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Artificial Turf at Royal-Memorial

Artificial Turf at Royal-Memorial

In a recent meeting, UT’s Athletic Director Deloss Dodds revealed that part of the $27 million renovation project in the south end-zone with include replacing the current natural grass field with a synthetic turf. The field will be replaced after spring practice and available for use before the start of next season.

Luckily the technology used to create these synthetic has increased dramatically since the old astro-turf that everyone associates with causing knee injuries. The new fields contain small rubber pellets to soften the impact on the body. But with this new technology also means a significant increase in price. Fields are expected to run between $500,000 and $2 million.

Not sure how I feel about this change, but from everything I have read the previous grass field was pretty slick and you might remember seeing many players slipping in the last Texas / Texas A&M game. When I was on the field I remember it feeling like I was walking on a green at a golf course, so I can see how those can get slippery with any sort of moisture.

One interesting note, the last time Texas switched from grass to turf (1969), the Longhorns won a National Championship. See you at the Rose Bowl.


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    Frank Calvin

    There is a new synthetic turf system out there now. I think it is a faster field and it doesnt use all the black recycled tires to fill in the field. The U.S. Turf Company has a GEN 5 system that is environmentally friendly, cooler, better looking and costs either the same of even less. I saw their information on YouTube and they look like the real deal. Shouldnt us Texas fans at least have a field that doesnt have all the tires ground up and poured all over the fake grass…

    FC Hobbs

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    I’m really not sure how I feel about this one. I love tradition and real grass, but last year the field was atrocious during the A&M game and affected play and could have gotten someone hurt. Fieldturf is reportedly safer than real grass but I just wish we could have lush perfect grass at DKR through November.

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    looking back at your comments all season long, I have to say you are a dumbass!

  4. […] announced they were going away from natural grass earlier this month and this week we learned officially that next season Royal-Texas Memorial […]

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