Posted November 22nd, 2005 by Matt
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Update: Want to see a Sobbing Sooner? Click here.

As they say, a picture is worth a 1000 words. If you know any OU fans that are complaining about the Texas Tech touchdown, just show them this picture. (OU still has justified beef about that 4th and 3 play though.)

Texas Tech touchdown versus Oklahoma

Thanks to AgRyan04, we now have video of the touchdown. Still looks like a touchdown to me.

Note: Video requires Flash Player 8 be installed in order to play properly.


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  1. reply to  #1


    a video clip is worth 1,000,000 words.

    Check out the 15 second mark when his butt hits the turf before he extends his arms.

  2. reply to  #2


    Actually it sure looks like his arms are almost fully extended when his butt hits the line. It appears the ball is probably touching the goal line when his butt hits. I don’t know how you could possibly use that video to argue he didn’t score.

  3. reply to  #3


    I agree with Brian. I think that the video actually just shows more proof that he got in. In the picture his arms are fully extended and when his butt hits his arms are fully extended. Thanks AgRyan!

  4. reply to  #4


    Congratulations! for Texas Tech .

    Your wanna be football team is gonna get their butts kicked in the Cotton Bowl. He!He!He! And next year Texas Tech is headed for the Toilet Bowl! Ha!Ha!Ha! Oh, by the way Baylor beat O.S.U. last week. I watched the tech vs O.U. game last week and I have to say the sooners looked alot better on the feild than Tech. Your referees were totaly paid off. What a joke! Ha!Ha!Ha!

  5. reply to  #5

    Boomer Sooner

    The sooners have had a losing season this year. O.U. lost their previous games fair and square mostly because they are still a young football team. If this is all tech has to offer the sooners will not have any problems beating them next year. I can accept a loss because that is all apart of winning but you bone headed , week minded Texans haven’t figured that out yet. That is why the sooners have beaten the longhorns five consecutive times in a row and I really can’t remember the last time tech beat O.U. before last saturday. So tech has every right to rejoice for their weak victory. I saw that video replay of that so called TD and tech did not score. His butt hits the turf and the ball is not in the endzone. I’m SORRY. Congratulations anyway 🙂

  6. reply to  #6

    Joe Taylor

    Boomer Sooner wrote: “week minded Texans”

    — The irony in your statement is hilarious.

  7. reply to  #7


    BAMA, every time an SEC goes out of conference they get spanked. Texas Tech doesn’t have the best defense, but luckily that won’t matter because Alabama can’t score.

    Boomer Sooner, I can’t see you how can say that Tech did not score. The screenshot either shows that he did or it is too close to change the ruling. You really should be more concerned about the 4 and 3 play.

  8. reply to  #8


    Sure look down before he stuck the ball across. To bad the football officals detemined the outcome of the game. The Lubbock offical should never have been allowed to be in that game. My hope is that is last game for those officals and Tim Miller.

  9. reply to  #9

    Boomer Sooner

    In reference to NO NAME on comment #7.. “BAMA, every time an SEC goes out of conference they get spanked”??????? The only thing Texas Tech can count on now is “LUCK”. The second was paid -off referees! “SO GOOD LUCK”!:)

  10. reply to  #10


    I must admit, it is hard to reply when you don’t make any sense.

  11. reply to  #11


    Boomer, I know you’re from Oklahoma, but those BIG orange boxes over there have all the names in them. I love the paid off refs argument, it means you’ve run out of valid arguments and have to try random accusations.

    And for the 100th time, someone PLEASE show me something that does anything other than prove Henderson scored.

  12. reply to  #12

    pistol pete

    Being a big fan of the Dallas cowboys and a huge red river shoot out fan and living in Dallas for six years and having routing for the long horns all this season to beat usc, this Texas tech and ou game is just an example of who the bcs really wants to be in the bowl games. To prove my point they had nothing to do with the Texas tech and osu game because Texas tech was suppose to walk all over the real cowboys of Stillwater Oklahoma but guess what, no paid referees and being osu has had a loosing season, I would say Texas tech should be thoroughly embarrassed by the spanking Oklahoma football can deliver. So come on back ya hear!!,oh yeah bcs I guess didn’t see that spanking but we sooners did so stick that in your peace pipe and smoke it, you’ll never be as good with cheaters running ya’lls teams.

  13. reply to  #13


    You whiny OU babies need to shutup. Even Stoops is admitting defeat and is moving on. Why don’t you follow in his footsteps and shut the hell up. We didn’t tell the refs what calls to make, they made their calls on their own. And to say Texas Tech paid off the refs is rediculous. Hodges fucked up and threw two interceptions where we were about to score. You guys had plenty of oppurtunity to beat us by alot but you allowed Texas Tech to stay in the game, so you can’t blame everything on the refs. Oh to those of you talking crap about the cotton bowl. At least we WON our bowl game last year. What happened in the orange bowl? Oh yeah thats right you guys got embarrrased, raped, manhandled by USC. And now you guys aren’t even ranked. So talk all the trash you want, your team sucks. (OHHHHHH-UUUUUUUUU SUCKS!!!)

  14. reply to  #14

    pistol pete

    Winey babies,that need to shut up!!!!well if we had a bcs pacifer like the one they stuck in your mouth after your ass got stomped by the stillwater osu cowboys maybe and just maybe we might follow stoops sportmanship,but guess what,this redneck just seen ou slaughter that osu team 42 to 14 so that tells me that you may need to keep that bcs pacifer because ya’ll are going to be the cry babies after the cotton bowl, unless of course the bcs plans on letting ya’ll keep sucking on your bcs binky bottle and play some team like arkansas, and then maybe you will posses one bowl trophy, but just remember that bcs binky bottle will run out of milk and then ya’ll will go back to being the same old sucky team that you’ve always been, so soak up the glory because you dont see it enough to really know what being a real champion is all about. Maybe if you can beat the osu cowboys one day you may smell a real victory and thats sad because they dont ever beat anyone, but of course the bcs will over look that this year just for you texas tech pussies because the cotton bowl really isn’t that important.

  15. reply to  #15


    For all u OU fans that are excitied for beaten up on OSU I hope you are not excited everyone has beaten them horribly They got lucky against tech thats all it was if thats all were going to hear and the sooner state about how u sooners beat the cowboys that is not saying much about u guys and if the cotton bowl is not that important why were u guys crying over it last time i checked cotton bowl is a pretty big bowl last year u wanted USC and u got em this year u got a toilet bowl congrats on a not so good season

  16. reply to  #16

    pistol pete

    Frankie, Everybody beat osu except your pussy ass Texas tech wanna be’s, that’ll never be, so fuck off you loser. Oh and a toilet bowl, what the fuck is that your last bowl game. Oh yeah! That’s the bowl that the bcs made especially for Texas tech because that’s how bad they need to show up in some kind of shit that people will come to know them as the real losers they are. Oh and for the the cotton bowl, sure it’s a big bowl especially for teams like Texas tech that hasn’t ever been, and will never win, so enjoy your loss to the only chance you’ll ever have at the cotton bowl. But at least you got to go despite the humiliating loss to completely no winning team like the osu cowboys, who unknowingly by the bcs spanked ya’lls asses. So don’t forget your bcs binky bottles at the cotton bowl loss you may never take another cotton bowl ass spanking like the one your going to get, that’s right you wont even make it back for another spanking. Ha ha. Unless of course if you bring those Lubbock referees. That’s pretty low considering your fucking cotton is in Texas, AND YOU WILL NOT EVEN GET A SMELL OF A TRUE VICTORY WHILE SHITING IN YOUR OWN HIGH COTTON.

  17. reply to  #17

    Boomer Sooner

    Matt, The reason my comment don’t make sense to you is because you have a Texas edumacation? DUH?

  18. reply to  #18


    Wow, good one Boomer.

    “In reference to NO NAME on comment #7.. “BAMA, every time an SEC goes out of conference they get spankedâ€???????? The only thing Texas Tech can count on now is “LUCKâ€?. The second was paid -off referees! “SO GOOD LUCKâ€?!:)”

    You can’t tell me you can read that and actually make any sense of it?

  19. reply to  #19

    Boomer Sooner

    Matt, How about using your imagination like imagine texas tech actually winning the cotton bowl without the aid of a Lubbock referee? Your team will need lots of “LUCK”? Now could you please make a sensible reply to my remark because I have a very low tolerance for stupidity.

  20. reply to  #20


    “I have a very low tolerance for stupidity.” – How do you live with yourself then?

    First off, I am not a Texas Tech fan. If you haven’t noticed, this is a site about Texas Longhorn sports.

    Secondly, I believe Texas Tech won their bowl game last year and I am pretty sure OU got pasted in theirs.

  21. reply to  #21


    Seriously Boomer, you made a comment about Tech paying refs in response to Matt saying the SEC was weak. How can you make a sensible reply to that? Do you even know what conference OU and Texas Tech are in? What reply do really expect about your middle school accusations? Paying refs is the kind of thing 11 year olds claim when they lose in Little League.

  22. reply to  #22

    Boomer Sooner

    Matt, this is the first time the longhorns have beaten ou in five years. Yes , last year OU was a complete and utter disgrace to the big 12 conference but they still beat the longhorns during that same season. Now it’s your turn to play USC. I hope they don’t kick your asses like they did ours! That game will be interesting to watch. If the longhorns lose, the big 12 will look like a bunch of pussies?

  23. reply to  #23

    Boomer Sooner

    Brian, you need to stop huffing paint and watch the instant replay very closely. Don’t worry, if you notice that the td was a bad call, your team still won the football game. (with the aid of the referee):)

  24. reply to  #24

    Michael D. Jenkins M.D.

    In response to ” Bama Man”
    The touchdown is indisputable. Therefore clearly you must recruit what neurons you have avaliable to you in the remainder of your response. I suspicion a rum soaked frontal cortex and pre frontal cortex is the total foundation for opinion. Cody Hodges leads the U.S. in passing yards. And the identifiable statistics JUST KEEP ON ROLING. Texas Tech University WILL beat “bama”, where I doubt the genetic tree branches more than once. I am however impressed that in the great state of alabama you know what a toilet bowl is , as I have in my travels through alabama noted only the avaliabality of outhouses even in 4 star bama hotels.The best of luck to you and your team , however the morning after the game your brain will still be all that it can be.

  25. reply to  #25

    boomer sooner fan

    I wonder if they make a book titled “Officiating NCAA Football for dummies”? Ya, OU blew some chances in the Tech game. They’ve managed to blow alot of chances this year, but after all, they are a young team. Next year they will be a year older and have a year of experience under their belt and that will be all it takes to kick Tech’s *** next year. I will probably never again hope that Texas wins a game but I do hope they beat the **** out of USC.

  26. reply to  #26

    sooners rock

    First off, I dont know how you can say that the video proves your point. Clearly he is not in when his butt first hits the ground. But thats not the call that sooner fans should be upset about. The 4th and three spot was an even worse call than the touchdown. clealy he was no where near the spot they gave him. whoever the replay official really ****** up that one. then, to prove that the officials were on tech’s side, how about the 1st touchdown pass they called when ever the reciever bobbled the ball the whole team and it flew out of his hands. the replay official had to overturn that one, otherwise we would definately know it was rigged….as for all those texas fans, way to beat the crap out of Texas A&M…NOT!!!! yall barely survived that one, and if reggie mcneal and courtney lewis werent hurt, yall would not be playin USC for the national championship….also, mack brown can campaign vince for heisman, but against the 116th ranked pass defense, all he can come up with is 162 yards passing, 19 yards rushing, and one touchdown, plus an interception and a fumble…sounds like a good match to reggie bush’s 500+ all purpose yards vs. Fresno State….as for the USC game, can yall stop Matt Leinart, Reggie Bush, LinDale White, Steve Smith, and Dwayne Jarrett while putting up enough points on their defense….i dont know i guess we’ll find out soon enough… for next year, OU will be a team to watch out for, and Peterson, if healthy, will be in the hunt if not win the Heisman trophy, then declare for the draft and be the number one pick

  27. reply to  #27


    Seriously, you guys do know the nose of the ball only has to touch the goal line and not cross it? That’s really the only way I can figure you decide that video proves he wasn’t in.

    And moron, you do realize Reggie Bush and Vince Young played more than one game each this year don’t you? Where was Reggie’s huge game against Washington, Washington State, Cal, and Stanford? If you look at the season as a whole and not just one game, this would be a two man race between Matt Leinart and Young.

  28. reply to  #28


    And would sooner fans please enter a real name or something so we can tell you apart. You don’t all have to call yourselves boomer sooner.

  29. reply to  #29


    I’m a sooner that happens to live Austin. My wife is a longhorn. Who cares if we didnt win the game? We cant be great every year. I’ve been on both sides and I have friends on both sides. The one thing I have realized is that the Longhorns are the biggest Fu#$%^ loud mouths and talk to much sh@!and really have nothing to back it up. When you get to 7 national championships and beat OU 5 years in row then you have plenty to talk about, but until that happens keep your mouths shut! Great you finally beat OU this year. Congrats! It took us to pretty much lose every player for you to finally beat us. Well that’s until we stomp your ass next year. I hope the Longhorns beat the crap out of USC. Just try not to repeat 2001 and get beat this coming weekend. Good luck to Horns! Sooner for life.

  30. reply to  #30

    sooner steve

    Neither that photo nor the video prove anything. The photograph was obviously taken after he was down. Watch the video and you can see Henderson bounce back off the ground. You can tell the photograph is from later becasue in the photo, OU #99, CJ Ah You is turned around and watching Henderson. Just match up Ah-You’s movements with the video and you can pinpoint when the picture was taken.

    The video is inconclusive. You cant tell how far the ball is when he goes down. It could go either way. I have no beef with the replay official for not overturning it. I do have a problem with the refs both signaling that he was short of the endzone, and then after 5 seconds, one ref decides (even though he was blocked from seeing the play) that he scored.

    And anyone with a brain can see the ridiculous spot on 4th down with about 30 seconds left to play, so I wont go into that.

    But it doesnt matter, because Id rather go to the Holiday Bowl and play an exciting top 10 team in Oregon than the Cotton Bowl snoozefest that will be ensured with Bama playing. We’ll be back next year contending for the conference title, and Texas Tech still has to live in Lubbock. Everything tends to even out.

  31. reply to  #31


    Here is a good pic… its a little late!

  32. reply to  #32


    John, you have any bigger pictures of that? It is quite small…

  33. reply to  #33


    TH isn’t even fully down on that photo John, and it is really small.

  34. reply to  #34

    OSU 1

    First of all… I don’t like ou… however, it’s so obvious that his butt was down, then he extends the ball over the line after digging in his toes to push forward another 6 inches. There is a photograph that was taken from the air (goal post) that’s not allowed for reviews that clearly shows him down, then reach across. However this play never should have mattered because their fourth down attempt seconds before was short by about 2 yards and the refs gave that to them. Sorry but it’s kinda sad how you all have to brag about a game that wasn’t legit. It always happens to ou. Look at todays game vs. oregon… NO ONE LIKES OU! but games still shouldn’t be called by refs.

  35. reply to  #35


    i am a sooner fan, and i will admit that that isn’t a touchdown,but their isn’t enough conclusive evidence to turn the call. thats not why i was angry with the efficiating. It was all the little bull shit penalties, and pass interference call earlier in drive that we already had them stopped.

  36. reply to  #36


    oh, not to mention the fourth down attempt.

  37. reply to  #37


    Watch that video again and tell me thats a td and id say ur a typical texan who couldnt see the light of day if you were standing under the sun

  38. reply to  #38

    Kansas Sooner

    That’s impossible! Texans only come out at night.

  39. reply to  #39

    Smeet Koklarski

    Pooh pooh potty!

  40. reply to  #40

    Game Ball Award

    Hmmm… I dont think I have seen it from that angle before. I can understand why it was called a touchdown, but it appeared his butt touched the ground before the ball broke the plane.

  41. reply to  #41

    longhorn boy

    ou sucks im glad texas tech beat them he scored you suck get over it

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