Posted November 29th, 2008 by Brian
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Remember 45-35

Texas and Oklahoma already settled it on the field

Now that the Longhorns took care of business on the field against the Aggies it’s time to join the 40,000 strong movement…

Better Consider the Scoreboard

We’ve somehow come to a time when head to head no longer matters…

It’s constantly suggested that College Football is a playoff and that things should be decided on the field. Well, on October 11, 2008 that happened. Texas beat Oklahoma head to head on a neutral field.

The goal of this site is simple, remind people that the game was played and we got a winner. In a situation where you must decide between two teams, shouldn’t you take the one that won the game?

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    Boomer Sooner! We’ll send a postcard from Miami

  2. […] season was over. Can you hear this, folks? The world’s smallest violin. Give me a break about 45-35 on a NEUTRAL field. Dallas is about as neutral as, oh, say, TULSA might be for the Red River Shootout. So enough of […]

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    Thts right!!! Head to head should count. But oh my!!! Texas beat OU….Texas Tech beat Texas….OU kicked the crap out of Texas Tech… but…but…but Viscious circle huh??? We need a playoff system. Someone will alwasys be pissed no matter what happens. So… Quit crying and wait till next year. In the mean time, I will be watching my Sooners in the CHIP. BOOMER SOONER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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