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It’s still amazing how little respect we receive nationally. [tag]Missouri[/tag]’s Brad Smith is better than Vince Young because he racked up stats barely beating two crappy teams and losing to one pretty bad one. Ugh. Brad Smith is good (though he didn’t play that way last year), but don’t try to base an opinion purely on non-conference stats. Then somehow Virginia Tech gets more credit for beating an average Georgia Tech team at home then we do for beating a top 5 Ohio State on the road. We’re just going to have to keep making statements all season long, beat Oklahoma, and play for the national championship. Then we might get some respect.

First Quarter
  • Look at the kickoff coverage, great job. Hope that wasn’t a fluke.
  • Some crazy holding on the first play by Missouri.
  • Nice formation. They gave Smith a great spot, his knee was down and he slid for two yards.
  • I was about to complain again about the atrocious and obvious uncalled holds, but… INTERCEPTION AARON HARRIS! Smith threw the ball right to him under pressure and he almost takes it all the way back.
  • Jamaal Charles gets the start after all.
  • Great tough running by Charles for a three yard touchdown. He took several hits but never even really seemed to lose his balance. Love it!
  • David Pino nails the extra point.
Texas 7, Mizzou 0
  • Better kick than the first one and even better coverage by Erick Jackson.
  • Holy crap do they not know what an $#@*$@# hold is??
  • Two penalties and some big chunks of yards, the Texas defense really needs to step up and get going today. The big interception was more of a mistake by Smith and Mizzou than good defense. I do have confidence defensive coordinator Gene Chizik will get them going, hopefully this timeout will give us a chance to regroup and get going.
  • It’s amazing how much difficulty the announcers are having telling African American #16 Brad Smith and white boy #10 Chase Daniel.
  • Big missed sack by Michael Griffin. Could have had a loss of about 8 but instead Missouri gets 5 yards on the completion.
  • Another offsides on the defensive line! We’re killing ourselves.
  • The Missouri offensive lineman are flat out wrapping up our defenders and tackling them with no call being made. This is embarassing officiating. Though my favorite part is that the announcers don’t bother mentioning it.
Texas 7, Mizzou 7
  • Good return by Ramonce Taylor gets the ball out to midfield.
  • Already our third penalty. We’re moving the ball easily and we shoot ourselves in the foot.
  • Why in the world are they reviewing this? What a waste of time.
  • Good job by the defense to force them 3 and out after our own mistakes forced us to punt.
  • Argh. VY’s pass is tipped and intercepted. I really wish we’d just run this thing down their throats with Charles a little bit more while it’s still close. We need the D to step up again.
  • Vince Young runs almost untouched for a TDThat’s a fumble! Definitely. He sets the ball on the turf before his knees are down. Yes! Great call by Chizik on the safety blitz from Michael Huff!
  • Ouch that looks liked it hurt! Smith was just crumpled up by Huff, no wonder he fumbled.
  • Touchdown Vince Young!! Wow, almost untouched right up the middle by Vince.
  • Dear announcers, that’s called a zone read not a draw. Both teams run it a ton, might want to get a clue.
Texas 14, Mizzou 7
  • This is weird, why have there been so few commercial breaks? I’m not complaining though.
  • Great kickoff for a touchback. Greg The Leg Johnson has done a fantastic job on them since being inserted into the role. We might have trounced Ohio State with good kickoffs and coverage.
  • That’s a pretty weak late hit call. Still really dumb play by Robert Killebrew, which is why he doesn’t get more playing time.
  • Backside linebackers and DB’s are chasing down fake options going the opposite direction. Read your keys and see the lineman not getting downfield.
  • Brad Smith just ran off the field dangling his right arm. Real injury or fake one? Backup Chase Daniel sure was out on the field and ready fast. Plus you’d expect them to at least huddle in a situation like that.
  • Announcers sure get excited about a 3 yard run by Missouri. Then they point out the difference in total yards. Maybe if we didn’t have two 1 play drives for touchdowns of one yard and 33 yards we’d have more.
  • Missed extra point by Missouri, did I mention I love David Pino?
Texas 14, Mizzou 13
  • Jamaal Charles is making good gains even when there’s nothing there. I wish we’d keep giving it to him, if he gets any kind of hole he’s going to break a big one.

Second Quarter
  • The Motorola ROKR is dumb and poorly implemented.
  • See. Just a small hole and Charles gets 17 yards.
  • Give me a damn break! You call a holding on us?? What a joke.
  • HE CAUGHT THAT!! He got both feet down! That’s a catch!! THIS IS A JOKE! HOW DO YOU NOT REVIEW THAT???? HE CAUGHT THE BALL AND THEY DON’T EVEN REVIEW THE PLAY!! THIS IS A JOKE! People should lose jobs over that play. We should’ve called a time out and given them another two minutes to review it.
  • We go for it on 4th and goal from the 3. Vince fumbled the snap and we don’t get it. We should have kicked the ball up 1 point. Puts us up by more than a field goal.
  • Fumble Brad Smith and we get the ball right back.
  • This is a crime. Another holding call against us. What a freaking joke.
  • Jamaal Charles is a freaking MAN! What a catch! Overthrown a little, stumbling backwards, not only makes the catch but keeps his balance and runs the final yards for the touchdown. Jamaal Charles is bad ass.
Texas 21, Mizzou 13
  • The officiating in this game is atrocious, did I mention that? After several Selvin Young just got tackled as he went out for the screen and there’s no call. You don’t see one-sided bad officiating like this very often.
  • Great job by Vince and the offensive line. He has all day to throw on 3rd and 30 and scrambles for the first easily. As soon as he took off there was no doubt he’d get it.
  • This is a crime. That sure looked like a catch by Brian Carter, though it may have hit the ground, but somehow they manage to again not be bothered to review the damn play. They review a play in the first quarter to add 6 seconds back to the clock but two very close calls that could be TD’s and they don’t? Brian Carter is getting personally jobbed.
Texas 24, Mizzou 13
  • Defense has stepped up the last few series. Playing much more sound football.
  • I know there’s only 56 seconds left but I think we should try to score. Give the ball to Charles and let him doing something with it.
  • Billy Pittman got out of bounds, his whole body landed out of bounds. Maybe his knee hit first.
  • Holy crap. Jamaal Charles runs out of bounds and the refs run the clock. He didn’t blow the whistle until Charles was 2 yards out of bounds so don’t give me that forward progress crap. Wow these officials are terrible.

I’m usually of the opinion that officials have an impossible job so are just going to miss a lot of calls both ways throughout the game, but so far through the first half the officials seem to be intentionally screwing the Longhorns. There have been a ton of terrible calls against Texas and almost as many obvious calls missed against Missouri. I thought Carter had two touchdowns and not only do they call them both incomplete, they don’t bother to review either one. The BS calls to not stop the clock at the very end of the half just top everything off. The Longhorns have a made a ton of mistakes and the officials are incompetent, but the Horns are still up in this ball game. If they come out and play football in the second half, they have the ability to blow this thing wide open.

By the way, A&M is barely beating Baylor at home. They blow.

Third Quarter
  • Ramonce Taylor dives for an acrobatic touchdownHey look, a random bull crap call! What a surprise!
  • Announcers are complete idiots. We only had clear shots of one of our holding calls and it was legit, but Missouri is holding every play. You could call holding every single play if you want to, the fact they’ve called a ton against us and none versus them is very telling.
  • Vince is down because he thinks the refs blow, not because of the way we’re playing.
  • Great catch and run by Taylor for an obvious touchdown. Of course, this play they take the time to review and try to call back. Whoever is in the replay booth should lose their jobs. Terrible.
Texas 31, Mizzou 13
  • By the way, the Tigers are still holding and not getting called for it every single play.
  • Looks like we finally decided to get Taylor involved in this game. Another big gain.
  • Young looked like he tweaked his hamstring a little on that scramble.
  • First Henry Melton sighting. Dear moron announcer, he’s not a fullback. He’s a 270 pound tailback. Tough run for 5 yards but comes up a little short.
  • Another carry for Melton and this time it’s a touchdown! Easy dive play off the right guard for big Henry.
  • Look they even manage to call holding on extra points. Did I mention these refs are a freaking joke? David Pino misses the 30 yard extra point but I still love him, I blame the refs for that one.
Texas 37, Mizzou 13
  • Defense is playing well again. Giving up a little bit of yardage but coming up with big stops when we need to. They get the stop and get the offense back on the field.
  • Jamaal Charles is a stud. He’s pretty much unstoppable once he gets just a little bit of room.
  • Young’s hammy again. Crap. We’re up 24, I wonder if we can let him rest and just have Matt Nordgren hand off to Charles and Selvin Young for the rest of the game. Hopefully it’s nothing.
  • Great coverage from Cedric Griffin and Michael Griffin and Cedric is hurt. Looks like he’s in a lot of pain. Michael Griffin fell hard on top of him and looked like Cedric may have hurt his elbow or something else on his right arm.
  • If ABC goes away from this game in the Dallas area I’m going to shoot someone.
  • Yeah we roughed the kicker, but my gosh that was an obvious hold. Do the refs know the black jerseys aren’t allowed to just tackle our defenders?
  • Another uncalled hold by Missouri but we get the sack again.
  • ABC is trying AGAIN to leave the Longhorn game. Last time they cut away and went to a commercial and we missed a play. This time they cut away to the commercial, show a little of the Michigan game and then back to the Texas game again. We missed something big, a turnover by Texas of some sort. Seems like someone at ABC is arm wrestling with someone about what game to show. ABC is terrible, this baloney and not a single game in high definition. They’re doing almost as poorly a job this game as the officials.
Fourth Quarter
  • We’re trying to run up to the line and get the play off with the play clock running down and the ref is still standing there in the way as if they hadn’t even started the play clock. That was odd.
  • I love Henry Melton, he’s large.
  • We’ll definitely need Brian Robison next week againist Adrian Peterson and OU. We’ve got good pass rushers backing him up (Brian Orakpo for one) but Robison is great against the run and the pass.
  • A&M is down by 3 at the end of the 3rd quarter. That’s thoroughly amusing.
  • After the 2 screw jobs on Brian Carter early in the game, the refs should have given it to him on that reception. Who cares that he was obviously tackled at the 1, he deserved a TD.
  • Fourth and goal at the one and Melton walks into the end zone for the score. Big hole.
Texas 44, Mizzou 13
  • Another good kickoff and equally solid coverage. I like this.
  • Baylor has been in the red zone six times today and only gotten 10 points. Two missed field goals, a fumble, and a turnover on downs. Texas State had a very good chance to win last week and Baylor is up and should be up by even more. The Aggies are not a good football team.
  • Glad Cedric Griffin is back out there, I thought he might have been seriously hurt earlier.
  • 88 yard punt return for a touchdown by Aaron Ross. He takes a lot of heat (a ton of people want to see Ramonce Taylor or someone else back there), but he’s had several good returns this week in addition to this monster one.
Texas 51, Mizzou 13
  • Texas is playing almost all backups now but looks like Missouri still has all their starters out there. They’re also still holding right in front of the official without a flag.
  • The Astros sure choked the last 2 nights. They play at 3 today and really need a win.
  • It can’t be pass interference if the ball is thrown 3 yards out of bounds, especially considering Aaron Ross didn’t even touch the WR. My God these refs are bad. I think Mack Brown will definitely have some words for the Big XII office about their performance.
  • Okay, Matt Nordgren is in the game and Michigan vs. Michigan State is going to overtime. Now you can switch over to that game.
  • Henry Melton really does look good with the football in his hands.
  • It’s not really a benching when Vince Young was injured and you put Chance Mock in last year versus Mizzou. Yeah he was cleared to play, but he was nowhere near 100%. Mock played very poorly as well, if it was purely about performance Young would have been back in there.
  • Texas Tech and Missouri’s offenses are nothing alike. Moron.
  • Okay, I’d definitely rather watch Michigan – MSU in overtime then the first quarter of crappy Nebraska play decent Iowa State. ABC is run by chimps.
Final Thoughts

First off, A&M and Baylor is coming down to the wire on Fox Sports so go watch the last 4 minutes of that game. Sic ’em Bears.

As for this game, it was definitely sloppy and ugly for the first quarter or so. Texas was plagued by penalties and other mistakes throughout the game, especially early on. Once the offense got rolling and the defense settled down it was clear they were the better team. Vince Young played well and made the huge plays when he had to. His scramble on 3rd and 30 was a game changing play. Aside from the ball that was poorly thrown and tipped at the line of scrimmage that resulted in an interception, he made every throw he had to make. He threw for 2 TD’s and had another one (or two) that the refs claimed were incomplete that sure looked like touchdowns to me. Jamaal Charles is officially the real deal and it’s exciting to finally see Ramonce Taylor getting his hands on the ball again.


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