Posted December 4th, 2005 by Brian
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Everyday Should Be Saturday has 52 hilarious and dead on reasons that ESPN/ABC/Disney sucks. I stole a few and came up with some of my own to put together my top 10 reasons ESPN and ABC suck…

1. The ruination of College Gameday, formerly the best show on ESPN. It used to be entertaining and informaative, then it was just entertaining, now it just sucks. I used to watch it religously every Saturday morning, but even though my TiVo’s still set up to record every show I’ve hardly watched it this season. Notice how about half of EDSBS’s list (several mentioned in a second, plus #23 Desmond Howard, #25 Lee Corso, #34 Mark May, and #35 Lou Holtz) is something wrong with Gameday. Anytime you make me long for the days of Trev Alberts, something has gone horribly awry.

2. Skip Bayless. You made me like Woody Paige (EDSBS #30), you must really suck. How did those guys miss Skip?

3. Stuart Scott. I know you can’t fire him because his creepy eye injury happened on the job, but at least give him PGA/beach volleyball duty so we don’t see him as often and when we do see him he can wear sunglasses. He freaks me out.

4. No high definition college football. This one is kind of weird. ESPN has at least a couple college football games a week in HD, while before this weekend ABC had shown one all season. I really hope they get this fixed by next season, they’ve got to at least be able to do one game every Saturday in HD.

5. Mike Lupica. A few weeks ago he attacked the Longhorns for running up the score against Kansas by kicking a field goal in the first half. Clearly doesn’t watch much (if any) college football but still has a strong opinion on it. One of the best examples of the media’s East Coast bias.

6. Nick Lachey on Gameday. How many millions of dollars do you want to bet he’s gone next year now that he’s no longer Mr. Jessica Simpson? I think there’s a better chance he’s working at Chili’s next year than at ESPN.

7. Fake news conferences. Seriously, what in the world were they thinking?

8. Stephen A. Smith. He’s an annoying ass when talking about the NBA, he’s an incompetent jackass when it comes to everything else. He’d almost be tolerable if he stuck to basketball.

9. Big and Rich. It’s as if they found as many ways as possible to ruin Gameday this season. These guys are genre-defying terrible.

10. Max Kellerman. He’s not even on ESPN anymore but I blame them for his existence. How do you take a boxing analyst and make him the host of a show? Nothing’s worse than stupid and opinionated.


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  1. reply to  #1


    I think they suck because they always cut the end of the Texas game off {at least in my area} and move on to another game. The no HDTV chaps my ass too.

  2. reply to  #2


    Yeah, the no HD thing for ABC has been bothering me all year. They really need to remedy that for next year.

    Big and Rich are going to be at the Rose Bowl I think also. Ha.

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