Posted October 8th, 2006 by Matt
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Awwwwhhhh… Poor kid.

And what is with the announcer. “He probably ate one of those deep fried things, and it is backing up on him.” Not even sure what to say about that one.

Update: Isn’t HD great? (click image below to enlarge)

Sooners Sobbing

(via ImBobbo on BurntOrangeNation)


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  1. reply to  #1


    I would cry too if I had to go back to Oklahoma.

  2. reply to  #2


    Clearly this kid did not get to enjoy a Fletcher’s corn dog at the game…….child abuse

  3. reply to  #3


    This will be tu fans the dat after Thanksgiving Day

  4. reply to  #4


    Feeling confident after your big win against Kansas? Quality stuff.

  5. reply to  #5

    J. Bird

    Stoops’ kid perhaps? Apple doesn’t fall far from the weeping willow tree?

  6. reply to  #6


    How much would it suck to be Jacksonville right now, everytime they see this picture they have to remember they lost 38 to 3? I feel bad for this kid, it’s funny no doubt but what was ABC thinking?

  7. reply to  #7


    The kid’s crying cause he’d just gotten hit by the headset Stoops flung into the crowd.

  8. reply to  #8


    It’s nice to see that A&M still stands by its “readin’ ‘n ritin’ is fer teasips” policy. Kudos on attempting to spell Josh. Btw, check the back pocket of the kid’s father. Perhaps he was thinking about the long ride home with both redneck parents hotboxing the car, Okie style (Marlboro Lights… classy)

  9. reply to  #9


    How big of an dickhead can yOU be to make fun of an eight year old kid? Congrats on yOUr second (lmao) straight win in Dallas. I think that brings it to 5-2 in favor of OU this millennium. Also great job on yOUr fOUrth (OU has seven) national championship, and first in over thirty years. Here’s to another 36 championshipless years! TEXAS LONGHORNS 2042 NATIONAL CHAMPIONS!!!!! BOOMER FREAKIN’ SOONER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. reply to  #10


    bitter are we?

  11. reply to  #11


    I think tucker missed the F its below the T slightly to the left.

    Bitter OU fans you say this millennium yet you talk about your past 7 national championships.

    Heres past history for you, we lead the series with more wins vs ou and had an 8 game winning streak not get out of here you wagon heads.

  12. reply to  #12


    Dear Matt and Paul,
    Bitter? Not anymore. Have fun watchin your Longhorns in the Kmart Redlight Special Bowl. If it’s even televised.

  13. reply to  #13


    Hey, you haven’t made it anywhere yet buddy. Nebraska will probably beat you.

  14. reply to  #14


    I know we haven’t made it to Glendale or Dallas yet. At least we’re not heading to the Alamo or (lol) Gator bowl.

  15. reply to  #15


    GOT 7!!!!???? GOT 40 CONFERENCE TITLES!!!!!!! I know for a fact this kid had a blast at the Fiesta Bowl after they won THE BIG XII!! POOR TEXAS!! WHOSE CRYIN’ NOW. IDIOTS!!!

  16. reply to  #16

    joe sooner

    And your boys and girls basketball teams SUCK!! Too bad we have to go to that stench hole most Texans pretend doesn’t exists to play our girls tournament. Have to wear a gas mask the whole time I’m there. And man, your campus is UGLY, no wonder smart Texans choose OU!!


  17. reply to  #17


    Um Joe, our basketball team is MUCH better moron. And people from Oklahoma trying to make fun of the state of Texas is downright hilarious.

  18. reply to  #18


    I totally agree with Brian. Oklahoma Rocks the world. SOONER BOOMER!!!!!!!!!!

  19. reply to  #19


    Nevermind, I don’t agree with Brian, you *******. I agree with Joe.

    Texas sucks!!!!!!!!! SOONER BOOMER!!!!!!!!

  20. reply to  #20


    I agree wit Brain and Aziz love OU so dont diss it or there are problems

    Boomer Sooner
    Sooner born Sooner Bred !!!!
    Olga O.G. 28

  21. reply to  #21


    haha its funny how texas can try and dis us when they loose to texas a&m and just escape loosing to iowa , colt mccoys a gay little boy who thinks he can throw a football

  22. reply to  #22


    Your grasp of the English language A-Train is excellent. Another victory for the public school system in Oklahoma.

  23. reply to  #23


    Ou is the best school in the big 10…nobodie will beet the sooners! We will win it everything! tu will looss at leest five gaymes this seeson.

  24. reply to  #24


    I only have one question for such wise UT fans. Where you crying when you got embaressed against Kansas? well you should have been.

  25. reply to  #25



  26. reply to  #26


    Good ol’ Sooners, always wrong. We lost to Kansas State not Kansas. Were you crying when you lost to Oregon and Boise State?

  27. reply to  #27

    Reggie B.


  28. reply to  #28


    In your face Brad.

  29. reply to  #29


    Great game texas. Nice 4 game losing streak in the big 12… wow. Are you guys sure you posted bail for everyone in time for the game……. “book’em” horns. bunch of convicts. BOOMER SOONER BABY..

  30. reply to  #30


    Never saw the photo until now. The unfortunate thing is that if you compare the photo to the actual video, the photo is his SECOND attempt to get the ball across (just look at the position of his hands on the ground in the picture and see when this happens on the film).

  31. reply to  #31


    wow, it takes a big man to make fun of a child.
    and I am a Longhorn fan.

  32. reply to  #32


    Texas is the new Oklahoma State. Next year I can see you losing to them and becoming the 3rd best team in the south.

    Keep looking for some defenseless kid in the crowd to pick on, that’s all you’ve got. Maybe if you showed some emotion when you lost you would do something about it as well. UT losing is such commonplace that no one notices/cares anymore.

  33. reply to  #33

    Game Ball Award

    Goodness Robert, it sounds like you are fight’n back tears yourself! But of course crying is “commonplace” in litte oklahoma, Bob Stoops does it so much on the sideline that no one notices/cares anymore.

  34. reply to  #34


    that’s my best friend’s little bro, give him a break he just loves his team.

  35. reply to  #35


    OU will always and forever be better than UT. UT is full of a bunch of underachievers. SOONER BORN SOONER BRED! I will always be a sooner until the day i die. my fellow sooners and I will always be better than any longhorn.

  36. reply to  #36


    Hey, that little kid is me. I only cried because my dad got me in trouble for being a brat…. I barely payed attention to the game….. I was 8!

  37. reply to  #37


    GO DETROIT LIONS!! LMAO. jkjk TU and OU sux

  38. reply to  #38


    Jonah is totally awesome, and everytime i see this picture i die laughing. but OKLAHOMA ROCKS <3

  39. reply to  #39


    Jonah is my neighbor.

  40. reply to  #40


    He is my neighbor.

  41. reply to  #41


    that is not why he is crying…i go to school with him

  42. reply to  #42

    Sinhala Songs

    Some thing wrong with you tube video. is this working?

  43. reply to  #43


    ahh poor kid it makes me want to cry if that guy farted in my face to!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Lol

  44. reply to  #44


    im jocking just give him a break my daughter loves ou 2 it was her 1st game she had ever been to and they lost she cried 4 5 weeks straight so just give that little boy a break

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