Posted August 14th, 2011 by Brian
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Andy Katz thinks pretty much every other recent conference move made sense, except of course the Aggies moving to the SEC. Some quotes from Katz:

This move specifically is done because Texas A&M didn’t like the way Texas was getting favored status from the Big 12.


They didn’t like being treated as the second child.

The best one comes from the other host though…

A&M has been in the shadow of Texas for quite some while now.

Too bad for the Aggies. Instead of being little brother to Texas and Oklahoma whipping boy, they’ll now be fighting Mississipi State for fifth place in the SEC West. Aggie fans somehow think they’ll be better in SEC. They couldn’t consistently beat Texas Tech and Baylor but think they can hang with Bama and LSU.


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    Gee, for Nebraska, it was smart to move, but for A&M, it’s ego? ESPN’s sudden attempt to bash A&M at every turn couldn’t be self-interest, could it? ESPN is in bed with t.u. with the Longhorn Network, so ESPN is anything BUT objective on this topic.

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    @John: ESPN also has a huge contract with the SEC so the whole “ESPN is biased” argument for Aggies makes no logical sense. And it’s not just ESPN, it’s literally every single member of the national media who can’t figure out why the SEC would want A&M or why the Aggies actually think they’d stand a chance in the SEC.

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    @ brian, The SEC contract with ESPN allows them only to pick a limited number of games that werent picked up by broadcast tv…. so basically they get second or third tier games once or twice a year from the SEC

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