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Brian Matt ESPN Experts
1. Vince Young 1. Vince Young 1. Reggie Bush
2. Reggie Bush 2. Reggie Bush 2. Vince Young
3. Matt Leinart 3. Matt Leinart 3. Matt Leinart
4. Brady Quinn 4. Brady Quinn 4. Brady Quinn
5. Robert Hubbard 5. Michael Robinson 5. Jerome Harrison
Our Thoughts

Brian – Vince Young definitely didn’t take advantage of his national stage on Friday, but I see no reason to move him from the top of the list. The national writers who claim he blew his chance and declared Reggie Bush, had made their decisions before last Friday. Where was Reggie’s huge game against Washington, Washington State, Cal, or Stanford? He’s allowed to have 4+ games that aren’t Heisman-caliber, but Vince can’t have one? I know we live in a “what have you done for me lately?” society, but if you look at each player’s complete body of work you’ll see Young has been more consistent, more impressive, and more important throughout the year.

Robert Hubbard? Who’s Robert Hubbard you ask? Well he had 146 yards (at 9.1 yards per carry) and 3 touchdowns for Nevada against Fresno State Saturday. If one 294 yards and 2 TD’s suddenly makes you the unanimous Heisman winner, then Hubbard’s performance should definitely earn him a trip to New York.

Matt – Looks like the top 4 of our Heisman ballots are pretty similar. I still feel that Vince Young is the top candidate, mainly because his past performance is really his only subpar game this year. And is it just me or are you tired of seeing Reggie Bush highlights during the middle of the week on SportsCenter? It is like they are bored and feel like, hey, why not promote Reggie Bush for no reason at all.


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