Posted September 22nd, 2005 by Brian
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We play Ohio State, Texas A&M plays Texas State.

Chad Schroeder runs for a TD against the might Bobcats' defenseThe Aggies are only up by 6 and the first half is almost over. Bobcats are driving too and will take the lead if they score. Aggies have gotten several turnovers and big plays but have only put 20 on the scoreboard. Plus they can’t stop the mighty Texas State offense either. Now it’s a 3 point game. I predict Texas A&M wins 50 to 31, both defenses look terrible.

Well, at least the Ags had some moral victories in the first half.

The game is being aired on FSN but they didn’t actually send any commentators or camera men so we’re listening to the Aggy radio guys and watching footage from the stadium scoreboard cameras. Between every single play we get to see Aggy students embarrassing themselves. I know like at least five people on the Texas State roster and I coached for a member of the coaching staff. A guy I played with in high school is dominating the formidable Aggy defensive line. This is amusing.

By the way, the Aggy announcers are terrible and have no idea what’s going on half the time. Plus, they get really excited about every little thing, forgetting they’re playing what is essentially a really good high school team. They also keep claiming there’s 25,000 people and only students at the game, but unless A&M is admitting toddlers and old people there’s not many students there.


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    Wow, questionable offensive pass interference call against Texas State or this would be a 44 – 38 ballgame late in the 4th.

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    The Aggies are the worst. I am embarrassed how the Big 12 is playing so far this year.

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    The Bobcats could/should be winning this game. They have a ton of penalties, turned the ball over 3 times, and mishandled a snap on a punt. Texas State’s Nealy has almost 400 yards passing.

    Why did Texas State change QB’s with one minute to go? Yikes this guy is bad.

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    Um, while I am a Longhorn and love UT, even I know that “Aggy” is not the correct spelling for the singular version of Aggie. And yes, the radio announcers were horrible, and kept interviewing the stupidest people…

    And Texas State changed quarterbacks because they were already going to lose, so why not give the backup a few snaps and see how he does.

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    Annie, I wrote it as “Aggy” at first and then started to doubt myself so I looked it up. Search for “Aggy jokes” on Google and it asks if I meant “Aggie” and only returns 6,560 results. Searching for “Aggie jokes” returns 77,600 results.

    I’m more confused than ever, we need an Aggy/Aggie to answer this for us.

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    Well if it is Aggie, then the Aggies really don’t know the English language very well. You don’t spell the word “penny” as “pennie” do you?

  7. reply to  #7


    Actually, Matt, that is the correct way to spell “AGGIE” in the English language. It’s a nickname for someone involved in agriculture… Same as ‘SOONER.’

  8. reply to  #8


    How in the world can you claim it’s spelled one way or the other based on the word “agriculture”? There’s an extra g and it’s just a made up word. There’s no linguistics lesson here.

  9. reply to  #9


    “Aggy” is the spelling Longhorns use that is derogatory towards aggys (makes them mad)… much like they call us tu or sips…

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