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Last home game today for the seniors against a pretty good [tag]Kansas[/tag] Jayhawk football team. (Let’s hope it’s not Vince Young’s last game in Austin!) Obviously an important game for the Horns as they can’t afford to lose one as they persue a national title. Texas also has a chance to clinch the Big XII South simply by winning one of their last two games. We’re big favorites but there should be plenty to play for and we should come out fired up.

First Quarter
  • No TV right now because OU and A&M are still going on ABC. WOAI in San Antonio is still streaming the games on the Internet even though everyone else has pulled it.
  • Longhorns went 3 and out to start the game.
  • A couple of early false starts by the Jayhawks gives them 2nd and 17.
  • Robison gets pressure on Kansas quarterback and he gets the sack.
  • Texas offense sounds a little rough right now and it appears Greg Davis is starting things off pretty conservatively. A screen pass on second and long and then a running play to Selvin Young on third and 10.
  • Third down and 10 again for KU and Cedric Griffin comes up with the stop to force another punt. Not much offense for either team so far.
  • Two more minutes to go in the OU/TAMU game. Sooners just converted a crucial 3rd down and 12 and should be able to run out the clock now.
  • Sounded like a typical Ramonce Taylor screw up/huge play all in one, just like in the Ohio State game. Taylor fumbled the ball but it bounced back up to him and he’s able to scoop it and run for the first down.
  • Touchdown Limas Sweed!! Play action fake by Vince Young who then throws a 45-yard bomb into the end zone and Sweed goes up to get it for the TD. Sweed had two big catches last week and makes a tough one to put the Longhorns up early.
Kansas 0, Texas 7
  • Touchdown Robert Killebrew!! Kansas returner fumbled the kick off and Killebrew picks it up and scores!
  • AHhh! They took the TD away from him. Officials said the ball was muffed which means the kicking team isn’t allowed to advance it.
  • Well Killebrew is probably pissed, but the Longhorn offense is able to quickly turn his play into points. One play, hand off to Jamaal Charles for a ten yard touchdown.
Kansas 0, Texas 14
  • OU finishes off the game and beats the Aggies 36 to 30. We should have TV coverage after the break.
  • Radio and TV coverage missed it but it looks like kick off must have gone out of bounds. Rumor on Friday was that Greg Johnson might miss the game and Richmond McGee would have to kick off. Let’s hope we keep scoring and make it not matter.
  • Good play by Larry Dibbles and Cedric Griffin to make the stop on another 3rd and long for the Jayhawks. Texas defense is starting off much better than they did against Oklahoma State or Baylor. Third straight 3 and out.
  • More holding by the offensive line.
  • Quan Cosby has officially arrived. My goodness has he become a player the last two or three weeks. He’s fast, catches the football well, and is a tough SOB who refuses to go down. That’s two weeks in a row that he should have been tackled and he turned it into a long TD. 65 yards on that reception and the Horns are up huge!
Kansas 0, Texas 21
  • Well it’s Johnson out there to kick, guess he’s okay. Nice coverage by the Horns special teams.
  • This isn’t the NFL, why is ABC taking a commercial break before after a kick off??
  • Bevo XIV is still a little skinny. Is that just because he’s still pretty young? I honestly think Mark Mangino may weigh more than he does.
  • Kansas looks as penalty-prone as we are. That’s not good if you don’t have the extreme talent advantage to make up for it.
  • And the penalty kills KU as they have to punt again and Aaron Ross takes it back 71 yards for the touchdown. Great return, not much running side to side but he hit the seam and made people miss with quick moves. Best play on the return? Michael Huff not getting a penalty by wisely pulling back and avoiding the block in the back
  • Mack Brown very fired up and happy, I love that.
Kansas 0, Texas 28
  • Good kick off coverage is negated by another off sides call, but we run down there again and do a pretty good job.
  • Mark Mangino was eating was having a Snickers on the sideline instead of calling a play and KU got a delay of game. I mock him because he needs help, seriously. (And he’s a bit of a blow hard.)
  • Another stand by the defense, no first downs allowed yet.
  • Downside of being up by 28 in the first quarter? Vince Young might not be able to rack up the stats if he only plays a half or so. Hopefully he can at least rack up about 250 passing yards and maybe add one or two more passing TD’s.

Second Quarter
  • Alabama just scored their first SEC offensive touchdown in about a month. Their matchup with LSU should be called the “Overrated Bowl,” worst #3 and #5 teams I’ve seen in a while.
  • Vince passed Major Applewhite in the Texas record books for total yards in a career. I think it was probably on the deep ball to Cosby.
  • I wish Vince would hand the ball off to Taylor on the end around, he’s 6 inches away there’s no way to flip it up in the air like that.
  • Limas Sweed is interfered with or he and Vince would have had another TD hookup just now. Taylor takes it in instead after the penalty and the Horns have officially blown this one wide open.
Kansas 0, Texas 35
  • His toe is out of bounds. Real bad call. Let’s hope they review it.
  • They are reviewing it, it’s a miracle! I think Mack is pissed because the guy right there saw it and ruled it incomplete and let another ref come from much further away and over rule it.
  • Mark Mangino doesn’t understand how a toe could cause a guy to be out of bounds because he hasn’t seen his in about 19 years.
  • Another three and out. After six possessions KU has 50 yards in penalties and 16 total yards. They have zero first downs. Ouch.
  • Good run by Selvin Young for the first.
  • Young hits David Thomas across the middle for a 29 yard touchdown. Nice to see DT getting more involved again the last couple of weeks. We’ll need him against tougher competition.
Kansas 0, Texas 42
  • Completion under pressure by the KU quarterback Swanson gives them their first 1st down.
  • Big hit by Killebrew for the sack.
  • I’m glad to see USC beating Cal, I want to face them in the Rose Bowl. I think the Horns match up real well against them head to head. Plus after Cal’s whining about the Rose Bowl last year, I want them to lose every game.
  • Vince had Ramonce open for about a 75 yard touchdown but he overthrew it.
  • I love the fact that the ABC announcers just revealed they didn’t even bother to watch last week’s freaking game. They just claimed we put it that play where Ramonce slips out of the backfield and down the sideline this week. Umm… did you not see us score a touchdown on it just last week? What do these guys do all week?
  • Jamaal Charles still doesn’t look completely healthy, looked kind of gimpy jogging off the field. Maybe he just naturally runs that way when he’s tired? He’s looked real good running the ball though, I have to think with a month of rest and practice before the bowl game he’s going to come out and surprise somebody (USC) with his skill.
  • Interception by Aaron Ross and he almost takes it all the way back. Forced out at the 3 yard line.
  • Finally! Play action pass with the jumbo set in there. Henry Melton and three tight ends in the ball game and Vince boots to his right and throws to Peter Ullman for the short score.
Kansas 0, Texas 49
  • I may have said this before, but backup linebacker (and former QB) Eric Foreman seems to get in a shoving match after every single kick off.
  • Texas Tech, a team we need to keep winning, was down by 14 at the half but has come back to tie it at 17 against Oklahoma State. There’s a minute left in the game.
  • I think the announcers were just surprised Vince is still in the game up 49. Um, dudes. It’s still the first freaking half.
  • I guarantee that Vince comes out and starts the second half. He’ll get at least one or two series under his belt. Coaches like for their offenses to come and and work on coming back after the halftime break.
  • Looks like Okie State scored. Tech is down 7 with less than 20 seconds to score. That’s probably bad for our computer rankings, but Ohio State looked dominant again today. Plus several of Alabama’s ranked opponents lost today as well.
  • Field goal by David Pino with about a minute to go in the first half.
Kansas 0, Texas 52

Kansas hands off the ball and that ends just about as dominant a half of football you can play. Texas has outgained the Jayhawks by 341 yards and only allowed a single first down. Meanwhile, they picked up 17 first downs of their own. The Horns forced two turnovers and both sides of the ball reduced their number of penalties. A very complete half of football for Texas. We probably won’t see much of Vince Young in the first half, but his four TD’s and almost 300 yards passing in a single half should look plenty good to Heisman voters.

I will shoot someone at ABC if they try to switch to a different, but just as lopsided, game after the half.

Third Quarter
  • Guess the defense didn’t realize the second half had started. Whoops. Real long run for a touchdown by Kansas.
Kansas 7, Texas 52
  • Of course we’re going to play a lot of second and third teamers out there in this half. We played those guys a ton in the first half, just like we do in every game. Just because Vince Young is still in there handing the ball off doesn’t mean the rest of the guys are starters.
  • There’s David Thomas mandatory false start of the game.
  • I love how ABC has game breaks from games that ended hours ago and acts like they’re live updates.
  • That’s a ball that Billy Pittman has come down with all season long. Several drops today but overall the wide receivers have played very well.
  • Did Selvin Young fumble at the end of that play? That’s the last thing we need him thinking about.
  • On Veteran’s Day, let’s try to get former marine Ahmard Hall a touchdown.
  • Nevermind, Taylor screwed that up by darting in there for the 12 yard touchdown. Great run from Ramonce.
Kansas 7, Texas 59
  • I vote one more series from Vince to get him up over 300 yards passing (he needs 18). Then get Taylor up over a hundred then Charles up there too. Then make sure all the back ups get a little time, especially Matt Nordgren and the rest of the seniors.
  • Nordgren interception turns into points for Kansas. The guys that are out there now need to step up and play better and earn themselves some more meaningful playing time.
Kansas 14, Texas 59
  • Big Henry Melton looking good in mop up duty. Hey Aggies, that’s what a 275 pound, athletic running back looks like. You’ve got a 265 pound tubby guy playing for you.
Fourth Quarter
  • Selvin Young with a good run off the left side for a touchdown. We’ll hit 70 unless we kneel it for the rest of the game.
  • Who the heck is Kyle Phillips?
Kansas 14, Texas 66
  • LSU just missed a go ahead field goal against Alabama. Game stays tied at 10.
  • Still some starters in on D for Texas but they’re giving up a lot of yards.
  • Henry Melton with a big run but he walks off the field shaking his hand/arm. He’s up over 70 yards rushing as well, big games from several guys back there.
  • Kasey Studdard is fun, fat man. The beard is the perfect touch.
  • Why is it so hard to get it that Matt McCoy is not the same person as Colt McCoy? It says Mt. McCoy real big across his jersey and he wears a completely different number. Don’t you people have a roster in front of you?
  • Ref in the LSU/Alabama just wussed out on calling a hold in the end zone for a safety against the Crimson Tide. He’s reaching for the flag and realizes it would be a safety and keeps the flag in his pocket.
  • Why do the CBS announcers not put two and two together. They talk for 3 minutes about all the dropped passes and then claim it’s a defensive struggle. No, the SEC’s offenses are just really bad. 2 and a half minutes left in that game.
  • Big stand by the defense, enjoy seeing that out of those younger guys get fired up and making some plays late.
  • LSU, despite the coaching change, apparently didn’t learn their listen after the bowl game last year where Iowa through a miracle deep pass over the top with no time left. Alabama had the ball at the 50 with 9 seconds left and didn’t have any safety help on the pass. Terrible coaching, they got luck Bama couldn’t complete it. They’re going to overtime.
Final Thoughts

Horns can’t really do anymore than they have the last two weeks. Two dominating performances over two much improved Big 12 opponents, both Baylor and Kansas have very solid defenses and the Texas offense went through them like they weren’t even there. Completely dominant and very balanced. We ran and passed at will. The defense has done their job as well. Today the Kansas offense was completely shut down during the first half, not only kept off the scoreboard but had only a single first down in the half. Texas is playing like the best all around team in the country right now.

By the way, Alabama just lost in overtime to LSU and Texas and USC are now the only two undefeated teams. No controversy this year. Finally, if the Longhorns win their next two games they’ll be in Pasadena in January.

Players of the Game

Offense – Vince Young had a fantastic day through the air (282 yards and 4 TD’s through the year), but my offensive player of the game honor goes to “running back by committee.” Though the line did their job and opened up some holes, the combination of Ramonce Taylor, Jamaal Charles, Selvin Young, and Henry Melton picked up 296 yards on the ground and four touchdowns. They averaged a robust 8.2 yards per carry. They were breaking tackles and hitting cutback lanes all night long. Taylor and Charles looked electric, Young looked like the Selvin of old, and Melton ran over and around defenders at will. Fantastic performances by all four of them.

Defense – Tough to pick a single player who stood out in a game where the entire defense was swarming and everyone was making plays. The player of the game for the defense goes to the entire defensive line. With Brian Robison back, the group was able to get consistent pressure on the Kansas quarterback and completely stuff their running game. At the start of the game they completely dominated the line of scrimmage. When the main 7 or 8 guys were in there, the Jayhawks stood no chance.


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  1. reply to  #1


    I was pretty upset by the fact that Kansas was trying so hard to score a touchdown at the end of the game. Pretty poor sportsmanship considering the lengths we went to to keep from scoring anymore. Anyone else agree?

  2. reply to  #2


    What’s really stupid is the national sports media who tried to claim we were running it up on them. Mike Lupica tried to call Mack “classless” for kicking a field goal in the first half! There’s no such thing as running it up in the first half, what were we supposed to do? Take a knee? That’s probably more of a slap in the face than kicking a field goal.

    Beano Cook (who is a senile moron anyways) was trying to claim Vince’s four touchdown passes weren’t that impressive because he was left in the game too long and got his last TD pass late in a blow out? Um… Beano all four touchdown passes came in the first freaking half!

    As for KU trying to score, I don’t mind at all. They probably shouldn’t have used a timeout but I’ve got no issues with them trying to put up points. With some of those kids that were in there for Texas at the time it’s probably the most they’ve had to be fired up about all season.

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