Posted April 21st, 2006 by Brian
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NCAA Football 07 for the Xbox 360IGN has the very first preview of NCAA Football 2007 for the Xbox 360 and it looks pretty damn good. Key thing in that last sentence is that it “looks” good because the article actually makes me a little worried about how the game is going to play.

This Xbox 360 version of the game was developed seperately from the current gen versions and it sounds like several features I was most excited by yesterday won’t be making it into the game. The momentum system is different, the cool Home Field Advantage feature from last year is missing, no mention of the spring game in the Dynasty mode, and the new Campus Legend mode is a no show as well. Worst of all, despite the additional capabilities of the Xbox 360 the playbooks in the game will actually be smaller. None of the work they put in to making them larger and more varied will be taken advantage of for this version. And no cool trick plays.

I hope they keep the main gameplay intact from the previous games. There’s just something about NCAA Football that feels different and makes it plays better than Madden. It’s lighter, faster, and more enjoyable. EA has had the atmosphere and everything else just right in previous games and I hope they’re able to continue that while the game improves and evolves. I don’t want to play a skinned version of Madden with college teams.


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