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  Matt Brian USA Today AP
2 USC Texas Texas Texas
3 Virginia Tech Florida LSU LSU
4 LSU Georgia Tennessee Virginia Tech
5 Tennessee Louisville Virginia Tech Tennessee
6 Florida Virginia Tech Georgia Florida
7 Florida St. LSU Florida Georgia
8 Georgia Ohio State Florida St. Florida St.
9 Miami Tennessee Ohio State Ohio State
10 Michigan Texas Tech Louisville Notre Dame
11 Ohio State Florida St. Purdue Louisville
12 Louisville Purdue Notre Dame Purdue
13 Notre Dame Notre Dame Miami Miami
14 Texas Tech Arizona St. Michigan Michigan
15 Cal Miami Cal Cal
16 B.C. Michigan B.C. Georgia Tech
17 Purdue B.C. Oklahoma B.C.
18 Virginia Cal Georgia Tech Arizona St.
19 Georgia Tech Oklahoma Texas Tech Texas Tech
20 Arizona St. Penn St. Virginia Clemson
21 Alabama Georgia Tech Iowa Oklahoma
22 Fresno St. Colorado Arizona St. Iowa
23 Iowa Iowa State Clemson Fresno St.
24 Oklahoma Iowa Alabama Iowa State
25 Auburn Virginia Fresno St. Virginia
Our Thoughts

Brian – How bout them Texas Longhorns? I can’t move them up above USC, but I think because of a down year in the Big XII they have a better chance of finishing the season undefeated. I think a Texas – Louisville matchup in the Rose Bowl is a strong possibility. Another week of upsets means another week of big drops and jumps in my top 25. Notre Dame moves all the way up to #13 this week from #25, though I still have my doubts. With the way Pitt lost to Ohio on Friday and how completely terrible Michigan looked Saturday I still just don’t know if they’re for real. We’ll definitely know more next week.

Matt – What a great weekend of college football. With Texas winning the Game of the Year at Ohio State, I am moving Texas into the #1 spot. Vince Young showed what a special player he really is, never giving up and leading Texas to the comeback victory. The ASU vs LSU game was incredible as well. I think LSU showed a lot of heart and I am keeping them in the Top 5.

The Notre Dame vs Michigan game was also interesting, but it is hard to tell if Michigan isn’t the team everyone expected them to be or if Notre Dame really is that good. With that in mind, I am reluctantly moving previously unranked Notre Dame to #13, and will have no trouble dropping them down a bit with any sign up weakness.

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  1. reply to  #1


    Brian, are you on drugs? You really think Texas Tech is really the #10 team in the nation?

  2. reply to  #2


    Tell me who they lose to? OU is terrible and they’ve got the Aggies in Lubbock where they haven’t won in like 10 years. I see them finishing the season with 1 loss. And yes, I think they’d beat FSU and Notre Dame.

  3. reply to  #3


    Again, it must be because you don’t do the poll correctly. For some reason, you are trying to set where they will finish at the end of the season.

    A poll is meant to say right now, where does this team rank. And right now, Texas Tech is not the #10 team in the nation. You can’t say that game against FIU gave you a lot of information about how good they are, plus you probably didn’t even see the game.

  4. reply to  #4


    It’s all about who I think would beat who. I honestly think Tech is better than those teams behind it and would beat them more often than not.

    Do you think Miami and Michigan would beat Ohio State?

  5. reply to  #5


    Yes, I think Miami would beat OSU and if Michigan played OSU at home I think they would win.

    I mean, I have Texas Tech at #14, so that isn’t much lower than yours, but with you having them at #10, are you to say that if Florida, Georgia, Va Tech, Louisville, LSU, Tennessee all lose (which could happen), and Tech somehow stays undefeated for a while, that you could put Tech up at like #4 in the nation? Just sounds crazy.

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