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Name: [tag]Quan Cosby[/tag]
Position: Wide Receiver
Height: 5-9
Weight: 196 pounds
Hometown: Mart, TX

Strengths: With his Superglue fingers and disciplined routes, the Quan probably was the Horns’ second most valuable offensive player. Adjusts well when his quarterback in on the move, catches the ball in traffic and is a very enthusiastic downfield blocker. Quick enough to get initial separation and makes both the routine and the acrobatic catches, rarely suffering a concentration lapse. Very mature player who leads by example. Strong enough to consistently beat jams, and can go up and get the ball over taller corners. All things considered, he was one of the most clutch players in the [tag]Mack Brown[/tag] era.

Weaknesses: Small, only 5-9 and seems to have short arms. Quicker than he is fast, he couldn’t consistently get deep in college. Played in the spread, so he saw lots of single coverage. Just okay after the catch, if a DB wraps up he can’t power through. May be vulnerable to press coverage at the next level. Age (2926) is a concern to some.

Overall: Due to the long careers many receivers have, age should not be a determining factor. Probably will be a #3 receiver early in his career, but with his discipline and effort he should be able to beat nickel backs and find soft spots in zone. Teams that employ the 3 WR sets would be well served to give him a look. Same size and speed of Wes Welker… just saying.

Projection: 4th or 5th round

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    I think one of Quan’s best assets is his ability to catch the ball in traffic, which he’ll need since he’s not a 6-foot-3, 4.3 40 guy. I’m not sure there’s another WR in the country who caught as many balls while being pass interfered with as Cosby the last two seasons. The “young” man is nails and may not get drafted very high but I think he has a nice long NFL career.

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    Not a coincidence the only game Texas lost was the game in which the Quan left early with a back injury. And yes, we can still call him “young”, because he’s younger than us!

  3. […] former Longhorn has “superglue fingers” and runs precise routes, according to 40 Acres Sports. Strengths: With his Superglue fingers and disciplined routes, the Quan probably was the Horns’ […]

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