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Well, we definitely found out that they do some weird stuff down in College Station. And apparently the Aggies’ musical prowess does not stop at singing old chick music…they can also rap.

Seriously, what can be going through your head to produce something like this?


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    Dude that’s old and fantastic. God bless YouTube and the Internet, I’d forgotten about it.

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    If you cant beat them on the court might as well throw mud……That reminds me of my days on the school playground……….Why dont you guys post the latest basketball score on you home page…..LOL…..just a bunch of chumps that run this sight…..its typical of the products of one of the most liberal colleges in America. They have the right to publish this crap becasue of Aggie alum, otherwise they would be sensored. You should thank the Aggies for your freedom

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    You make me laugh. By the way, we beat you on and off the court over and over and over again. You also do realize you’ve lost 15 out of the last 18 basketball games against us and six in a row in football don’t you?

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    It’s “site” not “sight”dude, and “censored” not “sensored.”
    Aggies should learn to spell.

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    Yup u shore good at sports…………try a book…….I didnt see any Aggie sholarships taken away……but of course u guys are smarter…

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    Oh by the way, I’m not an Aggie, unfortunately I woild be just like the tea sippers……..a non-aggie……..dats bad

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    matt b

    National Champions Baseball, National Champions Football, repeated NCAA 64 births, I am trying to remember, what was the Aggies record the last few years in all. Typical aggie fan, one win a season does not make. Congrats on the big win, congrats on the big turn around of the Basketball program (Thank Coach Gillespie for that), but lets be serious, you have a long way to go to match the current Athletic performance of UT and the historical performance of UT.

    If you are referring to the sacrifices made by aggie alum in the field of battle (wars not sports), please don’t. The sacrifice made by our soldiers are far greater and more distinguished than to be brought up on a blog or in a discussion of rivalry.

    And for what it is worth I went to a small private school. Not UT not Texas Atm

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    Wow, a site for people who are still stuck in college. Awesome.

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    Umm… dude it’s a college sports website which you clearly sought out on the Internet. I guess college football gets such ridiculous ratings on TV because people are “stuck in college.”

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    This is great. I have never seen anything this funny before in my entire life. And how can you brag about winning a game where we only scored 15 points in the second half and it took you guys down the VERY LAST SHOT to win. Oh well, no sense in arguing with an Aggy. You guys can have the moral victory. Enjoy the NIT Bitches.

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    What we’ve seen, in this video, is exactly what needs to be seen across America about us Aggies. Not only does the entire states of Texas and Washington hate us, but the rest of the nation will hate us also.

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    Yes you guys are good at sports. I can admit that. Why don’t you guys do something with yourselves. You went to College so you could get an education as a webmaster? That’s high class. Forget the sports, what’s your net income going to be this year? Losers. Get a life.

  13. reply to  #13


    You actually think this is our full-time job? Genius.

    Both Matt and I actually graduated from UT’s McCombs School of Business (#5 in the nation) and are doing just fine for ourselves thank you very much.

    I love how Aggies try to attack this website when one of their own does something embarassing.

  14. reply to  #14


    You are calling them losers when you do not even know them. You know nothing about their life, job, or anything they do. Now you think you have to have an “education as a webmaster” just to run a website? Nonetheless find videos of these fags dancing around and rapping?
    “Why don’t you guys do something with yourselves”
    Why don’t you ask that question to yourself when you have practice yell sessions.

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    Why does A&M keep bothering?? There’s no point in arguing here. A&M sucks, enough said. UT does not have students making a fool of themselves like these idiots are from this video. What does A&M take pride in? A guy who decided to come down from the stands and not play 1 second?? Is that what your program is worth?? You guys have low standards

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    Obviously Roger is a very informed young college person. A&M is the only higher education institution that has any pride at all in Texas, and has set the standard of being one of the most conservative colleges in the country. Just take a look at the campus police reports from both A&M and UT(go ahead, they are both posted on line), you will get the picture. UT’s crime rate is more than double A&M………now talk the smack that you tea sippers always do…….I know I know, just like all liberals……not my

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    I have come to my conclusion that sports is the only come back the tea sips use but that ok they have it for good reason. But they need to understand that we are not ignorant about our records in sports and when we lose to t.u. So quit telling us these scores and records like we dont know them.

    thank you

  18. reply to  #18

    Ray Ray

    Hey guys, I think you are all being very stupid. I am a longhorn and I just think the video is funny. I don’t think the guys were being serious. (I hope not) I’ve seen Ut students or alumn do similar things. These guys were just doing something stupid to make someone laugh…. No harm in it. Laugh at it Aggies.

    And in reference to Charlie’s comments: Buddy I think it’s pretty obvious that UT is going to have a hell of a lot more crime than A&M. Ut is in the city of AUSTIN… Which last time I checked is pretty big. (at least 5 times the size of College Station) It has nothing to do with conservative/liberal. If you check the stats, big cities are always going to have more crime than small towns like CS. That argument is totally invalid. Ut students have no control over what happens in Austin or when non-students commit crimes on campus.

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    I don’t understand why Aggies can not lie down and admit they suck, if a school who is better at sports, academics has more pride in ACTUALLY representing Texas can’t have fun making fun of these backwater people than this is not America

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    Ok. So I accidentally came across this site. Saw the video…seen it before. Thought it was kinda funny. Oh and yes, I’m an Aggie. So, first of all, whoever does this site thought it was pretty amusing too or you wouldn’t have put it on the website. Second, you know you don’t have to defend yourselves by saying you were in the business school…makes you sound defensive. Third, we Aggies will admit…we are the underdogs. I’ll repeat. We are underdogs. Why? Maybe b/c we aren’t in a big city like Austin. So winning big games in the NCAA or even to you, t.u., means something to us b/c we arent’ expected to win. You ARE! Oh, and the whole reference to the 12th man…you would just have to understand what being a true fan is all about. By the way, I know you t-sips say that you could do it with 11 but I’d sure like to see you try.

  21. reply to  #21


    are you serious or just that uneducated… so i geuss girls at aTm aren’t just ugly and wear overalls… their dumb too

  22. reply to  #22


    they’re not their…oh and guess not geuss

  23. reply to  #23


    say what?

  24. reply to  #24


    Alyssa, we thought it was funny that Aggies were that freaking lame, not funny in a good way.

    The fact that we went to the Business school was brought up in response to the moron who thought that blogging on this site was our full-time job.

    And Austin isn’t exactly a big city, and has absolutely nothing to do with sports prowess. School enrollment is a much better indicator and TAMU and Texas are about the same size. That’s one of the saddest excuses I’ve ever heard.

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    i am a nebraska football fan, but i cannot stand the state of texas. i REALLY hate the texas cows (longhorns) and the wed waiders. my motto is , when you see a bunch of loser red necks sticking their index finger and pinkey up yelling hook em horns , you know your in texASS. As far as the video goes, LOL @ it. A&M sucks, but i hate the Cows way more! Go Big Red!

  26. reply to  #26


    Matt and Brian have to be the biggest douchebags in this planet.

  27. reply to  #27

    Kansas Sooner

    Oh I don’t know about that. Brian’s mom might be able to give them a run for their money.

  28. reply to  #28

    UT FAN

    A&M sucks at football and now rapping….
    A&M has no heart and no pride.

  29. reply to  #29


    That’s MR. douchebag to you guys!

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