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Brian Matt ESPN Experts
1. Vince Young 1. Vince Young 1. Reggie Bush
2. Reggie Bush 2. Reggie Bush 2. Vince Young
3. Brady Quinn 3. Brady Quinn 3. Matt Leinart
4. Matt Leinart 4. Michael Robinson 4. Brady Quinn
5. Elvis Dumervil 5. Matt Leinart 5. Jerome Harrison
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Brian – I don’t know how many of you watched it (how dumb is it to schedule a west coast game at 8 pm local time??), but Reggie Bush was flat out ridiculous Saturday night. Fresno State’s defense isn’t exactly stout, but Reggie’s 294 yards on 23 carries was pretty remarkable. He just looked like he was on another level than anyone else on the field. Throw in his receiving and kick returns and he put up 512 total yards on the night. Definitely made this a two horse race between him and Vince.

It seems like every week the media forgets about all the weeks before and just hand the award to whoever had the best game that week. A ton of media experts have already handed the trophy to Bush, but that can certainly change. When Vince had 506 total yards against Oklahoma State (and didn’t play the entire game because Texas won by 20 points) everyone was exclaiming that he was clearly the Heisman favorite. Then he blew up passing the next two games (579 yards and 6 TD’s in 2 halves of football) and he pulled away even more in most Heisman polls.

If Vince goes out on national TV against Texas A&M on Friday and in the Big 12 Championship game and puts up a couple of his typical dominating performances, he’ll have a VERY good chance to become everyone’s favorite once again.

Matt – USC almost lost to a tough Fresno State team that just wouldn’t quit, which would have given Vince the Heisman. And obviously, if it weren’t for Reggie Bush USC would have lost that game, but I think everyone just needs to settle down a bit about Reggie. It was a great game for sure, but now people are calling him the “Best College Football Player of All-Time.â€? Give me a break. It is easy for someone with his speed to gain those kind of yards when you don’t get touched at the line of scrimmage. I am also tired of seeing his 500+ total yards of offense. I don’t care about his kickoff/punt return yards, and that is only going to continue the hype machine that is Reggie. Vince is still the best player in college football.

Vince needs to put up some ridiculous numbers to get the public back in his favor. And is it just me or did I hear that 11 Heisman voters have already sent in their ballots? How can this happen?


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  1. reply to  #1


    Sean Salisbury was trying to claim there weren’t 5 players in the NFL better than Bush. Ha!

  2. reply to  #2


    Peyton Manning
    Edg James
    Shaun Alexander
    Marvin Harrison
    Randy Moss
    Terrel Owens (he is better, just not smarter)
    the list goes on…

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    USC Alumni

    Vince cowered under pressure to Texas A&M. Now that you have seen Texas play poorly against a mediocre team with the WORST defense in the nation and Texas A&M only used three different offense plays, will you move Vince down to #2?

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