future your right to voice you’re opinion may disappear so we must not be complacent we need to email our government leaders and express our opinions on important issues. Well it was nice voicing my opinion and bye the way ROLL TIDE

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    @bodyarmor: Might want to get a clue man. You seriously think you have a constitutional right to say whatever you want to your boss and he can’t do anything about it? Please, go tell your boss to f off and see how long you stay employed.

    Buck did not have his rights taken away, he is able to say whatever he wants. He does not however have any sort of right to stay on the Texas football team.

    bodyarmor and Jerry, please do some research on what freedom of speech actually means.

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    Hook'em Horns

    That is totally true. And every Christian makes mistakes. Christians are watched so closely by the world that when we/they make a mistakes all fingers are pointed at them, but if a liberal or non-christian said it , it would probably be not as bad. People judge Christians all the time and then when they get judged by one, its like hell froze over.

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    What is with this boss stuff do you work for GoBama. I have told my boss to fuck off and im still employed there. This kid made a comment on a web page and your ready to cut his balls off. You probably support the gays getting married too

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    Hook'em Horns

    I have said a couple of things that I dont really mean, and I am still going to school and have a myspace and facebook. Looks like the 1st amendment must not be working at this time, there are probably a few mail functions.

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    If it were not for jerry and Hook em i would say that there is no hope left for this country

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    Hook'em Horns

    brian! Who says he has no rights to stay on the football team? You have no control over who is on and off the team. He has every right to stay on that team. I just hope he doesnt go to atm and then they beat us again. The only negative about UT is that it is sooooo liberal. That is the only thing I like about atm, is that they are conservative.

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    Hook'em Horns

    Thank you, same with you and the rest of the people that think the way that we do.

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    Hook Em i was wondering if Texas was liberal I figured they were because evidently they are breeding little brians

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    Hook'em Horns

    lol. I thought there were some people at UT that had a little mercy for apologizing, but I guess not. second chance???? yes.

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    I just realized i said a curse word in post 25 i hope i did not OFFEND any one 😉

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    @Hook’em Horns: We’re talking about Constitutional rights, last I checked playing football for Texas is nowhere in the Bill of Rights. I know you love Texas football and you should realize that this is best thing for the team. If he was allowed to stay on the team the issues it might have caused in the locker room might have been a huge distraction for the team.

    And for the last time, Buck has not lost his freedom of speech. This is not debatable. Freedom of speech does not guarantee there will be no repercussions for things you say.

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    Hook'em Horns

    You are kicked off of this site, take your comments and

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    Brian do you believe in gun control for law abiding citizens

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    I’m afraid i may have been reported to the Obama gestapo

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    Hook'em Horns

    Locker room? there is already drama in there due to the loss from tech, my 10 year old nephew caught a tougher interception than Blake should have had, in his game last saturday.

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    Hook Em are you a student at UT

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    Hook'em Horns

    No, at UTat san antonio though. I wish UT.

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    Where did Brian go

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    Well at least you have some sense sounds like. Just think if you were at UT you would probably be brain washed like Mr. Brian

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    Hook'em Horns

    Facebook ,to see if any other comments were posted about nobama.

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    Gator Bait

    “All hunters gather up, we have a N***** in the white house.” Classy. This guy is a coward. I’d like to see him make that comment in the locker room in front of his black teammates. He got what was coming to him.

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    Typical liberal i guess Brian got mad and left

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    He deserved to get kicked off the team because this would have made recruits not want to go to Texas. It also would have divided a team that can possibly win the championship. I think he was stupid for making the comment on the very public face book.

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    Roll Tide gator bait if he had made that comment in the locker room everybody probably would have gotten a big laugh

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    Hook'em Horns

    It is stupid, but he should also have a second chance like we have been talking about.

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    Good lord Hook Em the freedom haters are coming out of the wood work

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    Sort of like termites wouldnt you say

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    Hook'em Horns

    I see. It sucks.

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    Hook'em Horns

    Ok, well I will agree with you some more with later on. hook’em horns

  52. […] is your latest example of how not to use Facebook. The backup center for the Texas Longhorns is no longer on the team due to "unspecified violations of team rules," according to Texas. The real story of how […]

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    greg veto

    What he said is wrong but kicking him off the team is just stupid.But it’s okay to have a hanging Palin for halloween.And God forbid, a black guy saying something bad about a white president. What would of happened? Nothing!!!! everybody would just let it go. It’s a double standard and it’s BS. The punishment needs to go both ways.

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    Just stunbled upon your Texas page because I wanted to know what the kid actually said. Assuming he said what has been posted here, that is appalling. UT did exactly the right thing and I applaud you as an LSU fan. Seems like Brian understands what CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS means. The kid’s rude, ignorant and tasteless comment is protected under the constitution– all that means is no officer of the law can pick him up for the comment because he did not break the law…this is his right under the constitution! Seperate issue– playing football for UT is nowhere to be found in the constitution. It is a privilege, not a right. (Think of having your DL taken away for a DWI or felons not being able to vote– privileges not rights). Privileges can be stripped for any number of reasons. For those of you who support the kid’s right to say what he did and think he should suffer no reprecussions, what if he had said “I would love to rape a young 12 year old virgin girl”! Constitutionally, he can say it! Still want him playing for UT?

  55. reply to  #55

    Tracy B

    I think it would have divided the locker room and hurt future recruiting if he were allowed to stay on the team.

  56. reply to  #56

    Tracy B

    That is exactly right tigrb8. very well put.

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    This is just the beginning. The Fairness Act is just a nice name for “you can only say what I approve of”. I thought we were a country of second chances. Say something King Obama doesn’t like and you can expect the ax.

    Are you telling me a black player never posted or said something that Bush might find racists?

    This is scary and I hope people wake up

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    This has nothing to do with free speech. Free speech means you can say what you want (within limits, i.e. can’t yell fire in a crowded theater) without being punished by the government. This has everything to do with the fact that on a football team, there are many blacks and many whites. You cannot have an effective football team when one of the white players uses that word. Also, do you think that would help recruiting? Other coaches around the country would say, “Don’t go to Texas (random black high school talent), they let players get away with using racial slurs.” Get real.

  60. reply to  #60

    Hook'em Horns

    Kicking him off the team will not help the recruiting, like I said before, there are alot more country boys in Texas that have views like that and want to play for UT, therefore atm will most likely get those recruits. It might help a little bit by turning the team all onesided. You can still have friends despite their differences than what one might agree with.. I have one conservative friend at UTSA and the rest know where I stand and they respect me despite my comments about things, and vice versa.
    And LSU fan, worry about your tigers that are slipping even further away than what you want. Geaux Longhorns!

  61. reply to  #61

    Hook'em Horns

    And who is to say that white people cant be the dominating race in football. That is a stereotype, and it is racist for you to say that a black school is not going to go to UT because of what one white person says. I know you did not say, but you implied it.

  62. reply to  #62



    I never said it was just about free speech. I’m saying that black people make mistakes too and I’m sure at least one black person has said something racist, but I haven’t heard of them being kicked off the team.

    I’m not comparing this to free speech I’m comparing it to other transgressions in which you get a second chance of which, he did not.

    I’m also comparing it to racist black people that do not get kicked off the team

  63. reply to  #63


    Stating racist comments and threatening anyone with violence is wrong and offensive. It does not matter who you are. However, most white people should realize that like football, there is the offense and the defense. Most African Americans have a history of racism from the day they were born — that has existed for over 400 years. Almost an American tradition. Most White people have position, status and opportunity because of the color of their skin. That is the sad legacy that this country has. Comparing a white football player publicly encouraging a group to go kill the president-elect is not the same as anyone, black or white, complaining about the sitting president who lied the entire country into a war, failed to provide help to own citizens (remember Katrina) during a catastrophe, and is still trying to convince us that we are not in a recession. The saddest thing about this is that Burnette apologized for the worst racist language by saying he was not racist. To Bodyarmor and Hook ’em, I suppose if someone tells you a lie long enough it eventually does become the truth. May I suggest you coming up with an original thought as opposed to repeating what you have probably heard all your life about others, those you will probably never measure up to, and people who through no choice of their own look like you. If you would like to debate this, before you do, examine American history and record who the thieves, killers and immoral people were.

  64. reply to  #64


    ok for all the college folk. Under constitutional law freedom of speech does not cover anything that could “incite a riot.” i.e. racial comments or words of terror (fire, gun, etc) As far as football goes, @ UT, Mack Brown’s team Mack Brown’s rules. Racial comments kill recruiting, period. The rebel flag @ Ole Miss is the biggest reason that the Rebs do not compete in the SEC. Hell my dad is from Oxford, I played for Nutt, and I still have questions about Ole Miss. And as far as Hook’em and Bodyarmour goes, you two need to get over it, because if you yell out Christian this and Christian that again then I’ll know that… you must not remember that Hilter was a Christian!?!?!?!?!?!

  65. reply to  #65

    Judy Johnson

    Free Speech “LOST” November 4th, 2008.
    Is Buck Burnett a convicted killer, rapist, drug dealer, beats his girlfriend for fun like some of his NCAA football Brothers do…..NO!! Well then, lets kick him off the team for having an opinion. Obviously he did not vote for Obama like alot of other American Citizens. I guess that will be the next Crime Bill passed in the “Off White House”.
    PS: Buck get a good lawyer and pull the race card!

  66. reply to  #66

    roy martinez

    threats (even in jest) made against the President and President elect of the United States of America are to be taken seriously. Especialy in Texas where The President of The United States was murdered in 1963.

  67. reply to  #67


    My, God! It does not matter what color the president-elect is–the country has spoken and it is Obama–in a landslide. Are any of you old enough to remember JFK, MLK, RFK, or the attempts on Ford and Reagan? What sad times those were for our country and democracy. This young man’s comment was inappropriate, and in my opinion both un-American and un-Christian. Mack Brown did the right thing.

  68. reply to  #68


    @Judy Johnson: The complete ignorance over what free speech actually means is getting nearly as embarrassing as the actual original comments.

  69. reply to  #69

    Judy Johnson

    Brian…..I am asking that you keep my email address handy so that when you too turn “47” you will get back with me “Freely” to discuss your demise on “What was I thinking?”. Actually I believe it will only take a year or less. I am confindent in the fact that you nor anyone else you associate with will find me to be ignorant.

  70. reply to  #70

    David Williams

    What is the big deal. Buck Burnett has the freedom of speech and I respect that. Being African American myself I try not to let racist comments bother me. He is just plain racist. There is no need to lose sleep over this. You can’t help ignorant people. They are who they are. A snake is a snake no matter how you dress it up. Besides this is not about Mr. Burnett. This is about the integrity of Mack Brown and the University of Texas. You can’t let a cancer spread or it will kill the whole team. You have to cut it off quickly. Now Buck can continue to be a racist and we can all move on with our lives.

  71. reply to  #71

    Judy Johnson

    David….let’s change a few things…..Buck says how he truly feels but stays on the team. Who’s losing sleep now? African American vs. American (I don’t even know who to group together here) is not playing fair and everybody knows it. Question: Obama speech: “We have arrived” ….who has arrived? White, Black, Hispanic, Muslim, All Mixed Up….I would really like to know????????

  72. reply to  #72

    Herd Fan

    I think we are all guilty of receiving emails/texts that may seem funny and passing them on – right? So, Buck gets caught and loses his “job”. How many of you out there should lose your job for passing on emails/texts that you have received chastising Sarah Palin, George Bush or BarrackO? We all have but none of us have lost our jobs! Be honest, you know you have done it, but you want to criticize a young college kid? Get real, this is America, we all do or say stupid things, and we should all get second chances. None of you is without sin!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  73. reply to  #73

    roland martinez

    The boy messed up, plain and simple. I’m glad he got kicked off the team. Man….all this black and white talk over some idiot who has a one track mind. Can’t wait to see how all you “crackers” are going to react when a hispanic gets elected. And no ‘pendejo’ isn’t a murderer , drug dealer or rapist but he is a racist which makes him no different.

  74. reply to  #74


    Are you guys serious? A lot of you are speaking out of fear. The fear of the unknown. Who knows how the new president will do. He can’t do any worse than the 43 before him. You guys really need to get over it. You created the system that elected him president, so sit back and enjoy the system.
    Get your Guns and that other mess. That was sheer stupidity. Texas as a state has a bad rep already we don’t need that type of stuff.
    All the young voters came out and voted, we are moving up as a society.
    People please let’s not try to recreate all the crap our grandparents had to go through. Those were uneducated people. We are smarted than that now.
    But not everyone will get on the internet and talk it out.
    Just like y’all have ignorant folks. We got them too. So be careful what you say and who you say it around. Freedom of speech is alive and well. Just be ready to pay for your actions at all cost.
    Let’s not be ignorant any longer.
    We got to get a long.

  75. reply to  #75

    T. Currie

    Here we are, finally a nation that no longer has freedom of speech. Oh yes, the contitution states that there is but only if it is used without offending anyones, race, religion, national origin, family status, age, handicap, etc, The newsmedia can’t even give the facts anymore. Therefore we have scripted news now with an agenda. We have “ethics committees and meetings” where they are there to tell workers what they can and can not say, who they can and can not worship, and not to have anything that might be offensive to another person that you are working with. Don’t dare have a Bible on your desk or the ACLU will be on you like a bolt of lightning. Our schools are so micromanaged that the kids today get more of an education on what not to say or not to do to offend someone than what is in their history books. Now we have a hard working, deserving young man that has put all his efforts into a sport that has got him a spot on one of the top universities football team and for what. To all be flushed down the toilet for his opinion on the outcome of the election and what he thinks about the new president elect. Excuse me but is he an American that is of the age to vote and say what he thinks about the candidates and why he voted or didn’t vote for a specific one. I guess that right is taken away when you join the University of Texas football team. Your rights as an American are no longer a right. You are under their contract now to say and do as they tell you. Just as our workplaces are now, having the fear of losing your job, and in schools for fear of praying in public you may be disciplined or even expelled. What have we become. More importantly, what are we becoming. Is this the new future of America. Fear. Does this sound like something you might see in other countries with leaders like Chavez, and the like. No rights. That is what we have become. Your better off Buck, stick to your values, and be true to yourself.

  76. reply to  #76

    Judy Johnson

    THANK YOU “Herd Fan”….the only person I have found outside of the “Critically Correct” linch mob, “Africian American” linch mob and or “What Ever Else You Can Stick Me In Group” linch mob out there. I was beginning to believe I was the only “True American Left”!!!

  77. reply to  #77


    To David Williams: Everyone is racist – this election just proved that blacks are racist because 97% of them voted for Obama. Whites split their votes between McCain and Obama. How can anyone accuse whites of being racist now? Seriously, no one gets that we are not the racists! My family was called “racist white people at Wendy’s in Tuscaloosa, AL because we said we were voting for McCain! Who is the racist? Us or the black woman who called us that? She isn’t racist event though she wasn’t voting for a white man. This has just gone too far. We all need to calm down and move on!

  78. reply to  #78


    At least UT draws the line somewhere.

  79. reply to  #79


    Judy Johnson, you take the cake. I’m actually chuckling at how small your mind is. The “Off White House”? Besides the fact that Buck’s comment was racist and backward-thinking, statements like that can tear a football team apart (in case you didn’t notice, there are a lot of black kids on the Texas football team). Mack Brown had one choice, and it was the right one: kick him off the team. That’s the football aspect of it.

    Look, whether you, Buck, Hook’em Horns and Body Armour like it or not, America and the world, has chosen Obama to be our president. A man far more educated than you or any member of your family will ever be. And what you sadly fail to see, is that if you were to walk into any public park and yell out , “Gather the hunters, there’s a n!@@$& in the White House!”, you’d be getting your “Freedom of Speech” pummeled out of you by white people, hispanic people, asian people, and yes, some black people too. It’s called progress. It’s called moving on. It’s called 2008.

  80. reply to  #80

    Go Horns!

    this comment is from a concerned friend or buck will he be able to come back to the team if certain speculations were met i mean he is a sophmore and i know its time to grow up but alot still have some imaturity in them at that age

  81. reply to  #81

    Go Horns!

    You hear about players getting banned for 1 game for smoking pot but a white male makes a racist comment and is kicked off the team that sounds a bit un american to me.

  82. reply to  #82


    There are a bunch of idiots here… Who cares that he used a racial slur he said “Hunters gather up” which is a indirect threat no matter the color of the presidents skin. He is lucky he only got kicked off the team. He is lucky he is not in jail. You have to be kidding me. It not like he said he hated the new president or he didnt want a black man in the office he said he wanted to HUNT the president which happens to be a felony. And for Obama speech “we have arrived” He meant we as america have finally gotten passed this type of stupid thinking. That america was ready for change. Looks like he was wrong@Judy Johnson:

  83. reply to  #83


    @Judy Johnson:There are a bunch of idiots here… Who cares that he used a racial slur he said “Hunters gather up” which is a indirect threat no matter the color of the presidents skin. He is lucky he only got kicked off the team. He is lucky he is not in jail. You have to be kidding me. It not like he said he hated the new president or he didnt want a black man in the office he said he wanted to HUNT the president which happens to be a felony. And for Obama speech “we have arrived” He meant we as america have finally gotten passed this type of stupid thinking. That america was ready for change. Looks like he was wrong

  84. reply to  #84

    Go Horns!

    @clark83: you cant say that this country is not ready for change under one kids stupidity the only reason this is such a big deal is cause its racial its he said he was gonna hunt john mcain if he was elected i can guarentee u he would not have been kicked off the team they would have just gone on with life. But this goes racial is so much more of a big deal now…catch the sarcasim?

  85. reply to  #85


    COP, your comment has some merit, and as sure as there are some white racists like Buck Burnett, there are some black ones like him as well. And the woman at Wendy’s proves that point nicely. But you can’t say “this election proves that blacks are racist” because it isn’t so simple. How come 97% of African Americans didn’t vote for Al Sharpton when he ran? I think that a majority of black America voted for him not just because he’s black, but also because of his ideas, his charisma, and his ability to inspire not just America, but the rest of the world. And since this is the first time an African American has made it this far in a presidential election, it’s a symbol of change. I think it will put to rest a lot of hidden pain and anger, especially in the older African American generation.

  86. […] but the damage was already done. Word got back to Longhorns coach Mack Brown who immediately booted him off the team. Burnette has since taken down his Facebook page, but before he did, he left this contrite message […]

  87. reply to  #87

    Judy Johnson

    Dearest Jay,
    Small on my body is not what the rest of the bloggers are thinking!!!
    Education…..I will only embarrass you.
    Obama is a brilliant speaker. Let’s only hope that he will be able to evenly spread your educated wealth amoung all the uneducated people so that they may all live the American Dream. That is what you voted for right?
    Buck pull out the race card.

  88. reply to  #88


    Go Horns! Kicking a racist off the team was the true American thing to do.

  89. reply to  #89


    @Go Horns!: I think the country is ready for change. But Judy is trying hard to prove that wrong by saying “off white house” and other stupid coments. But I think anyone who says lets hunt the president! should not be allowed to play college ball. And we all know that the last thing you need is a bench riding player saying stupid things causing a possible divide on the team.

  90. reply to  #90


    Some of you people are idiots. He made a threat (however small) against an elected PRESIDENT of the United States. You bet your damn a$$ he would have gotten thrown off any team in America if he made a statement like that against ANY President. That’s a felony. In many other countries he would have to worry about a whole lot more than being kicked off a football team.

  91. reply to  #91


    Judy, Judy, Judy. You’re probably one of those sad people who are concerned Obama is a Muslim, or an “Arab”. You know what, I’ll gladly “spread my educated wealth” to make sure kids all across America get better teachers, schooling and a better future. I’ll gladly “spread my educated wealth” to make sure everyone can have affordable healthcare. Gladly. I’ll gladly “spread my educated wealth” to ensure that Social Security isn’t privatized because how amazing would that have been when the market crashed? I’ll spread my educated wealth because that’s how you make a country better. You help out. You share. And apparently a lot of America feels that way, too. So, please try your hardest to embarrass me. Let me help you out, I’m black. Start there, and you and Buck can run with it. Mack Brown won’t kick you off this blog site. I’m so humored by you.

  92. reply to  #92


    @John: Finally someone with some thought. I agree completely. This comment shouldn’t be so much about race as it is the threat he made.

  93. reply to  #93


    When you make a joke about killing the president, and then you call him a nigger, falling back on free speech is a weak and fleeting argument.

  94. reply to  #94


    I went to high school with Buck’s father. He was nothing like this. He came from a very classy, educated family. I bet he is devastated over his son’s actions.

  95. reply to  #95


    @Hook’em Horns: Two reasons most blacks voted for Obama: 1) He is not George Bush and 2) He is not a George Bush!!! OK fine, Obama has a sound tax plan and getting the Troops out of that war in Iraq we should have never gotten ourselves into. I doubt that ANYONE told you they are voted for him because he is black. If they did, they are probably sillier than you! 10 Billion a month we spend helping an oil rich nation which has over a 70 billion dollar surplus. I am sure Texas has a math program.

    As far as Burnette getting booted off the team, it may be harsh. But consider he will probably be getting a visit from the Secret Service and every time Obama goes near Burnette’s hometown, Burnette will be getting a visit.

    And more importantly, what is so funny about it. The joke isn’t funny.

  96. reply to  #96


    Thanks Clark. One thing I’ll add – this is not about “free speech” being taken away. It is about the threat. Many made analogies about hateful things being said about Bush, and there have been many. If Buck had made a similar statement – say, “F— Obama” – this would be a different story. He would have gotten a slap on the wrist for being stupid in going public about it. But to insinuate shooting a President, and calling him the “n” word on top of it, is grounds for dismissal.

  97. reply to  #97


    Sorry, I retract and regret the mercy I gave Buck in my comment. I was ignorant in not knowing what he said and the threat that he made. I do still stand by the rest of my comment. He should have never said a thing like that, especially in public. I don’t agree with the agenda of Obama, but I would never say or think a comment like that. I also think it would not have worked out with him staying on the team. I happen to know some of these guys and they are a very good group of guys on and off the field and comments like that don’t belong there or anywhere.

  98. reply to  #98


    Well said, goNYgo and John.

  99. reply to  #99


    Yes and I call on anyone here who thinks its about free speech and that he shouldnt of been kicked off team to, Just cut and paste Buck’s comments to a email and send it to the FBI then wait for the knock at the door. I bet you they wont be so worried about the N-word.

    Oh and lets not forget that threating someones life indirectly or directly because of who they are is also a hate crime.

  100. reply to  #100


    As a person of a darker complexion, I wonder what would happen if while practicing my free speech in a security line at an airport I yelled out,”All hunters gather up, I’m angry with America.” Ridiculous, of course. Threatening the President of the United States on the internet ,Buck should be thankful his only punishment is dismissal from the team. Maybe he will grow up and become a fine man.

  101. reply to  #101


    I believe anyone in a position to influence our youth should be fired or removed from their position if they use the “N” word. My only rule, it cannot be enforced on one group, rather all citizens. We fired Imus but let Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton use the “N” word and antagonize other cultures and races on a regular basis. Their reward, a front row seat in Grant Park on Tuesday night for the coronation. The “N” word is prevalent in music yet when used by a person of a different racial background it all of a sudden becomes offensive.

    Unfortunately, American seems to talk about tolerance, but as seen in this election, in the press, and on chat logs, our ignorance continues to infuse life into this issue. If the reverend Wright wants to rant about America, fine. Just do not give him the relevancy of being a true Church and tax him like any other business. Please don’t argue the first amendment issues, I do not want to hinder his ability to spew the type of trash he does, just enforce the constitution where by we have a separation of church and state. Let’s face it, if a White or Hispanic Catholic priest used that language, he would be run out of town.

    If we want to cut out racism, quit sponsoring it by buying records or MP3’s, find another church, boycott the business that allows the messages to be broadcast, and tell those that you hear using this type of language (whether it is the N word, or any defamatory comments about any group) stand up and be a MAN/WOMAN and tell them that is not acceptable in 2008.

  102. reply to  #102

    Old Car Guy

    Free Speech is dead in America. It is a shame that a double standard is so prevalent in this nation. Having played college football, I know for a fact that the black players refer to each other using the ‘n’ word quite frequently. If the man that hung Ms. Palin in effigy is not punished for poor judgement, why should a young man expressing his opinion be punished for doing so. The sad thing about this is that the President elect is more Arab than black. UT should be ashamed of a knee jerk reaction to a simple statement. I have heard much worse said about President Bush and yet no one has been removed from a team or sent to jail for doing so.

  103. reply to  #103


    @Old Car Guy: WOW your a idiot!!! I thought Judy was a idiot, But you take the cake LOL… You just said Obama is more “Arab then black” Can you please try to make sence out of that i need a laugh. Oh and your other weak point. When black people use the word its not out of hate.

  104. reply to  #104


    A college student ???

  105. reply to  #105


    Wow, old car guy, a simple statement? Really? Maybe if black people hadn’t actually been hunted down and killed in the past it would be a simple statement. The difference between black people using the “n” word and white people using the “n” word, is that when black people use the word, it carries no other baggage. Never is the intent behind the use of the word, that of hate on a race level. It’s unfortunately evolved into a part of black culture, but again, there’s never any all-inclusive, race-hating meaning behind it. In New York, you ‘ll find white kids and black kids using the word (with an “a” at the end, not an “er”) while talking to one another. However, when it’s used by a guy like Buck, in a sentence with other words like, “Gather the hunters…”, it’s a bit different. Like John mentioned earlier, if he had said, “F___ Obama!”, it’s his rightful opinion and this blog wouldn’t even exist.

  106. reply to  #106

    john whiteman

    Hey Buck, get a lawyer, and sue the school for kicking you off the team for violating your freedom of speech rights. Yeah thats right sue. oh and dont say your sorry. if you text it, you meant it. no reason to kicked off the team.

  107. reply to  #107


    @Old Car Guy:Still waiting??

  108. reply to  #108


    @Old Car Guy:Still waiting??

  109. reply to  #109


    ok maybe one of the other idiots can explain what old car guy meant that Obama is more “arab then black”

  110. reply to  #110


    Dear God, John Whiteman. I feel like we’re all being punked by your arrival to the scene. Do you have a job? Well, why don’t you take those awfully big britches of yours and march into your place of employment tomorrow and yell out what Buck said. And if you happen to get fired, sue your company. Hell, you made it sound like such a fool-proof plan, you could get rich! Do it, Mr. Whiteman. It’s an easy, brilliant idea. You should make an infomercial of this cutting-edge idea of yours and rake in the dollars.

    Are you serious? Ashton Kutcher, is that you?

  111. reply to  #111


    @Jay: Thats funny…. I think buck does have a case though because someone gave him access to a computer, and as john whiteman just proved Idiots should be allowed computers..

  112. reply to  #112


    Clark83, I have absolutely NO idea what “more Arab than black” means. I’m baffled.

  113. reply to  #113

    Ron Jones

    I wasn’t a racist before, but I am now. Sorry Buck, white men don’t have freedom of speech in this country. Any race can a white man anything they won’t and it will get a good chuckle or just ignored, but white men had better watch there step, in there own nation.

  114. reply to  #114


    Sad, but true, Clark83. You know what? I know who could probably explain what “more Arab than black” means. Her name begins with a “J” and ends with an “udy Johnson”.

  115. reply to  #115

    Ron Jones

    can call want

  116. reply to  #116


    Uhhhh, Ron Jones?

  117. reply to  #117


    @Ron Jones:well besides how painfully this was to read. (i think your missing words) This has to be the stupidest thig an one has ever TRIED to say. People cant threaten the president. Oh and since when is this nation the “white mans” thought it belonged to the indians. or and its “Thier” country not There

  118. reply to  #118


    @Ron Jones:Opps i missing words to i should say how painfully HARD this was to read…..

  119. reply to  #119

    south florida

    I think this saved him from getting his butt kicked in the locker room, I’m in school and can name 5 reasons i voted for barack.. He used freedom of speech(no one is taking away his rights) coach is doing whats best for his team. would you rather him go to practice and have the team do a bullring around him…..I can tell some of you people were never in team sports.. He would have said fuck obama it would have been okay or even called him a name its straight.but that comment he made , from a team standpiont isnt smart….

  120. reply to  #120


    Ron, don’t do it. Don’t become a racist, man. Be happy America has made such progress.

  121. reply to  #121


    99% of the people in this country are morons. Obama is as white as he is black. His mother was Irish and German, his father was Kenyan.

  122. reply to  #122


    Uhmm, according to Old Car Guy, Barack’s mother was Irish and German, and his father was mostly Arab with a little bit of black.

    I’m sorry, that was childish of me. I agree with you, Blargh. Most people tend to forget that fact. Good point.

  123. reply to  #123


    @Judy Johnson: You obviously feel really threatened by an Obama presidency

  124. reply to  #124


    @Blargh: Thank you!!! I Just wanted to hear Old car guy try to explain how he was “Arab” He has no Arabic blood in his body. But it sure would be funny to read.

  125. reply to  #125

    Mike Lambert

    I guess the first thing we loose under Hussein Obama is “Freedom of Speech”. The same people who are now standing up and yelling fowl are the same people who for thew last few months have set the standard for disrespecting the president of this country. Give me a break, just because the resident is a “Mulatto” does not mean he is not fair game!!!

  126. reply to  #126


    Truth is, it doesn’t matter if he’s black, white, Arabic or Muslim. He did it. And he deserved it. And in time this country will be better for it.

  127. reply to  #127


    The guy hasn’t even stepped into office yet.

  128. reply to  #128


    @Mike Lambert:I thought the idiots went to bed!!! just when Im done laughing at you morons another pops up. I think jay is right its just Ashton punking us. I think your right we should be able to make fun of the president. But to say lets hunt him then throw the N-word in there. Please be real.

  129. reply to  #129



  130. reply to  #130


    HA! Michael Lambert you are priceless! Who says “Mulatto” these days? That was kinda funny. Are you serious? Anyway, Michael, what exactly do you mean by fair game? Is threatening to hunt down and kill the new “n!@@$r” president your idea of fair game? Just asking so I can understand you better. I don’t want to yell “fowl” or anything.

  131. reply to  #131


    Here’s an idea: White people stop being afraid that a “black man is in office” and Black people stop pounding your chests so hard because we have a “black president.” THE MAN IS EQUAL PARTS BLACK AND WHITE. Let him be “everyone’s president”, see how he does and try to support him. And f’ing grow up too.

  132. reply to  #132


    Dieharddemocrat, you had a point for a second but you’re an idiot. Get a clue and go away.

  133. reply to  #133


    Rosa, I am sorry you feel the way you do. I think you forgot when a black man (Rev Al Sharpton) instigated a riot in NY against Jews, which resulted in a number of deaths and three days of rioting and looting. That is also racist and should not be condoned. Why is it that when rioting begins, such as the events in NYC in early 90’s or in New Orleans during Katrina, we condone it? No one is outraged because the Jewish, Korean, Indian and Chinese proprietors had their businesses ransacked, instead we focus on the masses who perpetrated the crimes and justify it because of their “situation.” Isn’t that the same thing we said in LA after each riot there?

    Let’s stop blaming the Whites or Europeans for Slavery. I have a new flash, African tribes were doing this to African tribes hundreds of years before Columbus landed in America. Oh by the way, when they won the battle,the victors raped and pillaged the villages. Some things never change. Have you kept up with Darfur. This process continues today.

    Herd Fan, I saw the Quote. I think it’s interpretation is pretty wide open. I have heard many people say that based on the policy and politics of the anticipated administration, they are buying guns so they can start hunting again to fill their cellars. They believe we will be diving into a full blown depression. I seem to remember the same comments when Clinton was elected. To me, at it’s worst the comment by this young man is racial, at its most innocent, it is a kid who authored a bad run-on sentence and showed a lack of common sense. I didn’t see this type of uproar when Jesse Jackson wanted to cut Barack’s balls off.

    Judy, you are just wrong with your comments, see my first post. , by the way I am your age, please act it.

    Jay, don’t assume that Judy, nor her whole family is less intelligent than Barack, you show your ignorance. There are a lot of PhD’s that are pretty ignorant and crazy – can you say Ted Kaczynski?

    On Obama, whist he is a great orator, he pales in intellect and experience compared to a Colin Powell or Condoleezza Rice. As for your comment on Sharpton , he is an idiot and a racist, that is why blacks, whites and all other colors did not vote for him.

    Rod – Hitler was an Atheist.

    goNYgo – I would love to see the details on the tax plan. My background is in research, so I tend to look at actual facts and plans, not rhetoric. i have found the later, but none of the prior. We would all be better off if we questioned our leaders for the facts and were capable of understanding the ramifications. If we had done this, we probably would not be in Iraq.

    The reality based on what he promised, most family’s with a combined income over $125k will see a significant increase in their taxes – a combination of both direct and miscellaneous (dividend, capital gains, sales and state) taxes.

    One note, as a dual sport Div 1A athlete, the N word was prevalent (granted way back in the 80’s) and when a non black used it, more often than not, it was not well received. I didn’t use it then and don’t now – no matter what my skin color is.

  134. reply to  #134


    One las thing before I go. Since this site is for Longhorn fans. What do you think is going with the team now. guys that know Buck. They are upset, happy whatever. Thing is they are probably taking sides, and if they cant get passed this thier season is over. So thats why you cut out the cancer and pray it didnt spread.

  135. reply to  #135


    Not good for the Longhorns, Clark… but I would assume most guys on the team are more mature than this kid and since the team has many athletes of different races, they should be very tolerant of one another basically living and breathing the same thing for so many months at a time.

  136. reply to  #136


    So I left for a while to go watch the Office and enjoy other forms of entertainment… dude, I didn’t know what I was missing. The arguments in support of Buck are pure comedic genius! They are defending his statement and calling it an assault on free speech. Are they kidding??? I can see saying that the kid made an unfortunate misstatement, one that should be taken seriously, and deserves another chance. In a way I wish Mack kept him on the team and instead forced him to take classes on diversity and gather some perspective on the history of black people in America. On another note, I am saying this again – it is all about the THREAT. And with this particular candidate, and the obvious ignorance about who he is (is he black? Arab-as if that is evil in itself-?, a terrorist?), you can bet the Secret Service won’t give too many people the benefit of the doubt in future cases. This should be seen for what it was – a stupid remark by a college student that is terribly inappropriate. But it is still a remark implying an act of “hunting down” and shooting an elected President. That is wrong.

  137. reply to  #137


    WHOA Diehard man Kinda ruined the whole double stanard argument. We should spead hate at all. And i dont think It should have anything to do with race. I think it has to do with dividing a team, AND MAKING THREATS TO PRESIDENT…

  138. reply to  #138


    Damn, dieharddemocrat, i’m sorry to hear about your uncle, and I grew up not too far from Jasper, so I remember that disaster. That’s a tough part of the country to be black in. But man, I was with you until you tossed out the “cracker” word. We’ve got to look forward, man. People like Quiet Judy Johnson and Hook’em Horns are still a little mad this country is moving on. In time, even they’ll come around. It’s funny, when you mentioned the White House (even though it was in reference to Judy Johnson’s “Off-White House” comment), it made me smile. I think the Obama family will be an amazing first family. It’ll be so nice to see two young kids roaming the halls of the White House again. Anyway, don’t sweat the comments made by bigots in this blog. I tend to look more toward the fact that the rest of America has proven to think differently than they do.

  139. reply to  #139



  140. reply to  #140


    The question is why did you vote for Mccain? It seems to me a lot of white folks voted for obama too…. Why don’t you ask tjem why they voted for Obama?

  141. reply to  #141


    Oh and Blargh I dont think you can be equal parts black and white its not a recipie. LOL just found that a little funny. Oh and white and black are colors not races.

  142. reply to  #142


    Diehard, your attitude won’t help progress. Get real. Learn how to approach things instead of spouting off racist slurs and threats and looking as bad as the people calling this kid’s comment a breach of an amendment? Like someone else said, look how far Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton has gotten in politics – not very far. Be progressive, not aggressive and stupid.

  143. reply to  #143


    Maybe Buck Burnette can move back into his double wide trailer home with his family and have a coulpe of childern with his sister……

  144. reply to  #144



  145. reply to  #145


    I will close with one last comment – I am white and grew up in the outskirts of DC, which is a very diverse area. I do not think white people have much perspective on the power that using the “n” word carries when used towards a black person. Case in point – a kid in my school growing up once called another kid in our school the “n” word. Later that day, on his way home from school, he got “jumped'” by 14 black kids. While I do not in anyway condone the attack, nor the usage of the word, I also cannot think of one thing a black student in my school could have said to a white student that would have made 14 white kids beat the hell out of him after school. The lesson I learned? Don’t ever use that word – better yet, don’t even harbor those kinds of thoughts. We would be a much better society if we all could do that.

  146. reply to  #146


    Blargh, Thank you.

    Dieharddemocrat is as dumb and ignorant as those on the other extreme. If he truly felt that way, he would have been the first to jump and defend Palin when they hung her effigy by a tree. What he seems to forget is that African Americans did not do all this by them selves. He obviously is ignorant of the underground railroad that freed slaves and other prominent “citizens” of every race that marched along side King and others in the 50’s and 60’s. By the way, my Dad marched with King, so please just shut up.

  147. reply to  #147


    Dallas Independent, nice, thorough response. But I’d still bet heavily that Obama is more intelligent than Judy Johnson or any of her family members. PHD’s don’t necessarily equate intelligence. Even though Obama is a graduate of Columbia University and Harvard Law School – where he was president of the Harvard Law Review and graduated with a Juris Doctor (J.D.) magna cum laude from Harvard. So yeah, I pretty much still think he’s more intelligent than Judy or any of her family. Of course, she can prove me wrong. I’ll gladly admit it.

    As far as the Al Sharpton reference, you meant to support my point, right? His failed run was proof that black America won’t just line up and vote for any black politician. We’re on the same page on this one.

  148. reply to  #148


    Clark, actually, you can. Explain to me please, how the equation works when his father is a black man from Kenya and his mother is a white woman whose lineage is from the UK and Germany mix together? I thought one half and one half were equal parts?

  149. reply to  #149


    And Clark, if white and black aren’t races, then why is this kid’s comment we’re all talking about racist?

  150. reply to  #150


    @Blargh: I just think it sounds funny that you say he is one part black one part white. Has nothing to do with weather its correct or not. I dont know if one or the other race is dominate or if they are equal. I just think he is mixed.

  151. reply to  #151


    Come on Clark, now you”re contradicting yourself… you just called the “colors”, “races”. In my thinking, when one parent is one “color” and the other is another “color”, their offspring is the sum of those two, ergo, “equal” parts. But, I’m a Penn St. grad, what the eff do I know.

  152. reply to  #152


    Its racist because he used the N-word

  153. reply to  #153


    Texans still believe Obama is a muslim….how ignornant can you be? This kid should not only be off the team but out of school and in jail for threatening the President Elect.

  154. reply to  #154



  155. reply to  #155


    Burnett’s comment didn’t mention the words “black” or “white”. It mentioned “nigger”. It hurts to type it. Admit it, it kinda makes you cringe to read it, doesn’t it? This is bumming me out. I’m disappointed we’re engaged in this friendly debate over race, and Obama isn’t even in office yet. A big part of me is afraid for him, and that’s just crazy.

    I’m gonna talk about something else. Who thinks the Horns will run table for the rest of the season? I hope OU smacks Tech when they meet. The way we lost that game was so painful. A gutsy comeback, but man it was a painful way to lose.

  156. reply to  #156


    well if you paid to go to penn St you dont know much… LOL and Blargh how am i contradicting myself when i only REPEATED what you said?

  157. reply to  #157


    Jay – just because you went to Yale (both Bushes) or Harvard (Jeff Skilling of Enron and a host of wall street folks that got us in this financial mess) does not constitute intelligence. Educations is a baseline from which to build a legacy, but the legacy of an education is more about what you do after school. MBA’s and Lawyers from those schools are good theorists and legislators. The problem lies where their credentials are more about where they went to school as opposed to what they did after.

    I think that if Barack had had a chance to season his experience with more time in the Senate, he would have been able to satisfy the major question most intelligent people had about him, is he ready. I have hired and fired plenty of IVY league grads that had great potential, only to fail because they got positions that they were not ready for.

  158. reply to  #158


    Come on now, Clark. And what does the racist “N-word” refer to? A person’s “color”, right? So, if black and white are “colors” and not races, then, well.. shxt, you’re just flat out wrong… Oh yeah, I’m just a dumb yankee…

  159. reply to  #159

    Hook'em Horns

    I hope UT runs the table, I know they can. Oh and Texas voted republic anyways so all you “Texans” that voted obama, your vote didnt help and you should have just stayed at home and watched tv while the republicans ran the show in Texas once again.

    OK st, tech, and OU will all lose a game, and oU will beat tech which would put us on top. Is UT ranked 7 or 4?

  160. reply to  #160

    Hook'em Horns

    I am a yankee and a Texan, but I like the south way better. Just to put that out there.

  161. reply to  #161


    OK at first i just thought that statement sounded funny. Didnt say you were wrong. But The N-word Refers to a race not to a color. Be real do you call your black marker your ni*** marker?

  162. reply to  #162


    I bet Texas could beat Penn State. Just sayin’. Before you get all fired up, Blargh, I’m just trying to change the subject. You guys are talking about mixing stuff, and one part this and one part that, i had to make sure I didn’t enter a chemistry blog. Good times.

  163. reply to  #163


    Clark, let’s not get ridiculous. I think you got my point — which was — let’s all support Obama — he represents a wider cross-section of this country’s population than any other president before. Maybe he’ll make a great president, he deserves the chance.
    Jay – I hope we’ll get the chance to see.

  164. reply to  #164


    Jay, I think they can run the table. But i think Tech will as well. They look like they have finally have put together the complete package.

    Blargh, GO PSU. I am happy for Joe Pa, a great man. Almost played for him. All my buddy’s that did already are planning their January travel.

  165. reply to  #165


    get over it . there are more important things so petty!!!!!!!

  166. reply to  #166



  167. reply to  #167


    Oh yeah, speaking of Clarks… ours (Daryll that is) is probably a superior athlete to your McCoy. Perhaps we’ll see who is. We don’t get any Heisman talk because the offense is so well balanced. Royster could run your defense out of their shoes.

  168. reply to  #168

    Hook'em Horns

    Joe Pa hates Texas with a passion and if we play them then he will possibly get his team fired up and say this is his last game win it for me and all this crap. But UT is more talented than Penn st and I know we can beat them.

  169. reply to  #169


    Who cares. he already been elected so why does color matter. People are saying oh he didn’t state the color but in a=fact he said the “N” word. what if somebody called white americans honkies, skinheads, rapists.kkk, homo’s, molesters. Oh I forgot that’s what you guys are.

  170. reply to  #170


    @Blargh: Oh i get it we need to be simple minded. and just put all people regardless of thier “race” in either black or white. So i guess no more germans, irish, scotish. Just whites. No more africans, haitians, Jamaicans. Just blacks.

  171. reply to  #171


    Hook ‘Em you are a complete ignoramus and I doubt you ever attended UT, and if you did, they should revoke your admission.
    FACT: Joe Paterno got dizzy several months ago and had to be hospitalized, but wanted to leave the hospital so he could fly to Texas to have a scheduled dinner with his close friend, Mack Brown.
    Now shut up and stop embarassing your fellow fans.

  172. reply to  #172

    Hook'em Horns

    All I am saying once again is people made jokes and said other bad things about our other president, Bush, and every body just laughed and went on with their ways. And now we have a black president and one kid says something and gets kicked off of a team for it? Not cool.

  173. reply to  #173


    Hook’em – i am an American First, then i affiliate to my state

    Blargh, again you prove my point about State schools producing smart logical people. McCain put it very eloquently when he said it is time for Americans to unite behind our leader and get ready for the tough road ahead.

    God Bless America, College Football and the freedom that so many of our brothers and sisters have given their lives to ensure that we could have these discussions.

  174. reply to  #174


    Clark, you’re smarter than that, come on.

  175. reply to  #175


    Ok Blargh I agree we need to give Obama a chance. I just hate calling black and white a race. Its just words though. anyways If you thin Penn State has a chance to beat anyone outside the big 10 then i have ocean front property to see you in arizona.

  176. reply to  #176


    opps sell you!!!

  177. reply to  #177

    Hook'em Horns

    Well Texas could be its own country if we wanted to.

  178. reply to  #178


    Dallas Independent, I hear you and I actually agree with your sentiments. I feel as though Judy Johnson has turned into our very own Joe the Plumber. We’ll call her Judy the Johnson. Anyway, after hearing her thoughts, I’m confident she isn’t that intelligent. But that’s my humble opinion. But I’ve been listening to Obama for a few years now, to his ideas, listening to how he speaks to others, his points of view on issues, and THAT is why I feel as though he’s far more intelligent that Judy the Johnson or any of her family members. Not to mention his laundry list of academic accomplishments.

    But I find the whole “experience” argument somewhat interesting. What experience are you looking for? He was undressed in front of the world during the primary and presidential elections. He dominated the debates not just through his calm demeanor, but with his grasp of all the issues. He knows the world outside America. And more importantly, the world outside America knows him and appears to be in favor of his presidency. He’s a smart man, and he will surround himself with smart people. He’s not so proud as to think he has all the answers, so he’ll have people nearby for support. But, Dallas Independent, I believe you and I ultimately share similar views, so I will argue the point no further.

  179. reply to  #179


    Somebody read this and tell me Joe Paterno “hates Texas with a passion”
    The man is the most honorable person in sports you jackass.

  180. reply to  #180


    DieHard – your ignorance is amusing. You assume what my skin color is and also insinuate that African Americans are the only race that knows what oppression is. I will send you a ticket to Dachau to support your education.

    At this point, you demonstrate that you are as out of touch as the other side and like Sharpton, your worth is based on continuing the legacy of this type of discussion.

  181. reply to  #181

    Hook'em Horns

    Tell me, does Texas and Penn state not have a history in playing each other?

  182. reply to  #182


    We already handled Oregon State, who could be in the Rose Bowl and they finished off big, bad USC. Took care of business with A&M last year (I was at that game), Tennessee 2 years ago and FSU the year before that. We’ll take whoever you give us outside the big ten. Tried to play Bama this year, but they backed out. why do you think we have Coastal Carolina on our schedule? Oh yeah, what was the score of that 1997 Fiesta Bowl again? I’ll take any ocean front property you got… even if it’s in front of a man-made “ocean”. 😉

  183. reply to  #183

    Hook'em Horns

    That said nothing about liking UT by the way. Big deal he came to Austin to eat a dinner. I go with some of my friends and eat with them but that doesnt mean I am cool with one of them.

  184. reply to  #184


    @Blargh: Dont worry about hook em horns. we wrote him off as a idiot a long time ago. Joe pa is by far one of SPORTS (Period) greatest figures of all time. More class then most preachers.

  185. reply to  #185


    Since you asked:
    The 1997 Tostitos Fiesta Bowl game was a post-season college football bowl game between the Penn State Nittany Lions and the Texas Longhorns on January 1, 1997, at Sun Devil Stadium in Tempe, Arizona. Penn State defeated Texas, 38-15.

  186. reply to  #186


    Blargh, I actually like Penn State. Always have. However, their offense isn’t lacking Heisman buzz because they’re “balanced”. That’s a Big Ten excuse. It’s because they have a relatively easy schedule and their offense does nothing special. Admit it. American couldn’t have been more bored watching the highly anticipated OSU game.

    So, although I doubt the two teams will meet, it would be a fun game to watch. But we know the horns would treat it like a practice game. Come on Blargh. C’mon.

  187. reply to  #187


    The big deal is he left the hospital on the same day he went to Austin so he wouldn’t break a promise to a friend, moron.

  188. reply to  #188


    Blargh, you are right. Joe was down in Austin for a lunch, a charity event for Mack. He fell ill and Mack had the Horns plane fly him back to Happy Valley for medical treatment. Whom ever mad the statement that Joe hates Texas obviously does not know much about the man. There are only a few in his class.

  189. reply to  #189


    I hope Penn state plays in the title game against Tech That way when tech blows them out and Usc plays georgia in the rose bowl (oregan state will lose) and texas plays florida in sugar bowl. Everyone will realize that those games were better and that penn state wasnt on that level. Then we will get a playoff

  190. reply to  #190


    It’s called defense Jay. It’s what wins championships. So let it be written.

  191. reply to  #191

    Hook'em Horns

    Wow, oregon st, that must have been hard, oh and even atm, that must have been even harder. UT is 73-36 all time against atm. And wrote me off? Really? Last time I checked I wasnt told by anyone I think I can handle my own. An idiot. I never disrespected the man like atm did, I like the old guy, but I am sure he would love to end a season with a victory against UT. Who wouldnt? Preachers? I think you are the idiot now.

  192. reply to  #192


    Clark, I hope we get that chance. We are not Ohio State. We are Penn St. This team will show up in any bowl game and represent, I have no doubt.

  193. reply to  #193


    Hook, your eloquent use of “old man” is redolent with “like”…. thank you. Now, go to bed. The fries need frying tomorrow.

  194. reply to  #194

    killa b

    @Hook’em Horns:

    Look black people only say that to piss off white people. Plus why wouldnt we vote for Obama dont black people normally vote for Democrats. So I figure “The Maverick”, did a terrible job with his sales pitch. All politicains are crooks dont be fooled. Hey oh yeah this is a good one, sounds like you dont like the this country maybe you should leave.

  195. reply to  #195

    Hook'em Horns

    Who do you play? Michigan, wow, what a challenge, I think we beat Michigan back in 04, when they were good. Ya’ll lost that year didnt you? Yea ya’ll did. We play Owho, Ok st, tech =(, overrated Kansas.

  196. reply to  #196


    Ya wrote you off. Your a idiot all the dumb crap you said earlier. and yes Ja pa has the same class as most preachers. He is a true class act top of the line to bad he coaches is the big ten.

  197. reply to  #197


    Hook, English is my native tongue. But I think we were trying to talk about this year, except for the time you asked about history and I kindly reminded you of the throttling Penn St. gave UT the last time we played.

  198. reply to  #198

    Hook'em Horns

    Or maybe obama just spent way more money than the maverick because he understand the financial crisis in America. And what a white person cant piss of a black person by saying that? Whey to have that one back fire on you. I will move to canada and come back once obama is out of the office, is that good for you? I love this country so you cant just judge me based on a couple of comments. I am more patriotic than our new president, Barack osama, I mean obama.

  199. reply to  #199


    Blargh, it’s called defense against defendable teams. Who on Penn State’s schedule is good this year? Seriously. OSU? Garbage. Michigan? Poo. You guys haven’t faced a formidable offense this year. But as I said earlier, I like Penn State and wish the best for Joe Pa. Maybe they are worth their ranking, but I sure would like a game that proves it.

  200. reply to  #200

    Hook'em Horns

    The first sentence is supposed to mean McCain knowing more about the financial crisis than nobama.

  201. reply to  #201

    Hook'em Horns

    When every minute goes by, that is now considered the past just to let you know.

  202. reply to  #202


    Has anyone in the Big 12 faced a formidable defense? Let it be a clash. I hope we get the chance to play one of your teams. We’ll see. Maybe, maybe not. It’s just football, but it’s fun.

  203. reply to  #203


    Ok we are back on this. Your so patriotic that your ok with someone threating to Hunt the president. And how else can we judge you when we only know you from your comments?

  204. reply to  #204


    Hook, interacting with you has officially made myself and everyone else here that much less intelligent. Thanks for bringing the “dumb” to the table and representing your school of choice.

  205. reply to  #205

    Hook'em Horns

    Clark83 you are pretty judgmental wouldnt you say? I am completely the opposite of an idiot. Typical democrat….

  206. reply to  #206

    killa b

    @Hook’em Horns:

    Your a racist. Now black people tell people to run planes into buildings.

  207. reply to  #207

    Hook'em Horns

    I am sorry I am not an aggie therefore the dumb is in college station.

  208. reply to  #208


    Jesus, Hook’em, are you still up? Seriously, go to bed. I’m starting to think you’re a 13-year old who just got a new laptop or something. You’re STILL up??? Damn. Okay, fine. Then explain your logic behind Barack Osama. Please, entertain us all since you’re still up.

  209. reply to  #209


    @Hook’em Horns:
    Not every african-american voted for Obama. Look he said exactly what he meant so he needs to pay the consequences for his actions. Racism and hatred type comments will not be tolerated anymore in America. Get use to it.

  210. reply to  #210

    Hook'em Horns

    Exactly, dont judge me then. I am not racist, I just know the difference between a black person and a ni$$@r.

  211. reply to  #211


    @Hook’em Horns:
    “I am sorry I am not an aggie therefore the dumb is in college station.”

    Let me go take a double shot of stupid and then this will make sense… hold on.

  212. reply to  #212

    Hook'em Horns

    I sure will tell you that they might not be tolerated, but it wont stop, so get used to seeing more of this action, whether it be by somebody you know or dont know. Dont excpect to hate on Bush and not have somebody hate on obama. It will continue to happen, as a matter of fact, atm has shirts that hate on him. Nobody is kicking them out of school or off of the team.

  213. reply to  #213


    Buck Burnette posted exactly what he felt. He is not “sorry”. The only thing he is sorry about is that he got “caught”. His true colors came out. Since he professes to be a christian — he’s a verse that should come to light for him. King James Version — Out of the abundance of the heart — the mouth speaketh.

  214. reply to  #214


    okay, Hook’em. Explain the difference between a black person and a n!$$@r then. I’m so intrigued. We all now have an opportunity to see that you aren’t a racist, a bigot or “a dumb”. First, the Barack Osama thingy, then the black person/n!$$@r thingy. Go.

  215. reply to  #215


    Ok well this started with Buck and some how got on Penn state being good? what a joke… LOL Now horns is proving that voting shouldnt be a right . I cant belive this clown. Why do i think your a idiot because you make comments that are stupid and racist.

  216. reply to  #216



  217. reply to  #217

    killa b

    The kid got what he deserved. He looks and acts like a real winner. Just like Hook’em Horns. Hook’em Horns is a real class act. Real patriotic american not like us liberal american. This country was built by all races its about time we have finally ackowledge that fact.

  218. reply to  #218


    buck should transfer to grambling!!!

  219. reply to  #219


    nicely said, killa b. I thought Clark83 made a brilliant point when pointing out that Hook’em claims to be patriotic, but at the same time he supports the notion that our president should be hunted because he’s black.

  220. reply to  #220


    COP wrote: “Everyone is racist – this election just proved that blacks are racist because 97% of them voted for Obama.”

    That’s an idiotic thing to say, blacks always vote with the Democratic candidate 90% of the time. Obama improved in all demographics over what Kerry received in 2004. He got 78% of the Jewish vote, Kerry got 74% of the Jewish vote. Obama got 66% of the Hispanic vote, Kerry got less than 50%. Obama’s support amongst whites was also higher than it was for Kerry. So Obama’s statistical improvement among blacks over what Kerry received isn’t unique, it’s actually something that was quite common this election for him. 90% of blacks supporting Clinton and Kerry and then it going up to 96% for Obama doesn’t prove anything. If blacks generally voted with the republicans and then abandoned the party in mass because the other party nominated a black person then you might have an argument, but that’s not the case because blacks always go with the democrats. Try harder next time.

  221. reply to  #221


    ok maybe not!!! im out of here ill be back tomorrow to see how bad the hate has spread thourgh here.

  222. reply to  #222

    Hook'em Horns

    Have you also looked up the versus about the anti-christ? You should. Black people: Get a job that is not related to drugs and alcohol, guns, strolling slowly through the neighborhood and mean muggin all the time, they want to succeed in life with out the gangster attitude and drugs to go along with them.
    Ni$$#rs: mean mug, think that drugs are the thing to do, act like they run the streets, repping their hoods, constantly bring up the past about why they have to continue to sell drugs instead of doing something with their lives, they are loud everywhere they go (and I have hung out with them), they feel they have to have their pants sagging, instead of respecting others in public, dont want to get jobs like civil african- americans. The list could go on but I have an exam tomorrow. I enjoyed talking with you people. God Bless.

  223. reply to  #223

    killa b

    The guys a loser. Hes a Knuckle dragger. His family is slow to progress if you know what I mean.

  224. reply to  #224

    Hook'em Horns

    I never said he should be hunted because he is black. Dumba ass

  225. reply to  #225

    killa b

    We just did president. I’m done with you. Your dismissed

  226. reply to  #226


    There is a time and place for eveything. He picked the wrong time and the wrong place to post his personal feelings. To keep peace, sometimes we have to keep how we really feel between us and God.

  227. reply to  #227

    Hook'em Horns

    Dont put my family into this.

  228. reply to  #228

    killa b

    dont stereo type black people

  229. reply to  #229

    Hook'em Horns

    You act like you run everything, “your dismissed”. I am still here.

  230. reply to  #230

    Hook'em Horns

    Dont ask me to then, or whoever asked me to.

  231. reply to  #231


    well horns you proved me right again thank you…. tell buck i said hello tomorow during your klan meeting.

  232. reply to  #232

    Hook'em Horns


  233. reply to  #233


    @ blargh whit and black are colors African Americans and germans or irish are three different races of people

  234. reply to  #234


    Wow, Hook’em, that was brilliant. Right up there with Dickens and Poe. You’re actually so ignorant that I kinda find you entertaining. I’ve just got one question for you: shut up.

  235. reply to  #235


    well horns your family should be proud they raised a fine young man….. LOL really they didnt…

  236. reply to  #236


    a lightskinned african american would be considered a caramel color as opposed to a dark black color

  237. reply to  #237

    Hook'em Horns

    Was that a question or an expression. Because I could tell ya’ll the same thing as well.

  238. reply to  #238


    Clark83, your Klan line is an instant classic. HIlarious. And I’m with Killa b for ignoring the studious Klansman from here on out.

  239. reply to  #239

    Hook'em Horns

    Actually they raised a conservative, the way America should be, and not like these stupid democrats/liberals that think world peace will come with obama.

  240. reply to  #240

    killa b

    Horns one day you’ll learn most of american citizens. Like each other man i’m a black dude that fights for this country. owns my a AR15 loves my gun rights, shops at the gap, and was scared to vote for Obama because of the fact that he doesn’t like guns all that much. the thing that swung my vote was when all of a sudden it was bad to be a arab. And they put these crazy people on tv talking this kill em crap and they dont even address it until the press comes down on them.

  241. reply to  #241

    Hook'em Horns

    My family has a history of fighting for this country as well. As long as you are doing as much as you can to support your country and family as an african american you probably wont be judged by people, I respect you alot. Everybody is judged and I really am not racist, I know I am coming off like I am so sorry to whoever I offended. He will not succeed with the whole gun act, because that will cause a war within the country. My dad is a gunsmith and there is no way somebody will take his guns from him.

  242. reply to  #242


    Well I think ill go now talking to Horns is like watching bad Porn you really dont want to keep going but you really dont want to miss anything either. No matter how bad it is..
    All you guys with sence thanks for the input .for the ones who like to continue to move backward while the rest of the country moves forward. dont worry we will carry you to a better country… YES WE CAN!!! 🙂

  243. reply to  #243

    killa b

    I encourage you to have your opinions about politics but they should be valid. hes a arab is not valid. hes black is not valid. even I’m a maverick is not valid if you vote 90% of the time with a unpopular president. give me something I can fact check. Not BS.

  244. reply to  #244


    We are all responsible for the things we say and do. Regardless of who was elected or who we voted for, the remark was inappropriate. Being kicked off the team was the proper thing for the coach and the University to do, and I applaud them for it.

  245. reply to  #245


    Killa B, ignore him.

  246. reply to  #246

    killa b

    Yes We Can!!!!!

  247. reply to  #247

    Hook'em Horns

    Well, it has been two days since obama has been in the house and drama has already stirred up like crazy. I dont think any peace is going to come out of this. You must have been in the porn, to make it bad.

  248. reply to  #248

    Hook'em Horns

    No it wasnt the right thing to do, but whatever.

  249. reply to  #249


    Whoever entered in blog 222 suuuuure does sound like a good ol’ fashioned racist to me! I’m out people.

  250. reply to  #250

    Hook'em Horns

    Like I said before, dont ask me for answer if you are not ready for the truth.

  251. reply to  #251

    killa b

    I tell you one thing Obama has made a believer out of me I never thought I would see the day. Sh!t maybe we will start seeing all of the young brotha pulling up their pants, and trying new things. like Hookem would like to see. On to better days I guess>

  252. reply to  #252

    Country Boy

    Go Mccain!!!!

  253. reply to  #253

    Hook'em Horns

    I sure would love to see that, and I hope the best for obama and his family and hope the country gets better.

  254. reply to  #254


    HEY EVERYBODY! HOOK’EM HORN’S INBRED BROTHER HAS JOINED THE CONVERSATION! Welcome, Country Boy. How’s your mother/wife doing today? Make sure she puts her teeth in before she leaves the house, okay? For crying out loud, she’s got to start acting professional, even if it’s only a gas station.

  255. reply to  #255

    killa b

    Have a good night all my wife and new born daughter dont appreciate the computer light. Hookem I hope you found the answer you were looking for tonight. But just so you know Black people dont owe you sh!t we can vote for whoever we want. for whatever reason we want. The black population in the united states only make up for like 20% of the population if that. thats not enough to elect a president. So try asking the white guys why they vote for Obama.

  256. reply to  #256


    I remember that a black man never considered the person’s color when he jumped on the subway tracks to save a white man’s life when the man suffered a seizure, I believe in New York. So let’s try not to judge anyone by their color. You never know when a person of COLOR might risk their life for your’s. Let’s try to be HUMAN BEINGS and treat others as we would want to be treated.

  257. reply to  #257


    @Country Boy: umm Saying go McCain is like saying go texas beat tech Its a little late for that!!!!

  258. reply to  #258

    Hook'em Horns

    Take away that 20% and McCain would have won. Not even all of the 20%. I wasnt really looking for an answer. I just wanted to back to kid up and give him a second chance since everybody hated on Bush and it wasnt a big deal, but since its a new president and he happens to be black…. It has to be different, becuase the democrats got their candidate in office.

  259. reply to  #259

    Hook'em Horns


  260. reply to  #260


    Killa B, congrats on your new born. She’s entering a much better world. Hook’em, I hope you see what kind of person is attracted to you: Country Boy. A kid whose first line in the blog was “Fuck all them stupid niggers hook em horns”. How does that feel? If you claim you aren’t racist, then consider the fact that Country Kid felt a connection with you and your views. Man. And Clark83, nice analogy. Very funny. Now I’m really out. To all those who are for progress and Obama, good night. To all those who aren’t, good night to you too.

  261. reply to  #261

    killa b

    I like Country Boy at least its not hidden racism. I know right where he stands on the issue. Hes edumacated

  262. reply to  #262

    Hook'em Horns

    Jay. Inbred, is that not a little bit biased, which is like racism? He is not my brother for one, I dont even know him. That is also sexist, assuming that a woman is suppose to work at the corner of a gas station.

  263. reply to  #263

    jackson M

    buck went to the same high school as i did and he is not that kind of person , i know all of yall hipocrites got text messages that night and laughed at them , but buck made a bad mistake by posting his , he is a religious man and had no intention of people takin it to heart, everyone grow up it was a mistake, no one is perfect

  264. reply to  #264

    Hook'em Horns

    Change is not always a good thing. I obviously attracted people like you as well, since we are all on the same topic. If not then you would not have said anything to me and just ignored me. I attract alot of people.

  265. reply to  #265

    Hook'em Horns

    I am a religious man as well, and even I laughed at the text messages and reposted them more civil. And you are right, noone is perfect. I also laughed at some of the Bush jokes. Get over yourselves and lets just wait these (hopefully four) four years out.

  266. reply to  #266

    killa b

    sorry damage done. he hurt my feelings with his stupidity. Hes a grown man stop stroking him. He knew what he was doing. And he better be religous because I hope his dumb butt didnt have a scholarship. because he can kiss that goodbye. and he really is going to need Jesus mow wont he.

  267. reply to  #267


    horns go to bed you have to be up way past your bed time. Your not even making real sentences anymore. And how is calling you inbred Biased? Do you even know the meaning of the words your trying to use? And how is biased like racism? I think im getting dumber listening to you.

  268. reply to  #268

    Hook'em Horns

    I usually wake up at this time so I can go to work at the hospital for people that are on their death beds. You are choosing one side over the other, racism chooses one side over the other as well as being biased. Every body needs Jesus by the way, that is the only way into Heaven just to let you and I can back that up, I have a bible right next to me.

  269. reply to  #269

    killa b

    tell that to muslims, buddist, hindu, jews

  270. reply to  #270

    killa b

    when will this madness stop. I’m done that is a arguement i refuse to touch. I will be up all night.

  271. reply to  #271

    Hook'em Horns

    They dont listen because they are blindsided by false teachings. That is why we have missionaries that go over to their countries and try preach the gospel to them so they know.

  272. reply to  #272

    killa b

    Go get em country boy. love the rage. hook’em glad to hear you made some friends. Jackson M. nothing personal man your I realize your friend just made a mistake.

  273. reply to  #273

    Hook'em Horns

    It wouldnt last long, so its cool. Goodnight and God Bless.

  274. reply to  #274

    Hook'em Horns

    I dont really needs friends, I just need God and Jesus and I am cool.

  275. reply to  #275


    Oh you can’t be serious, Hook’em. You’re a racist for Jesus, now? What does you little Klan bible by your bed tell you? Do you actually think Jesus thinks like you do?

    And Country Kid, go hug your momwife. DO IT!

  276. reply to  #276


    In my black opinion i think that he should have not gotten kicked off the team. But agian this is Mack Browns football team and its up to him to decide what his football team can handle and his expectations from his players. Now what he said is terrible and offensive to his team and country. A lot of football players make mistakes that offend their football team but not their country and to do both is an outstanding mess up. Im positive that were some others players across america that felt the same way or is on the same page as Buck. But kicking him off the team will not change him, in fact it could make it worse for him to be more of a racist. Not all whites are racist and some needed to take steps in order to get to that point and some are still going to be racist. Obama is revolutionary, it will take time for some racists to accept it, some may not but some will in time, but being around the right people they can change. And i think that a young person surrounded by the type of people in Austin ( which is Travis County and went Obama) can help him relax and redirect his life. So YES WE CAN give the boy a reshirted for this season and hopeful next season chance. The blacks are use to it anyway, our older generations have had it worse for over 400 years, we should be able to tolerate those who need the time to accept the change

  277. reply to  #277

    killa b

    oh you mean like when christian missionaries beat native american and told them not to speak their language. You do realize that all those realigions I listed can before christianity right. Its a money and control thing and you fell for it. But people have fell for dumb sh!t. I’ll let you have it their all pagans condemned to hell. and its your job the holy man to spread the word of Jesus your lord and savior to the savages.

  278. reply to  #278

    killa b


  279. reply to  #279

    killa b

    Country boy best thing about being black right now is seeing how far we as a people have come. and watching us pass your @ss by knowing the whole time that your going to blame us for taking your job.

  280. reply to  #280


    Actually, Country kid, wrestle her down, shave her, plug in her teeth, and THEN hug your momwife. You need someone to hug you and control your anger. Now, go do it.

  281. reply to  #281

    killa b

    I shoot first ask questions later so be careful.

  282. reply to  #282


    Sounds like fun! Maybe I’ll get to watch you breast feed from your momwife as you and your cousins jump around the fire! Great! Can I bring my camera? Too big? How about my iphone?

    It’s a cell phone. Made by Apple.

    You don’t know what an iPhone is? Oh, Jesus. Put down your banjo and get acquainted with what the progressive world around your family swamp is doing these days, Country Kid. For Christ’s sake.

  283. reply to  #283

    killa b

    so that makes you how old. new material please. Known fact there are lots of black people in the United States that are not decents of slaves. Like for instistance barack obama, and me. and even if I did I’m not the slave you want im smarter than u.

  284. reply to  #284


    I’m tired of laughing at this kid. He’s so transparent. Killa B, again, best of luck to you, bruh.

  285. reply to  #285

    killa b

    appreciate i’m out too.

  286. reply to  #286


    Damn. Country Kid got real quiet all of a sudden. Lost his country balls, I guess.

  287. reply to  #287


    I don’t know why some of you don’t get it. For me it’s not even that he called the president elect the N word. There has always been racist in america and always will be. It’s that he said, all you hunters etc, as if he was calling for gun tooting hunters to get together and hunt Obama with a gun. That was in affect, a threat on the president. You can’t think its okay to EVER do that. A lot of fools are going to go down with dumb comments because of thinking that just because Barack is biracial or black as some like to say, its okay to talk about killing him.

  288. reply to  #288


    Mack Brown has a history of not allowing his team to act like fools. That’s why the team isn’t constantly in the headlines for raping, drugs, etc., as some other teams are. Burnette’s comment was stupid and offensive to everyone…white, black, purple, or green. Should he have been kicked off of the team for it? Maybe not, but Mack Brown says he goes, and that’s the only opinion that counts. Will it hurt the team? That remains to be seen, but as much as his leaving may hurt the team, I believe his staying would have hurt the team more. How can you make such a blatant racist remark and be a part of a team that consists of people of all races? You can’t be a team when you think certain players on your team are less than you are. Mack Brown has always stressed the importance of each and every player be they white, black, quarterback, kicker, or waterboy. No matter what you think about Burnette going, you have to give Mack Brown credit for ALWAYS putting the welfare of his team above winning.
    As far as those of us from small towns in Texas being raised to be racist; that’s a crock. We’re not all sheet-wearing, people haters who marry our cousins, and can’t form a complete sentence. My southern accent doesn’t make me a racist; thank you very much. Even for those who were raised that way, there comes a time when you have to ‘rise above your raising.” We Texans are a very proud people, and I for one am proud of Mack Brown for standing up for the sake of what’s right, the overall welfare of his team, and being a coach who doesn’t put winning over the growing up that these young men need on or off of the field.

  289. reply to  #289


    Thats what they call “freedom of speech”. Unfortunatly if you don’t agree with the anti-American criminal loser libbie communist left lepers—you will face these kinds of repercussions. I don’t agree with the “n” word but we sure got a whole lot of criminal democrap trash in our government now! Sad day for the USA!

  290. reply to  #290

    J Burke

    I applaud Mack Brown and the UT Football program for doing the right thing. This young man can make no excuse for his actions – just learn a hard lesson for his words of hatred. Growing up on a small town ranch in Texas is no excuse, whatsoever. Doesn’t this young man have team mates who are of color other than white? What the hell was he thinking? Oh yea, he wasn’t. This biggotry has to stop and we all need to do the right thing and speak out when we hear / read these hurtful, ignorant, slurs.

  291. reply to  #291

    Steve Skala

    It seems that everyone has for gotten that barack O bama is half White the Blacks have embraced him as being totally Black when in fact his white family was the family that kept from harm guided him through life3 and saw that he made it whereis the credit? It seems as though the whites that helped him through the hardest part of his life have been totally thrown asside and forgotten. Somebody better stand up and say hey this man made it but where the hell where the blacks when it came to raiseing his ass!! Are you all that stupid and foolish to have forgotten who raised him!! COME ON

  292. reply to  #292

    Steve Skala


  293. reply to  #293


    Burnett’s facebook comment was stupid, immature, etc. I don’t think an apology is enough but we have freedom of speech in the USA and he should not have been thrown off the team.

  294. reply to  #294


    so what hahahahah WP

  295. reply to  #295


    No one is questioning his rights to free speech, calling someone a nigger is one thing, but one can not threaten a United States President, or President elect. If he had been a black youth, he would have been in jail. He got of easy.

    By the way, free speech is not free; one lives by the consequences of their words. He was not put in jail for calling President Elect Obama a nigger, but he should have been put in jail for threatened him. He got off easy because he is white!

  296. reply to  #296


    Buck Burnette posted the following line on facebook:

    “all the hunters gather up, we have a ***** in the whitehouse”

    And it became a big thing.

    I am thinking that the kid was just doing his job, and Mack Brown “fumbled” the player.
    Buck was recruited as the best offensive lineman out of his high school.
    Now what did he do and got kicked out of the team? For posting an offensive line? Isn’t that exactly what his job is?

  297. reply to  #297


    No Christo, he didn’t just post and “offensive line” he threaten a United State President Elect … I know it’s hard for you to see the different, but try, why don’t ya!

  298. reply to  #298


    America is suppose to be a free country. I don’t condone his comment, But what ever happend to FREEDOM OF SPEECH????

  299. reply to  #299

    Ms. Priss

    No one can threaten the president, wether you like if or not. And for all of you believing President elect Obama is a socialist, fascist or marxist, you have believed McCain/Palin’s campaign slogans and you are considered a low information person. In other words you’re stupid, arrogant and ignorant.

  300. reply to  #300


    Well the thought police are at it again. How dissapointing can it be that another institution no longers believes in free speech. Everyone has the right to their opinion – I thought it was guaranteed under the Constitution of the country that I have adopted as my own. Pretty soon we will all be forced under the law to be like the Muslims – if you don’t believe, speak, act and toe the line – then off with your head. Or blow it off which is more their style today. I cannot believe my fellow Americans are going down this road – and without a single protest from the majority. The University should be ashamed of itself.

  301. reply to  #301

    killa b

    Here let me explain freedom of speech to ya. Freedom of speech means that you can not be arrested for your comments. as long as what you say is not threatening to others. Yeah with a liberal governing party you still have the right to assemble and preach your hate. No one is taking that from you no one cares. Most americans are past that. And as far as Steve Skala goes I am a soldier. and yes I do fight and defend this country and its freedoms. Even if you have to to protect you too.

  302. reply to  #302


    Buck Burnette is a young person. Yes, he must be accountable for such a dispicable remark. Should the punishment for a young person’s remark cost him a scholarhsip and be taken off the Texas team? I don’t think so! As parents our job is to teach and be role models. Someone, or everyone, has missed an opportunity to teach this young man right from wrong. Unfortunately, I am afraid that this harsh lesson will make this impressionable you man bitter and deeply entrench his current beliefs in stone, never to be changed. Missed Opportunity to teach and change, which is exactly what President Elect Obama rightfully preaches!!

  303. reply to  #303


    While I find Buck’s comments offensive, I remember liberals using such terms as “white trash” when discussing those who supported McCain and Palin. I find it quite ironic that liberals believe that free speech belongs to them alone.

  304. reply to  #304


    @Steve Skala:Hey Idiot let me first say that not only was I in the military. That i went to Iraq about 5 times for various lenghts of time. So before you go calling anyone a pussy.. Wher are your stripes? Second hey made a Threat!!! If you know anything about our fine goverment you know you can threaten the president.

  305. reply to  #305


    To all the right wing, conservative rednecks.

    Question..What if buck was a black player who threatened to kill bush or some other white person?….Would you be so forgiving? Would you say hes just a kid and kids make mistakes?…Would you want him back on the team?…..Or would your opinion be racially motivated?

  306. reply to  #306



  307. reply to  #307

    killa b

    Jack I can agree with that. But I also think that the young man not child was used as a example of what could happen, if you refuse to grow with society. You can make the arguement that you dont like where society is going but tough sh!t the world is progressing and is going to continue to progress. The thing I hate is we are talking about freedom of speech for a man who is obvisously a closet racist. But gay people cant get married. Now tell me where in the constitution does it say that gays cant get married. The real problem is that americans including myself would love for the government not to take our rights, but we continue to allow that to take the rights of others.

  308. reply to  #308


    They should of let him stay and be a cancer to the team. I mean players would of taken sides then they would of started fighting within the team. Slowly they would of fallen apart. They would of stopped trusting each other and it would be just in time for the home stretch of the season. it would be funny to watch..

    The kid didnt get kicked out of school and didnt get arrested for what he said. Mack simply removed the cancer on his team. The thing about Mack is he would of done the same thing to Colt or Shipley. You can let negativity spread in a team sport.

  309. reply to  #309


    I know Buck Burnette personally. He is one of the best people I know, he has a strong faith and he leads not only his team but people who meet him to be better. He admitted to his mistake, is devastated by it, and has accepted the consequences with more concern about distracting from the team that he loves than worry for his future. People make mistakes, and he is no exception. But if you look at his track record and compare it to those of other kids on that team, I guarantee you there has been MUCH worse that has gone un-noticed by the staff/coaches/media due to their starter status. You don’t destroy a kid’s education and dream for a comment he made on facebook that wasn’t even his own, especially after he took it down and has been profusely apologizing about his mistake. Give the kid a break, he’s a good person. And also, for the record, remind yourselves that his comment (as most media stories go) has been extremely exaggerated and there is always more than one side to a story.

  310. reply to  #310


    Your right but heres the problem. Buck’s story didnt go unnoticed. And I think the only reason he got kicked off team was so he wasn’t a distraction. But someone who Either A was trying to get him in trouble (for whatever reason) or B was offended by it. Brought attention to it. So let him move on he can go start at baylor or go to a smaller school and he will be fine.

  311. reply to  #311

    killa b

    He sure co-signed that comment. matter a fact he owed it until it got him in trouble. Do they teach that hate in his church. The difference is I recognize comments like that and say its not cool. His parents obvisous did not teach him how to keep his nose clean.

  312. reply to  #312

    killa b

    Yep I agree with Clark83. I believe I love this team, I dont want to see a devide. And I know it might seem like it but I’m not trying to kick the guy while hes down. I just hope no one is stupid enough to do this again.

  313. reply to  #313


    Stan, great point. The problem with that logic is that the majority of the defenders would become attackers and vise versa.

    The problem with this issues is that sides and positions are formed immediately. Think about the OJ Trial, LA riots, Katrina, The Crown Heights riots in NYC – sides defend like individuals. Not many step back and ask, what are the facts and the history that led to the incident. We pile on like mobs of old without using our collective intellect to clear the path forward.

    Just look at this discussion thread, collectively we have made tremendous stretches (on both side) about a young man from a single quote. No one has asked to understand the motivation and drivers as to why he did what he did. This blog has demonstrated more insight about the individuals that have responded, than about the young man that instigated this discussion thread. Instead, his family and background have been brought in and trashed.

    We seem to forget another right that we have as Americans, the burden of proof – the presumption that a person is innocent until proven guilty.

    I do not defend the young man, nor question Mack’s right to remove him from the privilege of playing for UT. Rather, I would suggest that the collective take a step back and look at the facts when they come out and then make a rational decision as to the merit for his future punishment.

    If indeed his actions were inflammatory with the intent to inflict harm, then pursue the course of law. If not, pursue a path to reconcile these emotional energy’s into a forum to finally bring change to the way American addresses race.

  314. reply to  #314


    if this guy only sees is color , wow he is a stupid as stupid does, why not see what this guy has to offer , then you can complain about it, but like he said every change starts with us people for the people.

  315. reply to  #315


    Killa b

    Would you agree that if your church preaches hate, would you agree that parents and the collective society should eliminate such environments?

    I am 100% behind that statement. Any church should be decommissioned if they support this type of rhetoric. I for one would immediately stand up and call out a priest, minister, rabbi or cleric that I looked to for spiritual guidance if they spewed this type of filth. I would not wait, nor give him/her a second chance. In that role, those types of slips are cause for immediate dismissal.

    Would you agree?

  316. reply to  #316


    Killa b

    I would, with respect to this question like to get your input on what level of character and class you put on a parent that raises their child is such an environment. Based on post #311, I might make the analogy that you do not think highly of that parent, nor church for putting these thoughts in their children’s head. And, from the collective of the overall post’s in this discussion thread, that if a parent supports (by financial, attendance, or in any other means) this type of environment/church, that is a true reflection of their inner/true feelings.

    The merit here is that in the deep south, this was true in the early part of the last century, and was only removed when the congregation stood up and said no more. I would venture to say that these types of activities are few and far between in today’s society. Would you agree that we should immediately reject those that support the continuation of this hate?

  317. reply to  #317


    @DallasIndependant:Want the facts? Fact he wrote Hunters gather up we have a ***** in the white house. Fact he admitted it. fact he took it down. Fact other people saw it and reported it. Fact he aplogized. pretty clear facts. His motivation is more then likely from trying to be funny then it is from hate. his parents are more then likely upset and embaressed like him. Why people take sides on issues like this (not the others you mentioned there are reasons they were so debated) I have no idea this is so clear cut im surprised it has gotten so much attention. He made a threat and used a slur. To the president elect. And admitted to it. UT is a business, what business will allow negative behavior to define it?

  318. reply to  #318

    killa b

    I would agree with that as well. I have attended many strange churches in my life. Its simple to me I walk out at the first mention of a racial devide or damnation to all those who do not believe that jesus is the only way. It is hard to do the right thing, but one thing I know is I am actively trying to make this world a better place for my daughter I really could care less about the rest of you people but if you benefit from my work then so be it. Hate is nasty. you shouldn’t co sign it if you dont fully support it. I can tell you another thing to I have been wrong about people before but I am always willing to admit when I’m wrong. This Man not kid admitted he was wrong and apologized. I can dig. It does not change the fact that he put that on his face book for his amusement and the amusment of racist friends. Now we are supposed to feel sorry for him. I refuse. This world is bigger than Buck, and it seems that Buck is working to destroy years of work that all american have done to finally get over this race thing. I refuse to let him succeed.

  319. reply to  #319


    With that said, I ask what are your thoughts and feelings about the Reverend Wright. More importantly, what are your thoughts on the parents (Barack and Michelle) for allowing their children to be subject to that disgusting type of rhetoric? By the way, if you attend the church for ~20 years, you have heard his rants…so i ignore the statement that he never knew Wright felt or spoke this way.

    Based on what you and others have said in this blog where it is implied that Burnette’s family had accountability for his beliefs. Would you extend that same level of guilt to Barack and Michelle?

    I look forward to your response.

  320. reply to  #320

    killa b

    I say prove that. I say rev. wright was paid to make controversy. I say evangelicals have been electing president for generations off of hate mongering, and I say that barack obama addressed it immediately not like the Mavericks who allowed people to say kill him, hes a terrorist, hes a arab like being a arab makes you less of a person. The Maverick didnt say a word until he found out news flash people dont like that.

  321. reply to  #321


    @Clark83 i do not question those facts, they are what they are. I merely asked for the background and what led to him posting that. I think you answer it later in the post and so can agree to you synopsis for this issue, well argued. .

  322. reply to  #322


    Killa b – get your facts straight. McCain immediately addressed the issue and spoke out to the hecklers. Where he failed was in trying to minimize the incident which he believed would not give this notion credibility. That is called character.

    On the Wright issue, please explain why you think immediate is attending the church for the past 20 years, of which the earliest post about the Reverends rants dates back some 10 years.

    Please, was he paid to be controversial or, rewarded for vocalizing a congregations inner feelings. Either way it is repulsive.

    If it was a white Baptist Church in Texas you would unfortunately be the first in line to cast dispersion. Stop and see the hypocrisy in this. You have had some good points in this thread, don’t drop to the level of Dieharddemocrat from earlier in these posts….

  323. reply to  #323

    killa b

    well its seems your a expert on the topic. What talk radio station do you listen to. Im sorry I am a humble young man who is smart enough to know right from wrong. If I can do it believe Barack can do it. I believe that conversative radio cooked that stuff up because they had nothing else to go with. I believe that when you have nothing you create controvesy. Like for instance obortion bring up stuff that is irrelevant and hope it sticks. I dont believ for a second that obama know that he planned to one day run for president would sit in the church the whole time while Rev. wright spew his none sense and it didnt occur to obama maybe its time to leave. I mean I would.

  324. reply to  #324

    killa b

    Dallas independant your no independant the independant have spoken and have spoken loud and clear Barack Obama is president deal with it.

  325. reply to  #325


    Killa, I have not claimed to be an expert, merely a humble citizen with a background in the sciences that prefers to search out the facts and put the pieces together myself. I can honestly say I have never listened to traditional talk radio.

    I do not feel that a person with limited educational background should create the foundation for my opinion. For that matter, I dismiss Hollywood, the View, Oprah, the main broadcast media stations nightly news (FOX, CBS, ABC, and NBC) for what they are entertainment. They no longer report the facts in an unbiased way, but spin facts and issues to their own personal agenda to attract ratings.

    Do not get me wrong, these people, like Rush, Dobbs, Oprah, and Hasselbeck have the freedom to pose their opinion. I just elect to form my own based on obtaining and disseminating information and interpreting with a neutral view.

    Regarding your position on Wright, we will agree to disagree on that.

  326. reply to  #326

    Hook'em Horns

    Ya’ll must not have anything else to do seeing that ya’ll are still trying to bash people about this topic.

  327. reply to  #327

    killa b

    Thank you that real human of you. One more thing I have enjoyed this discussion I have now been talking about this issue for far to long. I hope everytime something like this happens it does not stir up all these ugly feelings. I encourage you to continue to feed your hunger for knowledge, and your even headed approach in criticalit is exactly what this country needs right now. I’m so happy I have grown up in a country where we can argue in a forum setting like this, and not have fear of be killed tortured or put in jail for our views.

  328. reply to  #328



    re-read posts #157 and 173.

    I am over it and still very much independent. I thought it pretty clear, we need to all get behind our new president and get prepared for the tough road ahead. If you missed that, I apologize for not being clear enough for you.


    Is that clear?

    With that, I thank you for your debate and we can agree to disagree on some of the issues.

  329. reply to  #329


    Wooo Weeee!!!! There’s a whole lotta stupid going on up in here! This kids freedom of speech hasn’t been revoked.

    #1 The school has every right to remove him if they feel he is not representing their establishment in the proper light.

    #2 It is ILLEGAL to threaten the life of the President. PERIOD! You can’t even joke about it! He’s lucky he’s not in jail.

  330. reply to  #330

    Mike West

    Judy Johnson a real peach. Bet she pulls the rape card out of her stinkin craw everytime a dude tells her no. She’s what’s really wrong with America. Last time any of the patriotic checked criticizing isn’t the same as implying we should grab our guns & head for the white house. THAT is illegal in America, but go ahead & count apples & oranges, if that’s the only way you can appear to be right.

  331. reply to  #331


    All this talk about free speech is so taxing. He can say whatever he wants, but that doesn’t mean there won’t be any consequences. Here’s a part from the definition of the “Freedom of Speech” as defined by the first amendment:

    Other limitations on free speech often balance rights to free speech and other rights, such as property rights for authors and inventors (copyright), interests in “fair” political campaigns (Campaign finance laws), protection from imminent or potential violence against particular persons (restrictions on Hate speech or fighting words), or the use of untruths to harm others (slander).

    I’m amazed by the number of people who cower behind the free speech line. Please go to work, find a minority person, and begin yelling racist things at them. See how well the constitution protects your job.

    Buck has his opinions, and that’s cool. But football is his job in the sense that it’s what’s paying for his schooling. So having a member of your team say something so divisive was enough reason to kick him off the team. Come on people. 2008?

  332. […] Geez, Buck. Even if you actually feel that way — which is sad — why not just keep it to yourself? You know, instead of telling five million people. But he didn’t, and naturally, he is now paying the price; he’s been kicked off the UT football team. […]

  333. reply to  #333


    Would someone please post the ” team rule” that was violated here?

    I guess this is the only “racest comment” made by a team member in recent memory.

    In the same way other team members have been given second chances with things related to DWI, durgs, guns and B&E, this seems way over the top for punishment.

    So much for “One heartbeat, One Family….”

  334. reply to  #334


    @Brian: As a coach i feel that i had to make a very difficult decision. That being said, i cannot tolerate racism on my team and since i am still very much in love with my boyfriend vince young and he is deeply offended by what has been said, i had no choice but to can that honky! so what if im a gay middle aged white man with a black boyfriend, im still the coach and yall have to live with it!

  335. reply to  #335


    @Brian: It’s a public university that recieves federal money. If it was a private school, or minor league team I would agree with you. But a public university should protect the freedoms of its students. If you don’t encourage free thought in a university then you probably won’t recieve it anywehre.

  336. reply to  #336


    I find it interesting how many people here seem to love free speech but don’t seem to understand what it entails. Free speech means you can basically say anything you want and not be persecuted by the law. He had every right to make the comments he did under the first amendment. He wasn’t arrested. He wasn’t thrown in prison. He didn’t have to stand before a jury and he didn’t lose any of his rights. Just like he had the right to say what he said, the team had every right to kick him off the team for those comments as they saw fit. Whether he made racist comments about Obama or called the coach an asshole being kicked because of either one is completely within the discretion of the coaching heads and the university.

  337. reply to  #337


    About the whole G.W.B comments, it’s not like any of them celebrated or implied that he should be killed. And as for someone quoting the whole free speech please read the following:

    TITLE 18 > PART I > CHAPTER 41 > § 871Prev | Next § 871. Threats against President and successors to the Presidency

    (a) Whoever knowingly and willfully deposits for conveyance in the mail or for a delivery from any post office or by any letter carrier any letter, paper, writing, print, missive, or document containing any threat to take the life of, to kidnap, or to inflict bodily harm upon the President of the United States, the President-elect, the Vice President or other officer next in the order of succession to the office of President of the United States, or the Vice President-elect, or knowingly and willfully otherwise makes any such threat against the President, President-elect, Vice President or other officer next in the order of succession to the office of President, or Vice President-elect, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than five years, or both.
    (b) The terms “President-elect” and “Vice President-elect” as used in this section shall mean such persons as are the apparent successful candidates for the offices of President and Vice President, respectively, as ascertained from the results of the general elections held to determine the electors of President and Vice President in accordance with title 3, United States Code, sections 1 and 2. The phrase “other officer next in the order of succession to the office of President” as used in this section shall mean the person next in the order of succession to act as President in accordance with title 3, United States Code, sections 19 and 20.

  338. reply to  #338


    Do you people not get the fact that it’s not because he said the N word. IT”S BECAUSE HE THREATENED THE PRESIDENT-ELECT???????

  339. reply to  #339


    why all of a sudden racism is the big issue because obama is our president-select now. there were no issues when clinton took the house and then bush. but now there’s an issue. I go to work and my whole division has to get counseled because someone hates the fact that obama won, but i’ve been in the navy 6 years now and not one time did we have a pow wow about racism in regards to bush

  340. reply to  #340


    ohlook you might wanna check the comment above yours and learn something

  341. reply to  #341


    Because stupid people can’t control their MOUTHS and they think that we are still living in the 1950’s ffs.

  342. reply to  #342


    learn what. it just seems like to me he wouldn’t have made that same comment about clinton or bush

  343. reply to  #343


    First of all i would like to say that i am a student athlete at UT. I have eaten lunch with Buck at the dinning hall occassionally and believe that he really is a nice guy. but never in a million years would i have thought those words would come out of his mouth. Now giving him the benefit of the doubt, i honestly think he jokingly made this comment because subconciously he thought it was cool.. but i could be wrong! the fact of the matter, is that when an athlete signs a contact with any organization you have to follow the rules! Better yet, their rules.. they can kick you off at anytime.. whether it be for tardy issues, disruptance to a team or anything else for that matter. Trust me I know! he made a decision to use guns and racist remarks towards the president and now he simply has to deal with the reprecussions. We can all talk about how he should be given a second change but thats not the way things work….. If you make a honest mistake, forget to site your work on maybe one sentence in research paper you are kicked out of the university.. you can say your sorry, that you made a genuwine mistake, or even go further but it simply doesnt matter! there are NO second chances! thats just how things work… Life is not over for Buck and he can take this mistake and learn from it! I know when my athletic advisor tells me to take off pictures from facebook or dont even use it, i take this into serious consideration… i still use facebook, I just know better to act inappropiately. it a priveledge for me to be on a team and i know at any time if i break the team rules then i will be held accountable for my actions and punished severely. if you all attended the athlete orientation on the first day of school here then you would understand why buck had the option and right to do what he did.. just so happens he has to deal with the consequence. its sad to read all of these messages and people still dont just see that this was wrong. He absolutely got what he had coming to him.. I do agree with the comments on freedom of speech. we will never be able to control this type of behavior. but teams that have integrity will not allow this to bring down a wonderful program such as U.T.

  344. reply to  #344

    wimberley fan

    He did NOT say nigger, as is posted here and a few other sites. He re-typed a joke he got on his phone that said “All you hunters gather up, there’s a coon in the White House”.

    No one is arguing that even this is way out of bounds or that this excuses anything..but at least tell the truth. It was a JOKE that he re-typed in his FaceBook (go see his apology)…the word “nigger” wouldn’t fit in it.

    Reading these posts, the next lie you will hear is that he has a rocket launcher and is heading to Washington. Sheesh….

  345. reply to  #345


    Oh that makes it so much better m so glad he didnt say nigger coon is such a less hatefull word LOL… Your a Idiot too. i dont care if he said nigger coon black guy or even obama. It wouldnt matter to me what word he put in that sentence. He Said Hunters gather Up implying he was going to hunt the president. Or that he was a “coon” hunter either way it was stupid and now he wil be playing less then he already did.

  346. reply to  #346


    In my opinion, for children or young adults to have racial opinions or feelings it starts from the home. I am sure his family is upset because
    now everyone knows their dirty little secret. The apple never falls far
    from the tree.
    Now, Secret Service should be investigating Buck Burnette–and they
    probably will.

  347. reply to  #347

    wimberley fan

    If you read my post, Clark83, I said it doesn’t excuse anything. I posted that so the truth is out there…not some version you choose to believe…which makes YOU the idiot.

  348. reply to  #348

    Melissa Brown

    As a white American who voted for McCain, I recognize that Burnett is telling people to assassinate the president. That is horrible. People who think that is O.K. should move to where they don’t have elections.

  349. reply to  #349

    Jason Jackson

    Why is everyone mentioning “freedom of speech”…it’s not as if he went to Jail…He lost his football scholarship for being an idiot and keeping a comment to himself would have saved him his backup roll at UT…This really disturbs me…America is not ready for a Black president….and if silly comments like this are made just from him, imagine what else the entire America has to say…..I do wish Buck the best in football and in life….but this is the right call my Mack Brown…I’m suprised he hasn’t been blackballed off of campus by now…does he still attend UT?

  350. reply to  #350


    @Clark83. This has nothing to do with Buck Burnett. Nothing to do with Obama. It has everything to do with your Penn State Nittany Lions. And Iowa. Wow.

    I’m just joking, man. As a loyal Longhorn fan, I feel your pain. Last week’s loss against Tech still hurts.

  351. reply to  #351


    This player’s freedom of speech has not been violated. The University and coaching staff reserve the right to dismiss players for this type of conduct. Hopefully, Buck learns from this mistake. With some many of his fellow students, players (and friends hopefully) that are of different ethnic background, how could he feel comfortable making that comment? If Mack Brown hadn’t done something, this would be getting huge amounts of bad press for the team, coaching staff, University, and even the state itself. As it is now, the issue will probably blow over in a week.

  352. reply to  #352


    To Mr. Skala”: Go back and read your history. We determined during slavery what percentage of blood constitutes who is Black or White.
    We determined it on the plantations. Halle Berry, Obama, etc are determined of percentage. Any Black ancestry in the bloodline no matter what shade or color..You are Black period!
    And no Mr. Obama didn’t throw away his blood line at all. But I guess you are close friends to the family and would know. And we can just make up crap here.
    Go back and re-read your history books and also get a clue AND a life!

  353. reply to  #353


    I hope the kid gets his life back in order. He made a mistake, and unfortunately, there are plenty of kids out there, black or white, who make poor judgments like that. What he did was certainly disruptive to the team’s chemistry as a lot of players would have construed it as being offensive. The hunter reference is left to interpretation, and to me, it sounds like a serious threat. He certainly did not mean it that way…but we don’t know, who really knows.

  354. reply to  #354


    It does not matter what color or race Obama is. What matters is that he is a polarizing figure who everyone loves. If anyone want to get technical on this and that, then you may as well say that none of Obama’s ancestors were slaves in America, or his only American ancestors are whites, but seriously, who cares! And, seriously is in the past…Nobody alive is responsible for it, and honesly, white people weren’t responsible for it either…humanity was!!! My ancestors were slaves in this continent of America who came from certain tribes in Africa, and many of them were sold to whites by mostly rival African tribes. If this is hard to understand, then open your eyes to the recent genocides. Slavery and Opression are not about race or color, they are about a few bad apples who stink up the bunch as Palin said. But, with God’s help, hopefully the good apples can rise to the top, and that’s what’s happening in this country. Whites and Black and Latinos and whoever else elected Obama. Let us be the good apples and enjoy the victory of democracy together, whether we voted Obama and McCain.

  355. reply to  #355


    Maybe Mac should do the same for the players that are arrested for assault, DUI, illegal substance, theft, and burglary.

  356. […] So by now you are either laughing a little bit, crying because you just saw a picture of the President-elect with a saxeT jersey, or foaming at the mouth because you don’t like socialists.  Just please refrain from posting stupid and insensitive comments on your facebook profile.  It doesn’t represent yourself or your school very well. […]

  357. reply to  #357


    @Jay:MY penn state LOL IM usc all the way

  358. […] discipline needed to be handed out in all four cases. But the Facebook incident is by far the least punishable. Offensive? Yes. Stupid? Yes. Endangering the lives of others? […]

  359. reply to  #359


    That’s life. Effect & Cause. Cause & Effect. Oh well, bye bye to life in the NFL. Work hard for the rest of your time at UT and take this as a valuable lesson… technology is not your friend. In the future, say what you believe and feel and do not promote HATE. Peace….

  360. reply to  #360


    Act like a Redneck ass, you are treated like one. Good for UT.

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