Posted January 4th, 2006 by Brian
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After all the love ESPN is giving the Trojans there has finally been a little media backlash against their feature pitting the the 2005 USC team against some of the all-time greats. Jonathan Chait thinks it’s pretty ridiculous considering they haven’t even proved themselves to be the best team in the country this season.

“So far, at least according to ESPN, the Trojans have dispensed with history’s great football juggernauts with greater ease than they dispatched, say, the 2005 Fresno State Bulldogs.”

He even goes on to claim that USC is vastly overrated and that last year’s team was probably a much better all around football team.

“Overrated teams tend to share certain factors. USC has two of them in spades. First, they’re an offensive-oriented team with great skill-position talent. Teams with great offenses and shaky defenses tend to be overrated, while teams with great defenses and shaky offenses are usually underrated. Second, they’re piggybacking off the reputation of a predecessor.”

I don’t think anyone is trying to claim USC isn’t damn good, but it’s amazing how much better they’ve gotten in the media’s eyes since the season ended. This is a team that struggled at various times this season and didn’t play dominant football very often. Their best wins came against a Notre Dame team that was exposed on Monday in the Fiesta Bowl, a Fresno State team that lost it’s last four games, and Oregon who was easily handled by the third best team in the Big 12. Not exactly impressive.

We’ll finally find out how good both the Trojans and Longhorns really are tonight.


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